Location, location and location

In classical astrology chart interpretations tend to be clear and explicit, not everything depends on your “spiritual” development or your increasing consciousness of your anima as a result of which everything would be possible. Therefore, it is a good practice to regularly make predictions (publicly!) and to come back to these predictions later. This is very instructive because in this way you are reading in the book of nature, the planets and the stars are where they are and nature is the teacher of the (celestial) art, Natura Artis Magistra.

Recently, we looked back at my delineation last year of the Aries ingress chart of 2019 which caused the Corona crisis and the conclusion was that it was not bad at all, but only too much based on the actuality then, Brexit (do you still remember what that was?).

Accurate prediction or mistake?

Late February I wrote on this blog that because this 2019 Aries ingress with Mars on Algol had caused the Corona crisis, we could soon expect improvement as late March we would have a new ingress chart without Algol. At first sight this seems to be a somewhat embarassing mistake but this not the case at all! As for the location where it all started, China and especially the Wuhan region, which is opening up again now, it was actually quite accurate! Moreover, if you follow the statistics of the crisis (not through the standard media that seem to be mainly spreading panic) you can see we seem to be reaching a turning-point, at least in The Netherlands (in the US it is different). The number of new infections has been going down over the past four days.


So what was missing in my prediction was location, I simply could not imagine that this crisis would also strike so dramatically in Europe and I was not the only one. Just like in real estate what counts in astrology is location, location and location but it is too much work to check every Aries ingress chart for every important location. Only within Europe there are huge differences, Italy is heavily affected, Sweden has not taken any measures! With a view to location, if you make the new Aries 2020 Ingress chart for Wuhan the expansive North Node, a kind of super Jupiter energy, is on the Ascendant, its opening up now. For Italy this new Ingress chart looks a bit different, you can view it by clicking on the download button below.

In the 2019 Ingress for Italy the villain was Mars on Algol right on the Descendant, that is why Italy is so heavily affected. This disastrous position is not found any more in the new 2020 Ingress as you can see but still this is not a nice chart. Of course, what matters are the fast moving specific factors like the cusps (on stars!) and the planet parts that make the difference. Only in Italy we have Saturn Lord 1 on the Saturn part of imprisonment and escape and only there the Ascendant is on the star Deneb Algedi, in the Capricorn constellation, the story of which is the confrontation with Typhon, that is death. However, what strikes the eye most, is the MC, not only the Pluto-Mars –Jupiter conjunction is on it by antiscion( position mirrored in the 0° Cancer- 0°Capricorn axis) but it falls right on Death star Antares! So in Italy it looks less positive than in many other countries which have the Ascendant on Altair the vulture returning  back to heaven. 

Corona timed – The Ingress Return

Last week was a week we will remember for a long time, large parts of Europe were locked down and also in other parts of the world strict measures were taken. The mortality rate in The Netherlands is still far below that of the last serious flue epidemic , when 10.000 people died in 18 weeks, amounting to 80 people dying daily!However, it is true that the Corona infection is clearly worse than a bad flue as a disease and in some places like northern Italy and Iran, the situation is bad indeed. At the same China is starting up again and the statitstics seem to point at a first slight improvement in several places.

Always Algol..

In a previous post the 2019 Aries Ingress chart was discussed with as the main culprit for this crisis Mars in its detriment on Algol, this notorious crisis star that so often pops up in mundane astrology.  In the largest parts of Europe the Ascendant of the ingress chart is in Scorpio and so this bad Mars on Algol is also Lord 1 (the most important house ruler), but in Italy most affected by the Corona crisis, this Mars is on the Descendant (so in the ingress chart calculated for Rome) ! It also strikes the eye that the Italian Ascendant is on Agena, one of the main stars in the Centaur constellation connected with underestimating a deadly poison which seemed to be innocent at first.  Below you can view the 2019 ingress chart again, calculated for Rome.  

An Aries ingress chart functions on the mundane level like a solar return in a personal life, like a prediction for a year. So it would be a good idea to to be able to give an indication when things seen in the ingress chart will happen, it does matter al lot if this is in the beginning of the year or at the end of it. The texts mention the ingress charts of the season  (for example the Cancer ingress) and the signs (for example te Aquarius ingress) to do this, and this seems to work to a certain extent. But because the ingress chart can be seen as a mundane solar return, we could also make lunar returns on the basis of the ingress to check the months. An astrological  technique is always only the application of some pricnciple, which in this case is the return principle. It could be so that these lunar returns based on the ingress show events more clearly than the season and sign ingresses.

Ingress lunar return

The first Corona case occurred in Northern Italy on 31 January, this was one of the many Chinese workersin  the fashion industry there. In this way the positions in the chart manifest themselves in concrete reality. Basing ourselves on the Italian 2019 ingress chart the lunar return of 15 January under which the outbreak took place is this chart above, which is quite spectacular. This “ingress lunar return” has its Ascendant in the Algol zone and it is reversed  compared to the Italian ingress.

From Abroad

Mars main culprit in the ingress chart is on Death Star Antares, by antiscion (position mirrored  in the axis 0° Cancer/0°Capricorn) on Saturn / Lord 10 (the second most imprortant  house ruler) on Pluto the Lord of the Underworld  and Lord 10 is combust.  This constellation falls in the ninth house of foreign countries from which the misery came. The Sun combusting Lord 10 is on Terebellum one of stars of fate! So it seems to work quite well this idea and it would be worthwhile checking if we can predict the progress of the Corona crisis clearly by this method.

Corona: Medusa’s last breath

The series about the US presidential elections will be continued next week, this week we will look at , yes the Corona crisis. To begin with, I will repeat what I posted a year ago about the then new 2019 Aries ingress (a chart calculated for the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again, location Brussels).  For all clarity, I have cursified the text.

So what to expect this year in Europe? Will the tensions decrease or should we prepare, and this seems to more probable, for more trouble. The first thing that strikes the eye is the royal South Scale on the ingress-Ascendant, and that is not very pleasant. The South Scale, the Fist of Justice, will rigorously and ruthlessly create a new  balance, this will be painful and harsh. Malefic Mars is ingress-Lord 1 and it is placed in the seventh house of other people in its detriment in Taurus. Not too good for cooperation. Mars is also conjunct the sword-hand of Perseus who chops off Medusa’s Head, this is near Algol, headhunter and crisis star. On top of that, there is this upcoming Full Moon, with the Sun as Lord 10, poining to the separation.

Futhermore, it is striking that we have a Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction around the third cusp of routine movements and procedures which we can expect as a consequence of Brexit. All in all , this is a chart with increased tensions compared to the 2018 ingress, but this does not come as a surprise.

Looking back at predictions is very instructive although it may be painful (that is why not too many astrologers do this, they tend to concentrate on post-diction, then you are always right). Predicting is possible but a planet position can work out in many ways which makes it a bit of a slippery path. Last year around this time it was all about Brexit (do you still remember what that was?) so my interpretation leaned that way. But if you forget for an moment about the Brexit specifics, it is not a a bad prediction at all , especially the fixed stars are very clear but also the affliction around the third cusp. This ingress 2019 will be valid till 20 March when we will have a new ingress.

What we can learn from this, is that you necessarily make a prediction on the basis of the actual context (which was Brexit at that time), but it is a good idea to try to look further,as an ingress will be valid for a year! What I forgot last year was that this horrible ingress Algol-Mars falls on the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on Algol in 2000. This means the big crisis potential in the Great Conjunction chart will be forcefully activated this year. So do not forget to relate an ingress to the current Great Conjunction too!INGRESS BRUSSEL 2020Download

How does the new ingress chart for 2020 look (click on the download button to view it)? Certainly, this is better than 2019, no ruthless South Scale, no Mars in detriment near Algol, no concentrated affliction around a cusp. On the Ascendant is Altair, the main star in the Eagle a powerful star of aspiration, not malefic at all. Saturn Lord 1 is about to leave the malefic twelfth house of isolation (!)  to conjunct the Ascendant, and it will increase in essential dignity by doing this. Jupiter is Lord 10, ruler of one the most important houses in the chart and it is placed in the malefic twelfth house on Pluto, which obviously is not very good. Probably what is shown here are the effects of the Corona crisis, which will not be gone overnight.

This can be expected but we can conclude that this ingress chart is much less tense that the 2019 chart, moreover in December 2020 the horrible Great Conjunction of 2000, which triggered so many problems in the past twenty years will finally be left behind. Corona is Medusa’s last breath.

Will Joe Biden become president?

On 3 November this year the presidential elections will be held in the US and it has become clear by now who the contenders will be. There is no doubt that Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate and if the Corona virus does not get him before November, after all he belongs to the age group most in danger, he will be the man to beat. There are only two men left who may become Trump’s challenger, “socialist” Bernie Sanders and moderate Joe Biden, who was vice president under Barack Obama. Regular readers of this blog will remember hat Donald Tump will not be re-elected (his chart is too negative) and this makes the other two aged gentlemen all the more interesting. Either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders will be the next president of the United States. 

There are many ways to predict if someone is going to get a job, but in case of an election with a fixed date and finally only two contenders, the lunar return is a very good choice. The winner’s lunar return covering the election should be nice, it is some achievement to get the most influential poltical job in the world. Whatever the other astrological prediction methods show , you are not going to win this battle under a bad lunar return. You can approach this question in this way because the situation is simple with a fixed date for the end result and only two contenders.

The election return

Let us suppose Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic candidate who should beat Donald Trump. In that case his lunar return under which the elections are held should give us some powerful positions. Biden’s birth data are classified as A in the Rodden rating, indicating a high reliability.

What strikes the eye imediately is the fact the Asc/Des axis is reversed compared to the natal chart. This says something like: the other person will take your place, not a sign of great success. On the Ascendant we find Prima Hyadum , the main star of the Hyads the half-sisters of the weeping Pleiads, strongly connected to disappointments, not exactly what you would like to see.

And the profections?

Another method which can be sharp and very satisfying in its simplicity are the profections. From birth you will move a house further every year, the condition of that house including stars, planets in the house and the house ruler will give a general description of the year. Biden will  be 77 years old when the elections are held and this brings the annual profection to the malefic sixth house. The ruler of the sixth house is Venus which is extremly weak in his natal chart in the twelfth house in its detriment and combust! That does not look nice at all. The month profection  brings us to the fifth house which contains a positive Moon in its exaltation but its ruler Mars / Lord 5  is on the merciless South Scale on the 12th house cusp. Not very bad, but not convincing either.

The conclusion seems to be clear. As Trump will not be re-elected (he has the painfully limiting South Node conjuncting the Moon on his asc in his  election lunar return), his opponent will win. So this automatically means Biden will not be the Democratic candidate and this makes an analysis of what is going on in Sander’s chart even more interesting.

Acute medical astrology – Measures against Corona

This week we will not look at an actual chart but at the medical-astrological analysis of the corona virus which has now also reached Europe. The traditional astromedical model did not include viruses and bacteria, but it was aware of infection diseases. The idea is that an infection will only make you really ill if your body is in an unbalanced state, if you are balanced it will be much easier to deal with an infection.This is confirmed by the statistics, the greater part of the infected persons only develops mild symptoms , the infection is the most dangerous for the elderly (just like the flue).

In order to be able to say something more about the corona disease from the perspective of medical astrology, we need to describe it in terms of the medical-astrological model by looking at its “signature”. In the traditional model a disease is caused by an excess of one the elements or “humors” which has disturbed the balance in the body. Viruses and bacteria can only become real pathogenics in such an unbalanced “surroundings”, they are a reality, by they are not more than one factor in the whole pathogenic process.


The corona symptoms look like those of the flue, which is a phlegmatic disease, so an illness caused by the Water element. Winter is the phlegm season when this humor is strong, therefore we have these waves of flue mosty in February when the phlegm peaks. The corona disease is not a flue but it shows all charactertistic of a similar phlegm disease, the coughing, the fever and the problems in the lungs, although it is obviously more serious than flue. According to the traditional perspective phlegm is accumulated in the lungs so there we see a lot of problems in case of phlegm excess. Older people naturally have more phlegm, so they are more vulnerable, old age is the phlegmatic phase of life. That corona strikes in winter is logical, winter is the phlegmatic season and this is also exactly the time we have a very weak retrograde Mercury in detriment and fall in Pisces, Mercury is the planet of the lungs.

What to do?

To protect the body optimally against the virus, the amount of phlegm has to be kept low. Hot spicy  foods are good,  like red pepper which also contains a lot of Vitamin-C strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C can be associated with the Water element, so it can regulate Water, you can take up to 4 grams daily extra in these times. Good herbs are thyme, very hot and dry against the cold and moist phlegm and anti-phlegmatic elder (tea mixture till 12 grams daily), good Chinese herbs would be heating astralagus and reishi mushrooms.


A good heating oil is mustard oil (in the food or on the body) ,as a stone a martial heliotrope (wear with skin contact )would be effective as it mobilizes the martial fighting power in the body stimulating the immune system. Aromatherapeutically pine tree oil or eucalyptus oil would be fine. All these measures strengthen the lungs and diminish the amount of phlegm so that a possible infection will be fought off much easier. Especially when you show symptoms of a slight phlegm excess in the lungs (coughing, sneezing, shorter breath), it would make sense to take these measures.      

An Algol Pandemic

The Corona virus is spreading over the world, and the question is what are the astrological backgrounds of what seems to be developing into a pandemic. In a previous post we analysed the 2019 Aries ingress (the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again) for Wuhan, the city of the first outbreak. But now it concerns the whole world and there is no chart for the world, we always need a place to calculate a chart. What is possible however, is checking the Aries ingress on very tense positions. If we only look at the generally relevant parts, so only aspects and planets on stars and no angles or cusps, we have a kind of world chart, as these positions are the same everywhere. Click on the download button below to be able to view the ingress chat.

This Aries ingress was calculated for Rome, it was in Italy that the virus mysteriously manifested in Europe for the first time, the first European patient has not been found. First, we will look at the things that are the same for the wole world, so not at cusps and angles, and there are two indications for extra high tension. There is an applying opposition between the Sun and the Moon, so an upcoming Full Moon. A Full Moon is the moment the Moon is at its weakest and if we see the Moon in a very general sense as the people, this is not very positive of course. The more so because the Moon is on Labrum, one of the three stars of fate. This does not mean anything specific yet but it is not very positive.

The second general indication is the position of malefic Mars in its detriment in Taurus, so it will show its nastiest side.That is not nice but this Mars is also placed on a star we often run into in mundane astrology, Algol “the most malefic star in the heavens”. The key words traditionally connected to Algol are unsuitable for the ears of our younger readers, an oubreak of a disease with many victims would be something Algol could be connected to. So yes seen very generally, without making the chart local and specific, there are signs more negative than average, only with Mars in play we would tend to think of a serious military conflict or disastrous fires.

If we make the ingress more specific by looking at angles and cusps, this Mars is almost exactly on the descendant in the ingress for Rome and Mars is Lord 1, most out-spoken the country in 2019. So whatever Mars will bring, it will strike very hard  (or for the first time ) in Italy. Venus is Lord 6 of illness in the ingress for Rome an it is in narrow sextile with Mars. It is also striking that in the winter ingress (calcuated for the exact moment the Sun enters Capricorn, chart not shown here), Mars is in opposition with the Algol-Mars in the annual ingress, so it will be activated in winter.   


What can we expect, can we say something about this astrologically? On 21 March we will have a new Aries ingress without this Algol-Mars and without an upcoming Full Moon and this kind of flue-like viruses tend to disappear at the end of winter so we may expect it to be over by then.

No more turrrrning

A most famous and influential talkshow on Dutch TV  “De Wereld Draait Door”wil soon be broadcast for the last time, translated into English it is called something like The World Keeps Turning, the well-known Dutch abbreviation is “DWDD”. There can be no doubt, the talkshow pivots totally on host Matthijs van Nieuwkerk who has made it into a very big success. For 15 years every week-day the show was broadcast on prime time, and now at the moment it stops, it is still very, very popular. DWDD launched more than one career of musicians, comedians and scientists, being a guest in DWDD  was guarantee for a lot of public attention. Most certainly, it was the most successful and influential talkshow of the past twenty year.

So in DWDD’s chart (calculated for the start of its first broadcast, click on the download button above to view it) we may expect some interesting planet positions and indeed we are not disappointed. Immediately striking the eye are the three angular planets, the Moon as one of the Luminaries in the tenth house of public activity, not too bad for success and Great Benefic expansive Jupiter with Mercury the talking planet in the seventh house of others. Many angular planets is one important indicator for succes, in the angular houses you can manifest yourself powerfully in the world.


One of DWDD’s  selling-points was speed, there was never much time for anything and the rolling RRRR in the announcement at the start of the talkshow made it clear that this was not going to be a moment of deep reflection. All three angular planets move much faster than average, as above so below, what is shown up there will manifest down here. Of course, expansive Jupiter does not like to be stopped and Jupiter is not only placed near the descendant of other people but also on the royal fixed star Spica, bringing more success than you might have expected. Jupiter is also Lord 9 of the house of ideas and the sociopolitical items in DWDD often became topics of many discussions. Apart from angular planets powerful fixed stars are a condition for achieving fame.


The fast Moon Lord 5 of entertainment in the tenth house is placed on Vega, the powerful main star of the first magnitude in the artistic Lyre and yes music was always important in DWDD. Spica and Vega is quite a power-house but Mars /Lord 1 is also near Algol, which can indeed bring disaster but it can also provide a glamorous force of attraction (and sometimes both, because essentially they are the same thing). Donald Trump has his MC on Algol and this is one of the reasons of his most remarkable success. Apart from powerful fixed stars and angular planets the seven planet parts should also be analysed because they indicate a special, very concentrated focus.

Planet parts represent the pure “raw” energies out off which the planets are “made” an a conjunction or opposition  (do not forget antiscia!) of a part with a radix factor or with another part will activate such a focussed energy in the life. This is not only psychological but also concrete!! In this chart the Part of Mercury (Asc + Part of Fortune – Part of the Sun ) is on the descendant of others,  yes it is a talkshow. The Venus Part (Asc +   Part of the Part Of Fortune), also to be seen as the Part of “super-abundance” is on Jupiter, DWDD was always nice, not to say very, very politically correct. The Jupiter Part of Victory (Asc + Jup – Part of the  Sun) and the Sun,  Part of Abundance are conjunct in the tenth house of public activity. The parts shows very clearly how precise charts are, four minutes later the Mercury Part is not on the descendant any more!

Issur Danielovitsj Demsky

Last week Kirk Douglas, one of the great Hollywood legends died at he blessed age of 103 years. Kirk Douglas, yes he is the father of actor Michael Douglas was the son of poor Russian-Jewish immigrants, so he very much incorporates the American Dream with his successes. America the land  of umlimited opportunities, for some it really does exist. Issur Danielovitsj Demsky, born in a family of poor immigrants became the great Hollywood star Kirk Douglas en his son is continuing this success. In his chart some very interesting planet positions can be expected , click on the download button below to see his chart

With a view to his poor youth , the IC of the family root will problably be much afflicted. Indeed there are quite some negative indications to be seen there, Algol the most malefic star in the heavens is right on the IC! Venus the ruler of the familiy house is very weak in its detriment in Scorpio on the powerful South Scale, the merciless Scorpion’s Claw. Lord 4 is also placed in the ninth hosue of foreign countries showing that his parents were immigrants. On the basis of the chart you can often very clearly decribe decribe the situation in the family, which means that even if it was very bad, it is never just bad luck. It always belongs to your life, otherwise it could not be seen in the chart.

Spartacus picture

It is just as true that your family background has an important role to play in your life but it does not determine who you are. There are twelve houses in the chart and the fourth house is only one of them. People with difficult backgrounds can completely outgrow their family, your parents do not make you, as Issur Demsky’s chart shows. His success can be seen on other points in the chart where as many four powerful stars of the first magnitude elite are found. Succesful refined Agena (Venus-Jupiter) in the Centaur is on the MC, inspired Altair (Mars-Jupiter )in the Eagle is on the Ascendant,the Moon is on dymamic Capella (Mars-Mercury) in the Wagon-Driver near the cusp of the fifth house of creativity and on the fifth cusp itself there is Rigel (Jupiter-Mars) in Orion the Hunter.

Powerful fixed stars on important points contribute a lot to success, though angular planets, planetary points and the synastry with the prenatal charts should always be analysed too. Every famous person will be famous in his own way sometimed because they really have a talent, sometimes because they catch the spirit of the times and sometimes because they persistently manifest themselves very strongly. With a view to the large amount of Mars in Douglas’ stars it may not come as a surprise that his most famous role probably was that of the gladiator Spartacus (the Hunter, The Eagle, the Wagon-Driver). This is confirmed by Mars / Lord 10  in its exaltation, Lord 10 indicates our tendencies in our public roles.

Exalted Mars is on the cusp of the very weak twelfth house but by antiscion (position mirrored in the 0° Cancer-0°Capricorn axis) it conjuncts Mercury Lord 5 of creativity in the powerful 11th house so it does not remain locked up in the 12th house prison. This is exactly the story of Spartacus the rebellious slave/gladiator. The other malefic Saturn is Lord 1, the body and it is very weak retrograde in its detriment in Cancer in the sixth house of illness. Nothing much positive could be expected from such a Saturn. So it was, Douglas had many serious problems with his back, Saturn’s structures weakened by the dissolving Waters of Cancer point to a very instable vertebral column.      

The Wuhan virus

It was not immediately clear but the outbreak of the Wuhan virus in China has grown rapidy into a real epidemic. The region around the city of Wuhan where the virus made its first vitcims, is closed off from the outer world, the Chinese government is taking very strong measures. The question is of course what can be seen in the relevant charts of this outbreak? It is important to look at these charts from a perspective that makes sense. Knowing what has happened, we could always find something pointing in that direction. The most honest approach is therefore to imagine you would have lived in Wuhan, would you have seen then, that it might be better to get out off the city in January? 

The next question is of course which chart is to be used?  There are several possibilities, the ingress chart (the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again) for Peking or even Wuhan, the foundation chart of the People’s Republic, or the chart of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter before the last emperor resigned? It seems like a good idea to look at the Aries ingress chart for Wuhan first, that is what a local astrologer would do to see what would happen to his city this year. Click on the download button below to be able to view this chart.

Is there is anything to be seen in this chart that would indicate serious trouble? If so, is there an indication of the nature of these serious events? The first thing striking the eye is Jupiter the ruler of the first and and the tenth houses placed on the MC. This means Wuhan wil be able to manifest itself very strongly in the world this year and this is true. Nobody had heard of the city till recently but now everybody knows it, although this did not happen in the way you would wish for.


The stars around this Jupiter do describe the situation quite effectively, Jupiter is on Lesath the very nasty Scorpion’s Sting and the MC itself is on Rasalhaque, the Serpent Bearer’s Head. Ophiuchus the Serpent-Bearer is strongly associated with medicine, the serpent is a symbol of the life-force to be contolled and balanced by the Bearer. With the knowledge we have now, this looks a bit threatening but from the perspective of the local astrologer checking the ingress chart, this is really not very alarming. Also the Sun/ Lord 6 of illness is not very strongly emphasized,although  it is placed in the first house (the city) opposed by the Moon but this is not very, very dramatic.    

However, what does strike the eye is retrograde Mercury right on the Ascendant in Pisces in its detriment AND fall, so it will definitely shows its very worst sides. By the houses – “in mundo” – Mercury aspects Jupiter as it as far from the Ascendant as Jupiter is from the MC, and this of course enhances its negative effects, even more strengthened by Neptune always creating chaos nearby. This begins to look like more that only moderately serious. Mercury can be associated with connections and roads so this would fit the closing off of the city, but because Mercury as “wind in the earth”’ also stands for earth-quakes maybe that would a first idea of what could happen. Of course, Mercury is also the general significator of the lungs, but this is a bit too much based on what we know now. In the winter ingress chart (no picture shown here), made for the moment the Sun enters Capricorn, this Sun gets on the MC in Wuhan showing that what is going to happen will happen there in winter.    

An Enfant Terrible of Fashion

Last week the famous French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, ended his long career with a last show. In the world of fashion Gaultier was seen as as an enfant terrible because of his daring and provocative style, for example he had some overweight and heavily tattoed models walk his shows. One of his creations was the pointed bra worn by Madonna during one of her world tours. Of course, it is very interesting to look in his chart for the reasons of this great succs, an instructive perspective to keep in mind is the question wether we would have send him on this career path, if young Jean-Paul had consulted us. Hey you star-gazer, can and should I be a great fashion-designer?

 His chart (click on the download button above to be able to view it) indeed gives clear indications for succes in a creative profession. The ruler of the tenth house of work is the Sun placed in the seventh house, so it will be easy for him to show himself  in the world. The Sun is in strong mutual reception with Venus, the planet of fashion and beauty through domicile and exaltation (the Sun being in the Venus sign Taurus and Venus in Aries, the exaltation of the Sun). This is a Venus in its detriment in Aries so strongly dominated by fiery and sharp Mars, a pointed bra yes. What’s more, the Sun through which Venus will manifest itself is on the star Sharatan, one the Ram’s Horns!

The other Luminary the Moon is found a bit higher in the seventh house in its exaltation so it will not be harmed too much by combustion by the Sun which is so near. Two Luminaries in an angular house is not too bad for success as Ptolemy points out in his Tetrabiblos and there is still more, even closer to the descendant we see Great Benefic Jupiter Lord 5 of creativity. This expansive Jupiter has no essential dignity so it tends to exceeding limits, it does have a lot of acciddental dignity (manifestation power) though and it is on Mirach Princess Andromeda’s  Girdle (clothes!). Mirach is one of the few stars in the heavens with a pure Venus nature, the Andromeda constellation is explicitly associated with the arts.

So therre are quite some indications for beauty and creativity, although the martial influence is strong, so it will not be too sweet. This is confirmed on the other side of the chart. In the first house there is a retrograde Mars so moving contrary to the mainstream, which is placed on the South Scale. The South Scale is not only a royal star but also as the Scorpion’s Claw ruthless and uncompromising: enfant terrible. Of course, Venus is beauty but Mars is also associated with making clothes, you have to be able to handle the needle.

This amounts to an optimal combination of elegant Veus and sharp Mars, which is repeated on the Ascendant conjuncting royal Spica. Spica not only has a Mars-Venus nature, it also indicates great unexpected fame. Yes Jean-Paul you will a famous couturier it is shown that the stars will give you this.