An American Dream

Last week Kirk Douglas, one of the great Hollywood legends died at the blessed age of 103 years. Kirk Douglas, yes he is the father of actor Michael Douglas, was the son of poor Russian-Jewish immigrants, so he very much incorporates the American Dream with his successes. America the land  of umlimited opportunities, for some it really does exist. Issur Danielovitsj Demsky, born in a family of poor immigrants became the great Hollywood star Kirk Douglas and his son is continuing this success. In his chart some very interesting planet positions can be expected , click on the download button below to see his chart.

With a view to his poor youth , the IC of the family root will problably be much afflicted. Indeed there are quite some negative indications to be seen there, Algol the most malefic star in the heavens is right on the IC! Venus the ruler of the familiy house is very weak in its detriment in Scorpio on the powerful South Scale, the merciless Scorpion’s Claw. Lord 4 is also placed in the ninth house of foreign countries showing that his parents were immigrants. On the basis of the chart you can often very clearly describe the situation in the family, which means that even if it was very bad, it is never just bad luck. It always belongs to your life as a necessity, otherwise it could not be seen in the chart

Powerful fixed stars on important points contribute a lot to success, though angular planets, planetary points and the synastry with the prenatal charts should always be analysed too. Every famous person will be famous in his own way sometimed because they really have a talent, sometimes because they catch the spirit of the times and sometimes because they persistently manifest themselves very strongly. With a view to the large amount of Mars in Douglas’ stars it may not come as a surprise that his most famous role probably was that of the gladiator Spartacus (the Hunter, The Eagle, the Wagon-Driver). This is confirmed by Mars / Lord 10  in its exaltation, Lord 10 indicates our tendencies in our public roles.

It is just as true that your family background has an important role to play in your life but it does not determine who you are. There are twelve houses in the chart and the fourth house is only one of them. People with difficult backgrounds can completely outgrow their family, your parents do not make you, as Issur Demsky’s chart shows. His success can be seen on other points in the chart where as many four powerful stars of the first magnitude elite are found. Succesful refined Agena (Venus-Jupiter) in the Centaur is on the MC, inspired Altair (Mars-Jupiter )in the Eagle is on the Ascendant,the Moon is on dynamic Capella (Mars-Mercury) in the Wagon-Driver near the cusp of the fifth house of creativity and on the fifth cusp itself there is Rigel (Jupiter-Mars) in Orion the Hunter.

Exalted Mars is on the cusp of the very weak twelfth house but by antiscion (position mirrored in the 0° Cancer-0°Capricorn axis) it conjuncts Mercury Lord 5 of creativity in the powerful 11th house so it does not remain locked up in the 12th house prison. This is exactly the story of Spartacus the rebellious slave/gladiator. The other malefic Saturn is Lord 1, the body and it is very weak retrograde in its detriment in Cancer in the sixth house of illness. Nothing much positive could be expected from such a Saturn. So it was, Douglas had many serious problems with his back, Saturn’s structures weakened by the dissolving Waters of Cancer point to a very instable vertebral column.   

The Wuhan virus

It was not immediately clear but the outbreak of the Wuhan virus in China has grown rapidy into a real epidemic. The region around the city of Wuhan where the virus made its first vitcims, is closed off from the outer world, the Chinese government is taking very strong measures. The question is of course what can be seen in the relevant charts of this outbreak? It is important to look at these charts from a perspective that makes sense. Knowing what has happened, we could always find something pointing in that direction. The most honest approach is therefore to imagine you would have lived in Wuhan, would you have seen then, that it might be better to get out off the city in January? 

The next question is of course which chart is to be used?  There are several possibilities, the ingress chart (the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again) for Peking or even Wuhan, the foundation chart of the People’s Republic, or the chart of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter before the last emperor resigned? It seems like a good idea to look at the Aries ingress chart for Wuhan first, that is what a local astrologer would do to see what would happen to his city this year. Click on the download button below to be able to view this chart.

Is there is anything to be seen in this chart that would indicate serious trouble? If so, is there an indication of the nature of these serious events? The first thing striking the eye is Jupiter the ruler of the first and and the tenth houses placed on the MC. This means Wuhan wil be able to manifest itself very strongly in the world this year and this is true. Nobody had heard of the city till recently but now everybody knows it, although this did not happen in the way you would wish for.

The stars around this Jupiter do describe the situation quite effectively, Jupiter is on Lesath the very nasty Scorpion’s Sting and the MC itself is on Rasalhaque, the Serpent Bearer’s Head. Ophiuchus the Serpent-Bearer is strongly associated with medicine, the serpent is a symbol of the life-force to be contolled and balanced by the Bearer. With the knowledge we have now, this looks a bit threatening but from the perspective of the local astrologer checking the ingress chart, this is really not very alarming. Also the Sun/ Lord 6 of illness is not very strongly emphasized,although  it is placed in the first house (the city) opposed by the Moon but this is not very, very dramatic.    

However, what does strike the eye is retrograde Mercury right on the Ascendant in Pisces in its detriment AND fall, so it will definitely shows its very worst sides. By the houses – “in mundo” – Mercury aspects Jupiter as it as far from the Ascendant as Jupiter is from the MC, and this of course enhances its negative effects, even more strengthened by Neptune always creating chaos nearby. This begins to look like more that only moderately serious. Mercury can be associated with connections and roads so this would fit the closing off of the city, but because Mercury as “wind in the earth”’ also stands for earth-quakes maybe that would a first idea of what could happen. Of course, Mercury is also the general significator of the lungs, but this is a bit too much based on what we know now. In the winter ingress chart (no picture shown here), made for the moment the Sun enters Capricorn, this Sun gets on the MC in Wuhan showing that what is going to happen will happen there in winter.    


An Enfant Terrible of fashion

Last week the famous French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, ended his long career with a last show. In the world of fashion Gaultier was seen as as an enfant terrible because of his daring and provocative style, for example he had some overweight and heavily tattoed models walk his shows. One of his creations was the pointed bra worn by Madonna during one of her world tours. Of course, it is very interesting to look in his chart for the reasons of this great succs, an instructive perspective to keep in mind is the question wether we would have send him on this career path, if young Jean-Paul had consulted us. Hey you star-gazer, can and should I be a great fashion-designer?

 His chart (click on the download button above to be able to view it) indeed gives clear indications for succes in a creative profession. The ruler of the tenth house of work is the Sun placed in the seventh house, so it will be easy for him to show himself  in the world. The Sun is in strong mutual reception with Venus, the planet of fashion and beauty through domicile and exaltation (the Sun being in the Venus sign Taurus and Venus in Aries, the exaltation of the Sun). This is a Venus in its detriment in Aries so strongly dominated by fiery and sharp Mars, a pointed bra yes. What’s more, the Sun through whichVenus will manifest itself is on the star Sharatan, one the Ram’s Horns!

The other Luminary the Moon is found a bit higher in the seventh house in its exaltation so it will not be harmed too much by combustion by the Sun which is so near. Two Luminaries in an angular house is not too bad for success as Ptolemy points out in his Tetrabiblos and there is still more, even closer to the descendant we see Great Benefic Jupiter Lord 5 of creativity. This expansive Jupiter has no essential dignity so it tends to exceeding limits, it does have a lot of acciddental dignity (manifestation power) though and it is on Mirach Princess Andromeda’s  Girdle (clothes!). Mirach is one of the few stars in the heavens with a pure Venus nature, the Andromeda constellation is explicitly associated with the arts.

So therre are quite some indications for beauty and creativity, although the martial influence is strong, so it will not be too sweet. This is confirmed on the other side of the chart. In the first house there is a retrograde Mars so moving contrary to the mainstream, which is placed on the South Scale. The South Scale is not only a royal star but also as the Scorpion’s Claw ruthless and uncompromising: enfant terrible. Of course, Venus is beauty but Mars is also associated with making clothes, you have to be able to handle the needle.

This amounts to an optimal combination of elegant Veus and sharp Mars, which is repeated on the Ascendant conjuncting royal Spica. Spica not only has a Mars-Venus nature, it also indicates great unexpected fame. Yes Jean-Paul you will a famous couturier it is shown that the stars will give you this.    

Hard Megxit

My apologies for the e-mails  you have been receiving this week, these were test mails in connection with site maintenance which is finished now.

If you have been on the throne for such a long time as the English queen Elisabeth, it is inevitable that on the long run you will have to deal with all the possible problems you could think of. Last week grand-son prince Harry – the sixth in line for the English throne – and his American wife Meghan Markle decided they wanted to step back as members of the royal family. They wanted less obligations and more freedom to life lives of their own, partly even outside the UK, one of the reasons seems to be the wild attacks launched again and again by the poisonous tabloid press on Meghan Markle. The Queen decided to make it a “hard Megxit”, Harry and Meghan will loose their royal titles, they will not receive any government money any more and they will have to  pay back the 2,8 million spent on the recent renovation of their London residence. Her Majesty was not amused.    

Such a change will of course be visible in the relevant charts and it is interesting to take a look at Meghan Markle’s chart, in a way she is in the centre of all this. Her natal chart will not be interpreted here this was done in another post, but it would be good idea to see what her current solar return shows. To understand returns clearly, what can be spotted in the return chart, will always manifest in the larger framework of the developments indicated by the progresions/directions. In this sense the progressions / directions are of prime importance in prediction, at the moment her Mars /Lord 10 of public activities is entering the crisis zone around Praesepe (“the second Algol” at 7° Leo)  and the Part of Fortune (the Part of the Moon)is moving over Terebellum, a star of fate and over the progressed South Node (sacrifice,) these progressions are not shown here.

In her current solar return (starting in August 2019) it can be seen that important things will happen this year. It is helpful to realise that a prognosis will always be done also on the basis of context information, if you know she has suffered so much from these poisonous tabloids and you have seen how the pair reacted, you will look a the chart from a certain perspective. In the return chart (click on the download button above to view it) what strikes the eye immediately is retrograde Jupiter Lord 4 and Lord 7 on the IC of family. Literally you can read here withdrawing, as Lord 7 Jupiter also brings in the relationship.

A little Dog

By antiscion (positions mirrored in the axis 0° Cancer- 0° Capricorn) the conjunction of retrograde Saturn and the South Node is on retrograde Jupiter on the IC. Stepping back is very much repeated here, Saturn is limitation, South Node is sacrifice and again we have the retrogradation. On the descendant of the realtionship is Neptune, wild Poseidon always creating chaos, in classical astrology we can use the ouer planets a mythical themes, but not as sign rulers. Planets changing signs are always worth some extra attention, the Moon has just enterd Libra, it is Lord 1 (Meghan)  in her natal chart, so this points toa  big change in her life. Mercury as return Lord 1 and 10 is obviously important, it is conjunct the Part of the Sun (“me”)  on bright powerful Procyon falling on the natal Ascendant. Procyon is the main star in the Big Dog, always defying authorities and doing things his own way. It is clear, she will choose for herself now. 

Big Ben Brexit

Soon it will finally happen, on the 31st of January the UK will officially leave the  EU exactly at 11:00 PM. This has triggered a discussion in the English parliament because a group of Brexit fans in the Conservative party wants to sound the Big Ben to celebrate that moment. The Big Ben is being renovated at the moment and it would cost 130.00 Euros to do that but they think this is a good investment which only goes to show how fierce the Brexit discussions have been. It is fascinating to see how the progressed Sun/ Lord 1 in the UK chart (based on the Great Conjunction of 1047!) has just entered its own sign Leo. The country (Sun/Lord 1) is taking back its power now that it has arrived in the sign it controls itself. I have often written about this entry in Leo as the Brexit moment on this blog.

Of course, it would also be interesting to take a look at the chart of the exact Brexit moment. It is however important to understand clearly what we are looking at, in the modern astrology world there is a tendency to make all kinds of event charts and to say then that the chart clearly mirrors the event. Now this does not make too much sense as an event is always embedded in a longer-term development of which it is only the climax. In this case the longer-term development is this movement of the progressed Sun on which you can base a clear prediction, an event chart will never give you this.    

Sometimes however an event chart is also the start of something and in that case it is more interesting, for example the moment soldiers rolled out the barbed wire to close off East-Berlin from the West, gives us a chart for the Wall. But what would be the meaning of the birth of Brexit?  Let it be very clear, this does not give us a new chart for the UK!! The most effective and powerful UK chart will remain the one of 1047, the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter preceding the invasion by the Normans. What we may expect though is some very specific and dramatic positions llustrating the importance of the event, Brexit is not nothing after all.

Indeed the chart of the Brexit moment (click on the downlaod button above to view it) shows some some appropriate positions. At 11:00 PM the MC/IC-axis reaches a position which strikes the eye. The IC-side of the axis is almost exactly on Pluto conjuncting Saturn nearby. This certainly mirors the change becoming reality at that moment and what is more Saturn is on Terebellum, one of three stars of fate, indicating that something that was expected for some time will happen now. Of course Saturn and Pluto have been in that position longer but it is the very fast moving MC/IC-axis making it specific for now.

The MC is on Pollux the royal star in the Twins, Pollux is the immortal Twin separated by death from his brother Castor. In the end they can still see each other, but Pollux has to stay with his brother in Hades for six months each year. Not ideal as it used to be and this shows what is happening here. The Moon is Lord 10 of the goverment and it is about to enter ist exaltation, it is also liberation from EU  bureaucracy, tally-ho we will be free, entering your exaltation is a bit of a champagn moment. This entry of exaltation takes place exactly on the MC in the UK 1047 chart. That is very specific, but it is again a planet part that Illustares the event very clearly. The Part of the power planet Sun, the solar  essence is in the very first grade of Leo indicating the new power relation.                

Inferno Downunder

Australia’s southeast coast is burning and the fires are not normal fires any more, they have taken on the shapes of disastrous fire storms. The woods are burning in Australia’s summer every year but it has not yet been as bad as it is this year, large areas are being evacuated. As this is a special abnormal situation, maybe this disaster could be seen in the relevant mundane charts. This analysis could also be useful to know in advance if these fire storms are going to come back in the next summer season. Especially, the comparison of the charts of this year with charts of other years could be enlightening.

The question always is which mundane charts to look at, as we have several  possibilities. A good choice however is always the yearly ingress chart, calculated for the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again. This gives us a chart of the new astrological year a kind of solar return for the world, to be made specific by varying the places you calculate it for. In the Aries ingress chart several positions (planets) are the same everywhere, but the angles and the cusps are very different and specific as they depend so strongly on the place. To view the current ingress chart calculated for the Australian capital Canberra, please click on the download button below.

In analysing this chart, the points that really make the difference, very specific for this part of the world should be emphasized and these are the angles. It will be immediately clear that Australia will be hit very hard in the astrological year 2019 (from 21 March 2019 to 21 march 2020) as the highest enery axis in the chart the nodal axis, is in almost exact conjunction with the MC/IC-axis in Canberra, the capital symbolising the whole country. The South Node, always demanding a  radical sacrifice is on the MC, dominating the chart from this high placement and is conjunction with the over-powering malefic Pluto. The outer planets can be used also in classical astrology and be seen as a special category of fixed stars.

What’s more, this MC so heavily afllicted by Pluto and the South Node conjuncts tiny Terebellum one of the three stars of fate, so something which has been in the air for some time (the fires coming back again and again) will fatefully strike this year. The other important angle the Ascendant is in Aries conjuncting malefic Baten Kaitos in the Whale, which is the Sea-Monster threatening to devour princess Andromeda, chained to an island (!).  This combination of angular positions is very specific for this location.

The ruler of the first house, most out-spoken the country itself this year is fiery Mars showing it most malefic side in its detriment in Taurus. Mars is in the Algol crisis zone, which is so everywhere and it almost exactly trines the heavily afflicted MC, which is only so in Canberra (Australia). It is this concentration of afflictions, you don’t see too often that shows the inferno downunder. As you know in which season the fires occur each year, you also would know when to expect the misery indicated by the  Aries ingress chart, context information is always an important ingredient of prediction.    

The Astrology of the Christmas Tree

It is almost Christmas and everything will now come to a rest now, at least this what we may hope for. As always this last post of the year will therefore not be about some actual event, but about an “actual” symbol. A symbol that we place in our houses without too much thinking and in which a whole cosmology can be seen, the Christmas tree. This cosmology is of direct relevance for a clear understanding of astrology, unfortunately this kind of basic stuff is not given too much attention any more in our days. As a form of knowledge, astrology has its roots in traditional cosmology with at the background traditional metaphysics and not in some form of fanciful modern psychology.

Christmas is of course the returning of the light, at the darkest point of the year, thank God, the process reverses, from now on the days will be longer and longer. It is the time of the birth of Christ, quite approriately He is “the light of the world”, and it is the time of the wintersolstice. Astrologically this is one of the four important turning-points of the year, the other three are the summer solstice and the two equinoxes. The Sun enters Capricorn now and a few days later we celebrate Christmas. The circle of the four turning-points has the form of a cross, that important symbol of material manifestation.

Ygdrasil, the world tree

But what does this have to do with the Christmas tree? The tree is a an ancient symbol and its essence is the connection between below and above, it shows the structure of the diverse layers of the cosmos. The tree has an important role in Siberian shamanism, but also in other traditions the world tree it is found, for example as Ygdrasil in Nordic mythology. The tree shows the connection through three worlds between above and below. The first and lowest world is the material concrete one we live in of tangible subtance. This world is constantly in decline, it is instable, it cannot exist on its own, therefore a snake is gnawing at the roots of the world tree. When the snake finishes its work,  Ragnorok will arrive, the fall of the gods, the Nordic version of the Apocalypse, after which a new orld will be born.

The second level of the cosmos is what we call the astral world, the intermediate layer between below and above. Within the human being this is the psyche, but it is much larger than only that, this level functions like a cosmic “serving-hatch”. The creative impulses from high above, from God reach our material world through this intermediate level. Now to make it concrete, the root of the tree refers to the world of matter, the branches with their lights and decorations to the intermediate level and the peak points up to the highest level, to God. The lights and the decorations are also the planets and the stars as the creative impulses from above reach our world through the forms and the energies of the planets and the stars. Even the festoons are symbolic, they emphasize the connection nature of the tree.

In this way you can clearly see the essence of a planet, but it also works in reverse: you know, no you see that the world and the human being are necessarily connected to the highest level (this is the essential function of astrology) . And this is precisely what we need in these dark days,  the reassurement that the light will not go out and that there are more things beteen heaven an earth than are dreamt of in modern, materialistic philosophies.                                      

 We wish you a blessed Christmas  and a sparkling 2020!

The Banana

The astrological symbol of Venus clearly shows the essence of art, the circle above is the divine unity and harmony, the cross below the material realities on earth. So the essence of art, of course ruled by Venus, is to express divine unity in concrete forms, that is what beauty is. It will be clear that modern art has strayed a long way from this essence, it is often repulsively banal, depressing and disappointing, at best it is somewhat amusing or a bit suprising. Whatever it is, it is not about beauty, much more important is the idea that is behind it.


A striking example was the banana stuck to the wall with duc tape by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, which was immediately sold two times (!) for 120.000 dollars. Then another artist ate the banana which was funny, the work named Comedian had been effective, the idea was clear. However, if you see art as a kind of barometer of the spirit of the times this is at least somewhat disquieting. One of the pioneers of this kind of “conceptual” art, in which the idea or the joke (Mercury)  is central and not the experience of harmony and beauty (Venus) was the French artist Marcel Duchamp, whose chart can be viewed by clicking on the button below.

One of his first amazing works was Fountain a signed pissoir, this idea later turned out to have been stolen from another artist, how mercurial can you get? In his tenth house of the profession it is immediately clear, Venus in its fall is found there and that is exactly what he contributed to the world. Venus is a Water planet so working by emotions and it is not at home in Virgo the “heavenly house” ruled by rational Mercury, but this placement is a perfect image of art in which the idea is the most important point. Venus of esthetics is ruled here by rational Mercury, literally this reads “’conceptual art” and it shows its impossibility as Venus is in its fall. That is why that there is always this confusion around modern art, it seems to be something it really is not.


Also striking is of course this Moon in its fall right on the Asc in Scorpio, which is Lord 9 of ideas and theories (conceptual), in its fall the Moon shows its worst sides. It cannot flow along but only undermine and dissolve, it cannot express its emotions very well,  strengthening the conceptual  /rational tendencies. Duchamp, seen as one of the first dadaists who got rid of every structure, left art quite soon, to get passionately involved with mercurial chess.

Indeed Venus in its fall is not his talent and such a planet will tend to bore you after some time, but Venus had to come out very strongly as it is in the tenth house. Lord 10 is Mercury emphasized very strongly by its conjuction with the Sun and the Part of the Sun in the ninth house of again ideas on star group Praesepe. Praesepe is the Empty Crib, where there is no leading principle,resulting in total fragmentation and chaos : dadaism.    

On the cusp of the ninth house of again ideas Saturn of tradition and structure is found in its detriment, literally showing their destruction.This Saturn is also in mundane trine with the all-dissolving Moon on the Ascendant, a mundane aspect is made by planets at the same distance of a house cusp (teh Moon being a little bit past cusp 1 and Saturn a little bit past cusp 9). Duchamp’s chart shows a remarkable concentration of ninth house theory and a very strong tendency to undermine structures. This is exactly what he did, although true to his principles he would have been the first to see it all as a joke. That is funny, but it does remain a pathetic joke. 

Algol on Malta

The small EU mediterrean island state of Malta, which is doing very well economically also because of tourism, is dealing with a serious political crisis. The government seems to have been involved in the murder of a critical journalist who was publishing about wide-spead corruption in the highest levels of the state. For the population of Malta it is enough now, they demand the resignation of the corrupt criminal government and justice to be done, the murderers to be found and punished. This is a serious deep crisis not one of many ups-and-downs in the political history of the country and that is why it would be interesting to take a look at Malta’s chart.

The murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

In mundane astrology there are several possiblities to follow and predict developments, you can make use of eclipes and ingresses, but also of the natal chart of a country or the chart of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter preceding the foundation of a country. The optimal choice depends on the circumstances and you can often avail yourself of more than only one method. Malta has, as a consequence of its location a very eventful history and only as late as 1964 it gained independence from the last foreign invader, the British. This gives us the chart which you can dowload below.

So this is the chart made for the moment of Malta’s juridical independence, but we will not delineate it as the focus of interest is now on the developments, so on the progressions. The only position immediately catching the eye in this chart is retrograde Jupiter / Lord 10 of the government placed on extremely malefic Algol. This does not mean of course that the Maltese government is always in a state of crisis but if this position is activated by progression for example, we can expect this. Checking the secondary progressions of the planets and the primary direction of the angles (as the angles cannot said to be making a secondary movement like the planets), we are not disappointed.

If the Maltese government would have had an astrologer, they would have seen this crisis coming for a long time! The primary direction of the MC is moving over Algol this year on which the retrograde Jupiter / Lord 10 of the government is placed in Malta’s chart. Algol is notorious for chopping off heads, so we can expect some government officials will be forced to go. This MC position shows that the independence chart is acceptable, that fixed stars are an abolute neccessity in astrology and it shows how astrology could be used by governments (or oppositions!). With Algol coming up a painlful sacrifice will be required, if you don’t do this yourself, it will be done to you. If you have so much to hide the only policy is to be open and to resign, holding on to your position will make things only worse.

Algol – Medusa’s Head

Other progressions /directions confirm the developments and the changes to be expected, the Ascendant leaves Leo, this means the Sun as Leo’s sign ruler will be activated for a last time, in the radix the Sun is placed on Labrum, a star of fate and part of the consellation the Cup, that will not pass you by. In the first degree of Virgo we find Regulus, sometimes pointing at a fall from the throne if other indications confirm this. That is the case here as the progressed Moon has passed over the natal Moon  (turning point) and is on its way to a progressed Full Moon (a crisis, although this still will take some time). The progressed Part of the Sun (indicated by the reversed “Taurus” symbol) is right now moving over Terebellum, a star of fate showing that what has been in the air for some time will happen. The MC will for some time be moving through the crisis zone in late Taurus/early Gemini, so Malta can expect some more troublesome years.     


Last week we wrote about the fall of Prince Andrew on this blog and as in many cases his dubious sexual activities led to this deep fall. Another comparable case, not directly connected to Prince Andrew is the American film producer Harvey Weinstein. In his case the accusations made were more serious and the court procedure against him is still going on. There are some doubts about his exact time of birth and that is why we start this post with a picture, Mr Weinstein may have a lot of qualities but he will probably not win a Mr America contest.

However, this picture does give us certainty about the time of birth because there is obviously something wrong with his eyes. In his chart (to be downloaded below) the Moon, one of the Luminaries is in very narrow sextile with the ascending degree and it is in its fall in Capricorn. A planet aspecting the degree of the ascendant within two degree of orb will have a clear influence on the appearance and the Moon as one of the Luminaries refers in astrological anatomy to the eyes. The Moon is in its fall so there something wrong with it, in this spectacular way we can check a doubtful time of birth without having to resort to other always quite dubious methods of correction.

Another thing that strikes the eye is the very strong Mars in its own sign in the first house and ruler of the first house. This shows that Mars determines his behaviour very strongly and that his main concern is Harvey Weinstein as the ruler of the first house (Weinstein himself) in its own sign is controlled by the ruler of the first house (Weinstein himself). This does not look too nice but the stars invloved make this all a bit scary as the Ascendant is placed on the merciless South Scale, a very powerful royal star and Mars/Lord 1 itself on the North Scale, which is milder but still part of the Scales. The Scales are the Claws of the Scorpion, which need no further explanation, the Scorpion is the cosmic killer, he will not let go of what he has caught in his Claws.

Alpha man

The fact that Mars has a lot of essential dignity in Scorpio does not make this much milder, strong essential dignity does not make someone a good person, it only shows that the planet energy functions effectively, so in a more “technical” sense. With a view to this Mars and Ascendant positions it is not too strange that Weinstein is generally described as a bully and and a sexual predator, of course Mars is also the general significator of sexuality. On the MC the importance of martial energy is repeated, the planetary part of Mars in on the MC, planet parts among other things show an obsessive focus.  Near the Mars Part, we also see the Moon Part or the of Fortune which shows our deepest desire, disposed by the Sun and in the tenth house, he wants be alpha man. The PoF is also on Alphard, the main star of the Hydra constellation, Hydra is connected to the very essence of the desire nature.

Crisis Zone

This is all quite explosive! If Weinstein would have had a good astrologer, he would have known that his fall was coming. Someone who has done so much wrong will have a difficult time when the Algol zone of crisis ( 26 ° Taurus to 10 ° Gemini) is activated. The problems started for him late 2017 at the moment that progressed Venus the general significator of women and Lord 7 of other people in his chart, had arrived on very malefic Algol, while the progressed Sun was moving through the same crisis zone. The Moon has just left the Algol zone but had been in it for the main part of the year. If you see this, you know the time has come that accounts will be settled.