Nations United?

Last week the United Nations could celebrate their 75th birthday and the Dutch king made a speech about the wonderful work of “the men and women’’ in the UN. That was very nice but the question  is, was the king justified in speaking in such a positive way about it? Is the UN really  this nice organisation that will bring health, prosperity and peace to the world?


The Dutch still remember very well the drama in Sebrenica during the Bosnian wars. Because of the cowardice and incompetence of the UN, our soldiers had to deal with an impossible and extremely dangerous situation and psychopath Ratko Mladic could murder 8000 Bosnian muslim men. No one in the UN ever took responsibility, the soldiers involved had to deal with psychological problems for years and were mocked and shamed!

Worls Gates Organisation

Also now in the Corona crisis the UN’s World Health Organisation WHO plays a role of importance, but the WHO is partly financed by the pharmaceutical industry and Bill Gates. The Ethiopian WHO boss came from  Gates’ network but the UN again looks away from the problem, so we may expect some weak  and very problematic position in the UN chart.

UN radix    

The UN was born on 24 October 1945 in San Francisco, for this date the chart above was calculated (click on the download button). The time is midnight as juridically the UN started to function then. Such a de jure chart is not ideal, although it seems to give adequate results in the progressions, so we can accept it. Immediately the sugary UN image crumbles, the Lord of Hades is right on the Ascendant and yes the UN is the arena of merciless manipulations and raw deadly power struggles as the Sebrenica drama has shown.

Lord 10 of public activity is Venus, strong in her Libra domicile, not bad for an organisation working for peace. Unfortunately, Venus conjuncts chaotic Neptune diminishing its effectivity. Maybe it is not totally honest to call the UN a “toothless tiger”, but effective action is not really their thing. These well-known soldiers with their blue helmets are an impossible ”UN army”, they cannot fight  themselves, they are supposed to stop others from fighting.

Lame Mars

Astrologically , so essentially this is very problematic. Mars is the army and it is supposed to fight, that is Mars’ nature. If you deploy soldiers for peace-keeping you go against Mars’ essence and you rob it from its power, you lame it. This can be clearly seen in the UN’s chart, Mars is in its fall in Cancer in the weakening twelfth house of self-destruction, a lame Mars wearing a blue helmet. This very weak Mars is also conjunct Saturn in its detriment, Saturn is good at calming down others but not if it is placed  in its detriment. This conjunction is on two powerful stars, Procyon and Pollux, but this cannot compensate for the dangerous weakness of Saturn and Mars.

Here the Sebrenica drama can be seen, the UN sent in soldiers not equipped or allowed to fight (Mars in fall)  and when it went wrong they left everybody to their own devices (twelfth house). The UN is in need of an astrologer, it seems. Or better still:  liquidate it now and start again under good stars!   

Corona – When will it be over?

On this blog we mainly discuss natal charts and mundane charts, horary and medical astrology are not given too much attention. However, now that in The Netherlands the number of confirmed Corona infections is going up and stricter measures are being considered again, it may be interesting to take a look at a horary. This concerns the chart of a question I asked myself in mid-April when the crisis peaked here. Click on the download button below to view the chart.

I asked his question as a Dutchman about my own country so it could also be formulated like this: how will things develop in Holland, when will thing get better for us here? So the answer and the prediction the chart gives will be valid for The Netherlands, not for the rest of the world. The reality is the we are not one world at all, for example China does not have too many infections any more, Taiwan did not have any problems at all, but India is in big trouble. So the horary will say nothing about that, it pertains to The Netherlands.    

South Node Lockdown

Cancer is on the Ascendant so the ruler of Cancer the Moon indicates the Corona situation in The Netherlands. Appropriately enough, the Moon is placed in the sixth house of illness and five degrees back it has entered its detriment in Capricorn. It shows that the circumstances in Holland have worsened recently which is confirmed by the conjunction the Holland – Moon  made with the South Node, always strongly limiting and reducing. This indicates the lockdown, so the horary clearly shows the situation and also what has  happened lately. However, the most interesting thing is of course what is going to happen, to see this you will have to follow the Moon as it continues its way through the zodiac.

As you can see the Moon will pass over the descendant and leave the sixth house of illness behind seven degrees further. In this context a degree would represent a week, so seven weeks after the questions was asked, some improvements may be expected, indeed mid-June the strictest lockdown measures were lifted. By leaving the illness house behind, the country freed itself at least partly from the Corona embrace.

Neverheless, the Moon (Holland) is still in its detriment in Capricorn and in the last part of Capricorn we can see dark thunder clouds gathering. There is a conjunction awaiting us, around the 25th degree, of Pluto and Jupiter, Pluto the dark lord of Hades can strike suddenly and overwhelmingly, Jupiter is in its fall, so it will manifest its worst sides. In Capricorn Jupiter is also placed in the sign where the Moon has its detriment, which means Jupiter will harm the Moon very much, this is a negative reception.

Aquarian light

There is a twenty-degree distance from the Moon to this malefic conjunction so after twenty weeks, five months after asking the question a worsening may be expected, this is mid-September, we are in the middle of this now. I predicted this on the basis of this chart in my last webinar on horary astrology when this “second wave” had not yet shown itself.  Of course, the Moon will also finally pass over this conjunction,a fter which it will approach the sign boundary with Aquarius, light at the end of the long Capricon tunnel!  Entering Aquarius the Holland -Moon leaves its detriment behind and then the Corona crisis will be over. The distance beween the Moon and the Capricorn/Aquarius boundary is 25 degrees, so 25 weeks, a bit more than six months. Starting from mid-April this means there will be  a huge improvement in late October.   

Algol TikTok

American president Donald Trump is attacking the video app TikTok. TikTok is an extremely popular app on which very short videos can be shared, often singing or dancing adolescents or recordings meant to make you laugh. However, TikTok has in the past few months become one of the most popular app’s in the world and there are many more users now than only adolescents. Trump accuses TikTok of abusing its users’ data and has made them a proposal they can’t refuse, either they will sell their activities in the US to an American company or they are history.

Such a dramatic development should be visible in TikTok’s chart, but how could we get TikTok’s birth data? The TikTok app in its current very succesfull form was created by joining together three other existing app’s  and this happened on 2 August 2018, so we have a reliable date but how do we get a time (place is Bejing, where ByteDance, TikTok’s mother company is located)? We may assume that the new app was available from midnight (Chinese time in Bejing), this leads to this natal chart which can be seen by clicking on the download button above.

Undertaker energy

There are two things in this chart striking the eye immediately, Algol on the Ascendant and the South Node on the MC, this is no “middle of the road” chart. Crisis star Algol is certainly not only bad for success, mythologically it is connected to the Gorgone Medusa, not only a repulsive monster with snakes as hairs, but also an irresistably attactive woman. Face to face with Medusa, people will loose their heads and be drawn along by their most basic instincts and this is of course very good for success. Donald Tump himself has Algol on his MC.

On the TikTok MC the South Node is found, a very limiting Saturn-like energy, this seems not to be good for mega popularity!But even the South Node is not always just simply negative, it is also the exit gate out off life, so for an undertaker for example it would not be bad and this is the same for TikTok. It is the extreme limitation of the duration of the recordings of only 15 seconds and often even less, that “expresses or “uses”’ the South Node energy. It is on the edge of nothing. You are allowed to draw attention to your ego as long as a short-winded gasp and then it is over, the postmodern attitude in a nut-shell.

Praesepe splinters

Mars is near the MC on powerful first magnitude Altair, not too bad for success, the Sun conjuncts the expansive North Node and is located in the Praesepe nebula. Praesepe is connected to the story of Hercules crushing the Crab into thousands of pieces and this describes exactly the TikTok video splinters. The progressions clearly show why  they have to deal with a belligerent Donald Trump now, the MC is exactly on the South Node and then sacrifices have to be made. TikTok does not have the option to express the South Node and make its videos even shorter as it would then reduce to nothing and disappear like a moth in cyberspace.                      

Cazimi Saturn

It was very tragic that last month the former king Juan Carlos, father of the current Spanish king, had to leave his country because there was yet another scandal caused by his uncareful way of life. The past few years there were again and again problems around the former king and too much damage was done to the reputation of the Spanish royal family. Juan Carlos, the national hero who played a crucial role in transforming Spain from a fascist dictature into a modern democracy, was forced into exile and nothing has been heard from him since, it is not even known where he lives now.

Such a tragic fall of a hero should be clearly visible in the developments in the former king’s chart. Very unfortunately, royal families do not respect the ancient tradition and do not have Court Astrologers any more, if they did they would be able to prepare themselves better for the unavoidable scandals and crises. A short glance at Juan Carlos’ progressions reveals the upcoming crisis which does not mean it could have been avoided completely, but it is always better to know what is coming towards you. His natal chart (5 January 1938, 13:15 Rome, Asc 19.44 Taurus) will not be discussed now, we will take a look at his progressions, click on the download button below to be able to view them (and remember there is no such thing as a progressed chart, only progressed positions!).

It is immediately clear that it would be a good idea to be extra careful this year. The primary direction of the Ascendant (as the angles do not make secundary movements, there is no such thing as a progressed Asc)  is moving over Praesepe, the Empty Crib, one of the most powerful crisis stars, a  kind of “second Algol”. With the Empty Crib activated the message  is not to let your desires guide you but to firmly do the correct thing, an effective recipe against scandals. If you do not firmly take the right action there is a considerable chance a chaotic situation may develop, in this context of  scandal after scandal, this is a serious warning.


This is confirmed by a very special progressed position, a cazimi Saturn. Cazimi means “in the heart of the Sun”and this makes the cazimi planet unstoppable. This is not always positive as it depends on the condition and nature  of the cazimi planet. Here it is Saturn in its fall in Aries , and Saturn is Lord 10 of the position in society in the natal chart, so this gives an almost literal picture of what happened, his fall could not be stopped any more. Mercury moving over Al Pherg, a star of fate, confirms he is approaching a painful breaking-point, with an activated Al Pherg you have to let go of something you are very attached to, in order to be able to go on.

In the natal chart Venus is Lord 1 placed on 7.25 Capricorn and the progressed Part of Fortune (composed of the directed Asc and the secondary progressions of the Sun and the  Moon) is in opposition with Lord 1. The Part of Fortune is the planet part of the Moon and one of the meanings of the Moon is the people, so Juan Carlos and the people go their different ways. This is repeated by the progressed Moon opposing the progressed part of the Sun  (=royalty).


It is crucial to keep the speeds of the progressed factors in mind, the fast factors the Moon, the Part of Fortune and the part of the Sun move one degree per month so it is possible to give a more detailed timing by them than by  the slow factors the Sun, the MC and  the Asc moving about one degree per year.     

Killer Antares

European countries are suffering from Corona in varying degrees, but it seems that Spain is among the countries suffering most. This was so during the first wave but in the second wave now, the country also has the highest amount of infections again. Tourism, one of the economical pillars in Spain seemed to be recovering a bit, but this is brutallly put to an end now. Checking Spain’s chart we can see why the country is harmed so much, whereas other countries seem to be recovering now. Click on the download-button below to be able to see the current solar return for Spain.

This return chart has been effective since 16 April and so we can see this chart as indicating the post-Corona recovery process. This solar return was calculated on the basis of the Spanish natal chart, the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on 17 April 1646 (7:49:45 LMT, Asc 15:03 Gemini, not shown here), directly preceding the unification of Spain under the “catholic kings” Isabella and Ferdinand. This is an unusual but very clear and effective method to make natal charts for countries, which will be clear from this return chart in 2020.

Venus Lord 6 of illness in the return chart is on the Descendant, so able to manifest very strongly.What is more, it is placed on on royal and purely martial Aldebaran which gives Lord 6 lots of extra power. This means that Death Star Antares is placed on the Ascendant, Aldebaran and Antares are a pair of stars, in opposition with each other and both are royal and very martial. The difference is that Aldebaran starts up things and Antares is a killer, not a star you want to see in a domineering place in the chart in Corona times!

Lord 1 is  the country and it is Jupiter conjunct Pluto, the Ruler of the Dead who will pop up and strike overwhelmingly, this conjunction is on Terebellum a star of fate. On the MC is another star of fate, Labrum the main star of the Cup, in this case filled with poison which has to be drunk. The Sun, as some smart readers will have noticed is on the third star of fate, on Al Pherg. This however does not count, because anything happening in the chart automatically  purely because of the technique used is irrelevant.  The Sun will always be on Al Pherg in a solar return as that is where it is natally! But even without a third satr of fate it will be clear that for Spain the recovery process will not be smooth.