Woodstock in Kralingen

Last week’s post was about the chart of Woodstock the famous, ultimate hippy climax in 1969. Less known but still with a considerable reputation, is a Dutch Woodstock clone whick took place a year later, so fifty years ago. This was the Holland Pop Festival, much better-known as “Kralingen” after the lake in Rotterdam near which it was staged. As it is fifty years ago that this happened, there has been some media attention for “Kralingen” over the past few months. Of course, it would be interesting to check to what degree the Kralingen chart resembles the Woodstock chart we dicussed last week, click on the download button below to view the Woodstock chart.  

Like Woodstock Kralingen was spread out over three days, but it started with a disco at midnight on Friday morning. Striking the eye in this chart is the fact that Jupiter rules the first and the tenth house, so it is very important. The planet of expansion and exceeding boundaries was also very present in the Woodstock chart, although it was on the Asscendant there, in Kralingen the Great Benefic falls in the seventh house on very powerful royal Spica.

This royalty already explains something about the gerat reputation of the Kralingen festival, you had some stories to tell if you had been there. However, the Jupiter antiscion is also very telling, it is on the strongly expansive North Node, which can be seen as a kind of super-Jupiter! Jupiter – Lord 1/10 conjunct the North Node is on Dene , the bright and powerful main star in the Swan, connected to Venus and the arts. Not too bad for a music festival and this conunction is placed, yes here it pops up again, in the twelfth house  of psychedelics, also so strongly emphasized in the Woodstock chart. Kralingen is often seen as the start of the Dutch soft drugs policy, there was a lot of weed-smoking going on, but the police did not do anything.

Jupiter Lord 1/10 is, like in the Woodstock chart, connected to pleasure planet Venus by reception, Venus is in the triplicity ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is in Venus’ domicile. Saturn Lord 12 also falls on Venus by antiscion, bringing the psychedelics in again and all the themes of the 12th house. The pleasure is further underlined by the Moon, Lord of the fifth house of pleasure in strong mutual reception  with Mars, which placed in the fifth house. Mars is in its fall in Cancer indicating the rougher aspects in this hippy festival, it was not all just lovely. Apart from powerful royal Spica and first-magnitude Deneb, we have Achernar, a first-magnitude  star of a pure Jupiter nature on the Ascendant. So we find a lot of the “hippy planets”’ Jupiter and Venus in this chart, which were very much present in the Woodstock chart. 

Woodstock Festival

The summer is festival time and there must be hundreds of them. Festival organisation has become a real industry and Corona has of course done a lot of harm there. It was also mid-August when once in 1969 the ‘’mother of all festivals”, the hippy climax Woodstock, of which every festival is a bit of an echo, took place.There is no festival that ever reached such a mythical status! To sketch a bit of the atmosphere, the opening ceremony was done by Swami Satchadananda, a yoga teacher..! For astrologers it is good to know something about this, as astrology up to our days is strongly influenced by this subculture, its ideology has given form to modern chart interpretation even down to details.

Click on the download button above to view the Woodstock chart and yes it is bull’s eye! Expansive Jupiter is on the Ascendant a literal picture of the opening session by the the swami, but Jupiter is also of course the planet of the expansion of consciousness and exceeding boundaries. The Great Benefic is in strong mutual reception with the Small Benefic Venus / Lord 1 in elevation near the MC in a position of dominance. Love, peace and understanding. And then all those colours, you could not express the Jupiter/Venus combination more directly. Venus is placed in the sign in which Jupiter is exalted and Jupiter in the sign in which Venus rules. Venus, the planet of beauty, peace and pleasure is on bright Canopus, the main ster in the Argonaut’s Ship, giving it more power.


Lord 10 is the Moon of emotions, desires and fluidity and it is very appropriately placed in the twelfth house of drugs and addictions. Of course, LSD was everywhere, it was mass-produced and distributed by the CIA  as as a “social engineering” experiment (a part of the very sinister MK-Ultra project), which did not make the hippies suspicious by the way. What mattered to them was that there was something to swallow. Mercury is Lord 12 exactly on cusp 12 which emphasizes the whole psychedelic / drugs dimension. That the Moon / Lord 10 is in the twelfth house on the South Node is telling as the South Node is the exit point where the light of the Sun or the Moon can go out.    


The Moon is the earthy Luminary and it can go out here in experiencing other non-earthy dimensions. Mercury on cusp 12 is also Lord 9 of religions and here the connection and confusion of the real spiritual in the ninth house with the merely astral-psychedelic in the twelfth house, so typical of hippy subculture (and of their “grand-children”, the New Agers), can be seen. It is a bit worrying that Mercury, the pragmatic planet without fixed principles, rules spirituality, Mercury is  very, very curious but that is all. Mercury – Lord 9 and 12 – also conjuncts the Part of Spirit (also called Abundance) showing the same confusion of spirituality with the astral-psychedelic. With this Venus (pleasure, love and peace) and Jupiter (expansion) near the angles it is clear why Woodstock has become the ultimate expression of hippy culture, which includes this whole darker side shown by the strong twelfth house emphasis.      

Beirut eclipsed

A horrible explosion took place in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital destroying the city partly. The cause turns out to have been a large amount of chemicals stored in the harbour, it was not terrorism. The past few years had been quite tense for the country, with the ongoing blood-shed in nearby Syria, violent demonstrations against the corrupt and weak government to which came the Corona crisis. So the explosion which has paralysed the largest part of Beirut’s important harbour took place at a moment the country had very big trouble solving its problems.

For astrology the question is of course if such a disaster could be predicted so that these things do not come as a complete surpise, just like a person who knows his progressions. In mundane astrology there are various methods to look at this, national natal charts (also on the basis of the Great Conjunctions), Aries ingress charts ( made for the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again in spring)  and eclipse and lunation charts (a lunation is a New Moon or a Full Moon).  All these methods show in their own ways what is going to happen, but it is crucial  of course to be able to clearly distinguish big events from smaller ones.

As always in astrology effective prediction is the proof of the pudding. Also like in personal astrology context should be taken into account, an annual prediction for Lebanon is not quite the same as an annual prediction for Iceland! So one of the instruments in mundane astrology is the eclipse chart, the eclipse chart preceding the explosion should show lots of tensions. Click on the download button below to be able to view the chart for Beirut (eclipse on 21 June).

For every country in the world the planet postions in this chart are the same so what makes it specific for Lebanon is the factors that vary  strongly with location, so mainly the cusps. This eclipse is a solar eclipse, the light of the Sun will be put out by the Moon. In Beirut the Sun is Lord 1, so the country, that of course looks a bit grim. The Moon putting out the light of Lord 1 Is Lord 12 of self-destruction and indeed the indifferent authorities are to blame for this disaster. Striking is the conjunction of the eclipse degree with the North Node by antiscion, emphasizing the effect of the eclipse.

Lord 10, with Lord 1 the most important ruler in this mundane chart is on Prima Hyadum a malefic nebulous group of stars associated with violence, acidents and blindness. By antiscion Lord 10 is exactly on cusp 12 of self-destruction in opposition with Pluto Lord of Hades conjunct Jupiter, Lord 8 of death, exactly on the cusp of the sixth hosue of misfortunes on Terebellum, star of fate. Lots of frictions indeed!!

However, if we compare this chart for Beirut with the one calculated for Jerusalem, there is not too much difference and nothing comparable happened in Israel. How can this be explained? Only in the eclipse chart for Beirut Lord 10 ’ s antiscion is exactly on the cusp of the twelfth house of self-destruction, in Jerusalem it is not. Time and space condition life on earth.         

Christo package deal

Because of all the Corona news it did not receive too much attention, but a few months ago a very remarkable artist died, who was extremely successful. Everybody will know him because, very much in line with the modern time spirit which mainly values big volumes,  he did not exactly work with small things. Although he did realise other projects, the Bulgarian artist Christo Javacheff, better know as “Christo” acquired fame for wrapping up big, old historical buildings. This work always received a lot of attention of course, and city councils worldwide were lining up for a bit of city promotion. His enormous success makes us curious about his chart, click on the download button below to be able to view it.   

And yes, it is clear immediately! The North Node, to be seen as a kind of super-Jupiter that wants everthing in life is on the Ascendant. The North Node will strongly enlarge and the South Node will decrease and  requires sacrifice, it is a kind of super-Saturn. Here you can see the nodal axis working out very directly, Christo makes the other thing small (in the seventh house) and this is done in an overwhelming way as Pluto, the Lord of Hades is, like the South Node, on the Descendant. If a building is wrapped up, it is buried, it disappears and therefore the human ego or the “we” will become more visible.

Venus a bit higher in the strong angular seventh house, shows it is all about art and aesthetics. Venus is Lord 4 of buildings and it is placed on the Empty Crib Praesepe, this is the Crab crushed by Hercules the hero. A bit violent, wrapping up a building is indeed a work of temporary destruction, Venus is in narrow sextile with Mars, Lord 10 of the job in the eighth house of death and in its detriment. So Mars cannot express its essential nature in a balanced way which does not mean Christo is aggressive, but it points to a kind of attack. Lord 10 is on Vindemiatrix, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice connecting to over-reaching and you can say Christo does, he bluntly exceeds human measure. This strike of megalomania makes his work so successful in our times.

Also striking the eye is the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter,the planet of Big Things, running against the mainstream as it is retrograde. The Moon is extremely instable and hungry in its fall and in the Burnt Road, the conjunction is on the powerful merciless South Scale that knows how to push things to their limits and beyond. The Moon, antipathic to Saturn,  is the fluid energy able to dissolve hard structures and within  theusual five degrees orbis for house cusps this conjunction is in the tenth house of public activities. As a nice finishing touch the planetary parts of Jupiter and Venus are in opposition with Mars Lord 10. The planetary parts indicate the pure planet essences, very special motivations, in this case big things combined with aesthetics.

So we have an enormous concentration of energy here with the North Node on the Ascendant, the South Node and Pluto and the Descendant, Venus on Praesepe in the seventh house sextiling Mars/Lord 10, the Moon-Jupiter conjunction on the royal South Scale near the MC and the conjunction of the Jupiter and Venus parts in opposition with Lord 10. Disappearance, destruction and size play a central role. Most striking however are the Nodes.We appear (North Node on the Ascendant) and the other thing disappears, which is the essence of his work.