Corona timed – The Ingress Return

Last week was a week we will remember for a long time, large parts of Europe were locked down and also in other parts of the world strict measures were taken. The mortality rate in The Netherlands is still far below that of the last serious flue epidemic , when 10.000 people died in 18 weeks, amounting to 80 people dying daily!However, it is true that the Corona infection is clearly worse than a bad flue as a disease and in some places like northern Italy and Iran, the situation is bad indeed. At the same China is starting up again and the statitstics seem to point at a first slight improvement in several places.

Always Algol..

In a previous post the 2019 Aries Ingress chart was discussed with as the main culprit for this crisis Mars in its detriment on Algol, this notorious crisis star that so often pops up in mundane astrology.  In the largest parts of Europe the Ascendant of the ingress chart is in Scorpio and so this bad Mars on Algol is also Lord 1 (the most important house ruler), but in Italy most affected by the Corona crisis, this Mars is on the Descendant (so in the ingress chart calculated for Rome) ! It also strikes the eye that the Italian Ascendant is on Agena, one of the main stars in the Centaur constellation connected with underestimating a deadly poison which seemed to be innocent at first.  Below you can view the 2019 ingress chart again, calculated for Rome.  

An Aries ingress chart functions on the mundane level like a solar return in a personal life, like a prediction for a year. So it would be a good idea to to be able to give an indication when things seen in the ingress chart will happen, it does matter al lot if this is in the beginning of the year or at the end of it. The texts mention the ingress charts of the season  (for example the Cancer ingress) and the signs (for example te Aquarius ingress) to do this, and this seems to work to a certain extent. But because the ingress chart can be seen as a mundane solar return, we could also make lunar returns on the basis of the ingress to check the months. An astrological  technique is always only the application of some pricnciple, which in this case is the return principle. It could be so that these lunar returns based on the ingress show events more clearly than the season and sign ingresses.

Ingress lunar return

The first Corona case occurred in Northern Italy on 31 January, this was one of the many Chinese workersin  the fashion industry there. In this way the positions in the chart manifest themselves in concrete reality. Basing ourselves on the Italian 2019 ingress chart the lunar return of 15 January under which the outbreak took place is this chart above, which is quite spectacular. This “ingress lunar return” has its Ascendant in the Algol zone and it is reversed  compared to the Italian ingress.

From Abroad

Mars main culprit in the ingress chart is on Death Star Antares, by antiscion (position mirrored  in the axis 0° Cancer/0°Capricorn) on Saturn / Lord 10 (the second most imprortant  house ruler) on Pluto the Lord of the Underworld  and Lord 10 is combust.  This constellation falls in the ninth house of foreign countries from which the misery came. The Sun combusting Lord 10 is on Terebellum one of stars of fate! So it seems to work quite well this idea and it would be worthwhile checking if we can predict the progress of the Corona crisis clearly by this method.

Corona: Medusa’s last breath

The series about the US presidential elections will be continued next week, this week we will look at , yes the Corona crisis. To begin with, I will repeat what I posted a year ago about the then new 2019 Aries ingress (a chart calculated for the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again, location Brussels).  For all clarity, I have cursified the text.

So what to expect this year in Europe? Will the tensions decrease or should we prepare, and this seems to more probable, for more trouble. The first thing that strikes the eye is the royal South Scale on the ingress-Ascendant, and that is not very pleasant. The South Scale, the Fist of Justice, will rigorously and ruthlessly create a new  balance, this will be painful and harsh. Malefic Mars is ingress-Lord 1 and it is placed in the seventh house of other people in its detriment in Taurus. Not too good for cooperation. Mars is also conjunct the sword-hand of Perseus who chops off Medusa’s Head, this is near Algol, headhunter and crisis star. On top of that, there is this upcoming Full Moon, with the Sun as Lord 10, poining to the separation.

Futhermore, it is striking that we have a Saturn-Pluto-South Node conjunction around the third cusp of routine movements and procedures which we can expect as a consequence of Brexit. All in all , this is a chart with increased tensions compared to the 2018 ingress, but this does not come as a surprise.

Looking back at predictions is very instructive although it may be painful (that is why not too many astrologers do this, they tend to concentrate on post-diction, then you are always right). Predicting is possible but a planet position can work out in many ways which makes it a bit of a slippery path. Last year around this time it was all about Brexit (do you still remember what that was?) so my interpretation leaned that way. But if you forget for an moment about the Brexit specifics, it is not a a bad prediction at all , especially the fixed stars are very clear but also the affliction around the third cusp. This ingress 2019 will be valid till 20 March when we will have a new ingress.

What we can learn from this, is that you necessarily make a prediction on the basis of the actual context (which was Brexit at that time), but it is a good idea to try to look further,as an ingress will be valid for a year! What I forgot last year was that this horrible ingress Algol-Mars falls on the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on Algol in 2000. This means the big crisis potential in the Great Conjunction chart will be forcefully activated this year. So do not forget to relate an ingress to the current Great Conjunction too!INGRESS BRUSSEL 2020Download

How does the new ingress chart for 2020 look (click on the download button to view it)? Certainly, this is better than 2019, no ruthless South Scale, no Mars in detriment near Algol, no concentrated affliction around a cusp. On the Ascendant is Altair, the main star in the Eagle a powerful star of aspiration, not malefic at all. Saturn Lord 1 is about to leave the malefic twelfth house of isolation (!)  to conjunct the Ascendant, and it will increase in essential dignity by doing this. Jupiter is Lord 10, ruler of one the most important houses in the chart and it is placed in the malefic twelfth house on Pluto, which obviously is not very good. Probably what is shown here are the effects of the Corona crisis, which will not be gone overnight.

This can be expected but we can conclude that this ingress chart is much less tense that the 2019 chart, moreover in December 2020 the horrible Great Conjunction of 2000, which triggered so many problems in the past twenty years will finally be left behind. Corona is Medusa’s last breath.

Will Joe Biden become president?

On 3 November this year the presidential elections will be held in the US and it has become clear by now who the contenders will be. There is no doubt that Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate and if the Corona virus does not get him before November, after all he belongs to the age group most in danger, he will be the man to beat. There are only two men left who may become Trump’s challenger, “socialist” Bernie Sanders and moderate Joe Biden, who was vice president under Barack Obama. Regular readers of this blog will remember hat Donald Tump will not be re-elected (his chart is too negative) and this makes the other two aged gentlemen all the more interesting. Either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders will be the next president of the United States. 

There are many ways to predict if someone is going to get a job, but in case of an election with a fixed date and finally only two contenders, the lunar return is a very good choice. The winner’s lunar return covering the election should be nice, it is some achievement to get the most influential poltical job in the world. Whatever the other astrological prediction methods show , you are not going to win this battle under a bad lunar return. You can approach this question in this way because the situation is simple with a fixed date for the end result and only two contenders.

The election return

Let us suppose Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic candidate who should beat Donald Trump. In that case his lunar return under which the elections are held should give us some powerful positions. Biden’s birth data are classified as A in the Rodden rating, indicating a high reliability.

What strikes the eye imediately is the fact the Asc/Des axis is reversed compared to the natal chart. This says something like: the other person will take your place, not a sign of great success. On the Ascendant we find Prima Hyadum , the main star of the Hyads the half-sisters of the weeping Pleiads, strongly connected to disappointments, not exactly what you would like to see.

And the profections?

Another method which can be sharp and very satisfying in its simplicity are the profections. From birth you will move a house further every year, the condition of that house including stars, planets in the house and the house ruler will give a general description of the year. Biden will  be 77 years old when the elections are held and this brings the annual profection to the malefic sixth house. The ruler of the sixth house is Venus which is extremly weak in his natal chart in the twelfth house in its detriment and combust! That does not look nice at all. The month profection  brings us to the fifth house which contains a positive Moon in its exaltation but its ruler Mars / Lord 5  is on the merciless South Scale on the 12th house cusp. Not very bad, but not convincing either.

The conclusion seems to be clear. As Trump will not be re-elected (he has the painfully limiting South Node conjuncting the Moon on his asc in his  election lunar return), his opponent will win. So this automatically means Biden will not be the Democratic candidate and this makes an analysis of what is going on in Sander’s chart even more interesting.

Acute medical astrology – Measures against Corona

This week we will not look at an actual chart but at the medical-astrological analysis of the corona virus which has now also reached Europe. The traditional astromedical model did not include viruses and bacteria, but it was aware of infection diseases. The idea is that an infection will only make you really ill if your body is in an unbalanced state, if you are balanced it will be much easier to deal with an infection.This is confirmed by the statistics, the greater part of the infected persons only develops mild symptoms , the infection is the most dangerous for the elderly (just like the flue).

In order to be able to say something more about the corona disease from the perspective of medical astrology, we need to describe it in terms of the medical-astrological model by looking at its “signature”. In the traditional model a disease is caused by an excess of one the elements or “humors” which has disturbed the balance in the body. Viruses and bacteria can only become real pathogenics in such an unbalanced “surroundings”, they are a reality, by they are not more than one factor in the whole pathogenic process.


The corona symptoms look like those of the flue, which is a phlegmatic disease, so an illness caused by the Water element. Winter is the phlegm season when this humor is strong, therefore we have these waves of flue mosty in February when the phlegm peaks. The corona disease is not a flue but it shows all charactertistic of a similar phlegm disease, the coughing, the fever and the problems in the lungs, although it is obviously more serious than flue. According to the traditional perspective phlegm is accumulated in the lungs so there we see a lot of problems in case of phlegm excess. Older people naturally have more phlegm, so they are more vulnerable, old age is the phlegmatic phase of life. That corona strikes in winter is logical, winter is the phlegmatic season and this is also exactly the time we have a very weak retrograde Mercury in detriment and fall in Pisces, Mercury is the planet of the lungs.

What to do?

To protect the body optimally against the virus, the amount of phlegm has to be kept low. Hot spicy  foods are good,  like red pepper which also contains a lot of Vitamin-C strengthening the immune system. Vitamin C can be associated with the Water element, so it can regulate Water, you can take up to 4 grams daily extra in these times. Good herbs are thyme, very hot and dry against the cold and moist phlegm and anti-phlegmatic elder (tea mixture till 12 grams daily), good Chinese herbs would be heating astralagus and reishi mushrooms.


A good heating oil is mustard oil (in the food or on the body) ,as a stone a martial heliotrope (wear with skin contact )would be effective as it mobilizes the martial fighting power in the body stimulating the immune system. Aromatherapeutically pine tree oil or eucalyptus oil would be fine. All these measures strengthen the lungs and diminish the amount of phlegm so that a possible infection will be fought off much easier. Especially when you show symptoms of a slight phlegm excess in the lungs (coughing, sneezing, shorter breath), it would make sense to take these measures.