Our second cousins in modern astrology tend to spend a lot of time on studying transits to which they ascribe a lot of importance. Traditional astrologers however are much less enthousiastic about the fast-moving planets which every day make a lot of aspects on natal factors. The reason is that most of these fleeting connections happen without any notable effects at all. The planets from the Moon to Mars move at a high speed and they make a host of aspects, which can therefore be ignored without loosing anything of significance. At best that Mars going over your descendant will bring some persistent seller of an energy contract to your door-step.

The aspects made by the slower planets Saturn and Jupiter are worth some more attention, especially conjunctions and oppositions and so is the Saturn cycle. But there is always one very important condition, their effects should be assessed within the framework of other astrological developments as shown by techniques of a higher order, the Firdaria, the progressions/directions, the solar returns and profections and the lunar returns. By checking the lunar returns you can, if you see something important is going to happen in a year, find the month this will take place and then, not earlier, you can investigate the transits to get the week or even the day of this event. That is the only way to use transits that makes sense.

This also has consequences for charts of dramatic events, its does not make much sense to delineate for example the 9/11 event chart. Such an event chart is only the very, very ,very last step in the hierarchical analysis of other mundane charts. A good example of such a hierarchy is the murder of Olof Palme about which we wrote last week. Now his progressions/directions, solar/lunar returns and profections all showed big trouble at that moment, belief me. So our “Court Astrologer”  perspective is that we know the month (by checking the lunar returns) of maximum danger, could we find the week or even the day he would be murdered by looking at the transits?

The time Olof Palme was shot is known exactly and the chart above (click on the download buttton to view it, in last week’s post you will find Palme’s natal chart)  is calculated for this time. What strikes the eye, is Great Malefic Saturn on royal Death Star Antares, in his natal chart Saturn is close to Antares too. Saturn is turning retrograde so it will be there for a long time, this cannot give you  the week or the day, but it certainly  is an indication of danger. It is the faster planets that give you give you more detailed information and Mars is moving over Palme’s natal Ascendant! As Mars has a high speed that scales us down to a few days, half a week of extreme tension.The movements of the other fast planets the Sun, Mercury and Venus do not show too much but the super-fast Moon does!

If you know by Mars’ movement the week of maximum danger, the Moon can indicate the day. The day before the murder the Moon entered the Burnt Road (15° Libra to 15 °Scorpio) where the Moon is very instable increasing emotions and impulses (the Burnt Road is like a zodiacal Full Moon), this is a very nasty passage for the Moon (and only for the Moon!). On the day of the murder the Moon is still in the dangerous Burnt Road but now it also is in its fall in Scorpio making things even worse and at the exact time of  the murder this Burnt Moon is on Pluto, the swiftly and unexpectedly striking Lord of the Underworld. The Moon is then passing over malefic Khambalia, the “crooked-clawed” a star of an appropriate  Mars-Merury nature, associated with “swift violence”. The very fast MC is on Regulus the Lion-King killed by Hercules. If transits are dealt with in this way they certainly make a lot of sense.      

Ice-cold case

Last week there was an unexpected development in one of the most notorious cold cases in recent history, the murder of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme in 1986. The popular socialist was shot in the centre of Stockholm on 28 February and in spite of long intensive investigations, the killer was never found. There were a lot of confessions though as many as 130, raising serious doubts about general mental health, but none of them was ever found to be the murderer. Now the Swedish police claims to have solved the case, the murderer was Stig Engstöm, an alcoholic and graphic designer who knew how to handle guns and who had an office near the place where Palme was shot.

This man had come to the attention of the police before in connection with the murder, but mainly as a witness. There will not be a trial as Engströn committed suicide years ago, apparently the man was not very balanced mentally. If he is the killer all these theories about the involvement of foreign secret services and terrorists turn out to have been fantasies. It could have been a simple impulsive hate murder, Engström is known to have been fiercely anti-Palme, from his office he saw Palme walking by unexpectedly and he availed himself of this opportunity. This would explain the difficulties in solving the case, there were no preparations and no accomplices, the Swedish police could very well be right now.

But what can we say about this on the basis of Palme’s chart? The circumstances surrounding a death are given by the Anareta or the Killing Planet, in most cases this is Lord 8 or sometimes a planet in the eighth house of death. On the basis of the Anareta’s condition, its aspects and its placement these circumtances can be described. Dying is of course never pleasant but by delineating the  Anareta you can see whether it will happen under  dramatic circumstances or maybe in complete submission and serenity. Click on the downlad button below to be able to view Olof Palme’s natal chart.

The Sun is Lord 8 and Anareta and it is in its detriment in Aquarius which in itself, could indicate nasty circumstances surrounding his death. Mercury, Lord 7 of partners conjuncting the Sun immediately catches the eye, his wife Liesbeth was walking beside him, when he was shot. Through antiscion, the planet position mirrored in the 0° Cancer-0°Capricorn axis, Mars in detriment is in narrow opposition with the Sun/Mercury conjunction, Olof and Liesbeth Palme. That is like an exact picture of the murder, Mars is in its detriment so manifesting its nastiest side and an antscion often shows something hidden. This secrecy is repeated by the sextile the Anareta/Mercury conjunction makes with Saturn, General Significator of Death, on cusp 12 of hidden things near royal Death Star Antares.

This all really looks very dramatical, Lord 8 / Anareta is in its detriment in antiscial opposition with the Small Malefic Mars in its detriment and in sextile with peregrine Saturn, the Great Malefic on cusp 12 on royal Death Star Antares. Such a concentration of nastiness does not point at a serene death. The killer seems to be shown in the chart most clearly by Mars and this would point to someone solidly-built, somewhat muscular (Mars) and small (Mars and its dispositor Venus point to small) but also a bit fleshly and bloated (dispositor Venus is soft and moist). Judging by the pictures of Engström this seems to give a good description of the supposed killer..

Court Astrology

Last week we took a look at the current progressions in the US chart (the Great Conjunction chart of 18 March 1762, 11:33:32 LMT, Asc 8.59 Cancer). It was impressive to see how only one progression of the Sun over a very powerful fixed star, over Antares could describe the situation  so clearly. Anatres, the Scorpion’s Heart was known to the ancient Chinese as the Big Fire Star Hsin Su Erh, which needs no explanation, the US were  literally burning. Such a progression is an example of effective astrology, of how it should be, clear and sober without any complicated technical detail or embellishments, it is there for everybody to see that there will be trouble.

In the past astrologers were always court astrologers, serving kings, dukes, bishops and popes, yes even the the church of the Middle Ages , after some doubts and discussion, finally accepted astrology. St Thomas of Aquine, the most venerated  teacher of the Western church and an alchemist, talks about the celestial art in a positive way and it is clear that he has at least some basic hands-on astrological knowledge. Astrology is the Queen of the Sciences and it could still be very useful for governments in these days. With a knowledge of the rhythm of the Great Conjunctions, this crisis would not have come as a total surprise.

You can even do more than only predict, you can also indicate what to do on the basis of the fixed stars. With the Sun  going over Anatres for example, the end of the cycle has come and it would be better to let go of the old situation, the Scorpion has to change into an Eagle. He has to sore up far above that which he is still too much attached to. This process is easier to manage if it happens out of free will, otherwise it will be more painful as can be seen now in the US. It is mainly the fixed stars that show where the freedom lies to act, what the optimal action would be and this still could be of immense value for a king. With some business clients you can work in this way, which is very satisfying.

Take a look at the lunar return above made on the basis of the US natal GC chart under which George Floyd was killed by the police. Now a court astrologer would have been among the people getting all the information, he would always have worked with the full kowledge of the context, an optimal condition for astrology. If you would have seen the above lunar return in this context you would have known, there is big trouble right ahead.  Right on the Ascendant is Saturn, natal Lord 8 of death in the US radix on aspiring Altair, main star in the Eagle of a Mars / Jupiter nature an indication that the dark Scorpion ruled by its desires should now become the generous Eagle soring high above its darker instincts.      

Agena, first magnitude star in the Centaur is on the MC which can be associated with things getting out of hand very quickly because of an underestimation of danger. Mercury is in the Pleiads the Weeping Sisters in a strong angular house. It is also Lord 8 of Death in the return chart and through antiscion (planet position mirrored in the 0° Cancer- 0°Capricorn axis) Lord 8 is on the Descendant opposing  natal Lord on the Ascendant. So Lord 8 is repeated over the main axis, the crisis will climax this month.

The end of the cycle

In the whole Corona crisis the US  have a remarkable role. First they seemed to escape the epidemic, a somewhat naive thought, but now the virus is striking mercilessly, disrupting the whole country. Donald Trump seems not be the right man at the right place at the right time, populists tend to look away from unpleasant realities and what is needed now, is realism and soberness. Astrologically, the US have the role of the of the exiting world power and therefore the virus is striking so hard.  

For we have to realise that in December this year the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter are entering another element and the last time this happened was 200 years ago! Astrologically, this is the most important event of the past 200 years and such a transition to a new element always brings a new world power (China) and the fall of the old Empire (the US). This is what we are witnessing right now! On an astrologically somewhat lower level, we could also take a look at the developments in the US chart, the real one based on the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter before the indepedence of the colonies (13 March 1762, 11:33:32 LMT, Asc 8.59 Cancer). This is the root of the US giving its essence (chart not shown here).

If we apply the technique of the Firdaria, 75 –year cycles ruled by the seven planets and the two nodes, to this chart, this development is also reflected. The short and the long Firdar are both ruled by the Moon, essentially the weakest planet in the US chart. The large Firdar cycle covers 75 year, every 75 year we get a new ruler, the current Firdar started in 1983. Also on the lower level of the progressions the crisis is clearly indicated.

The progressions above have  been calculated for now, early June, always realise there is no such thing as a progressed chart only progressed positions (click on the download button to view the progressions). The first thing striking the eye immediately, is the Sun right on Antares, the Scorpion’s Heart, the star ending cycles with its merciless poisonous sting. Also the Moon is separating from an opposition with the progressed Sun, so that was a secondary Full Moon, over the star axis Antares –Aldebaran.

This is a pair of extremely powerful royal stars connected to autumn-spring, to dying and a new start, a progressed Full Moon is alway a crisis moment of strong tensions. The Moon is very weak at the time of the Full Moon, completely filled as it is with the solar light and the Moon is Lord 1 in the US natal chart. At this moment the progressed PoF is moving over Neptune, the chaos “planet” showing the rioting in many places in the US, here you can see the wild chaotic waters of Poseidon.  A 200-year cycle is ending so it is not a surprise that things are a bit rough in the US.