In 1226…

And yes there it was, the famous Great Conjunction (“GC”) in the first degree of Aquarius, the “cause” of the Corona crisis, heralding Air times. It was fascinating to see that about which I had written and spoken so many times, really up there in the sky. Astrology happens out there, not only on your computer screen. Now that the GC has “perfected” we may expect a crisis peak and indeed strict measures have been imposed, there is a Corona mutation, the UK is isolated and a no-deal Brexit is a real possibility. Especially, the Western world is in trouble, China has control over Corona, without a vaccin. This is to be expected as a transition of the GC’s brings a new world power, so China will be better off than the US.


It was 800 years ago that the same transition of the GC’s from Earth to Air took place on 12 March 1226. Then like now it was a transition period of 40 years, first after 200 years of Earth, in 1186 the  GC came to Libra (just like in 1980), in 1206 the GC went back to Earth (like in 2000) to enter the Air element finally in 1226 (just like now, and also in the first degrees of Aquarius). In the 200 Air years to follow, the Gothic Age flowered, churches soared upo into the Air, into the light, refined courtly culture developed, through Moorish Spain and Byzantium a lot of innovative knowledge streamed in. The Knights Templar, chased out off the Holy Land by the armies of Islam, created the first banking system, they became extremely rich and powerful and were destroyed dramatically. 

Mongol Riders

The transition, then as now, brought much international moving around, a shift in the power balance and innovations in the field of knowledge. The West as the land of matter (Earth) , the place where the Sun sets, came under fire now that Earth times weer over. One of the most dramatic events was the rise of the Mongol Empire. Then as now the danger came from the East, now in the form of a virus, then as an appearently unstoppable wave of superior Mongol armies, spreading over a large part of Asia, occupying even parts of Eastern Europe. This happened in the middle of the transition time (like 9/11) , like a storm they seemed to come from nowhere, the explanation can, of course, be found in the GC’s. You can say that the Blitzkrieg of the Mongol riders was Airy, the empire was founded in 1206 in the middle of the transition time by Djengiz Khan.    


The Mongol Empire finally crumbled, but the power balance had shifted for ever. The situation now is comparable with the situation then, a lot of turbulence in the world and a crisis atmosphere. Of course, the (post)modern world is ruled just as much by the stars, but it is less conscious of this fact than ever, it narcistically sees itself as the factor “making history happen”.  It is all comparable but not the same. Just like then the GC falls in the first  degrees of Aquarius but there is a different star there now, because of the precession. So it is similar but nothing is repeated, there is no cycle of “etenal return.” Every moment is unique, because the divine creativity is inexhaustible, that is essence of the precession.

We are now in the middle of of it all, but looking back in history may work relativizing. Then many things were lost, but there were also new developments. Then too, people were very afraid of the invading Mongols but they did not last for long. The crusaders lost the Holy Land, but on the basis of the knowledge party gained there, the Gothic cathedrals could be built, that unsurpassed summit of medieval genius. It was an impulse lading to many developments, not only to losses. Certainly, Air time now will not only bring positive things, but there wil be room for good developments too, only this is difficult to see now in the middle of the crisis. These are the labour pains of Air. And now that we are leaving behind the last tense conjunction, things will slowly start to normalise.    

Pegasus Astrologisch Advies wishes you a blessed Christmas!!

(Ex?-)President Biden

First : now that The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will take place soon (on 22 December) we can expect some climax in the crisis, In many Europan countries stricter Corona measures have been been imposed to control the second wave. In 2021 all the tense conjunctions of this year will be left behind, in The Netherlands the situation will finally normalise mid-March.

Biden’s fall?

This week the discussion of the predictions that can be done about Joe Biden’s presidency will be continued. Last week the lunar returns,that could be made on the basis of the expected inauguration time, were analysed and they indicated November 2021 as a very tense period. The question is now whether the tertiary directions calculated on the basis of this inauguration chart also show problems around that time. It will be assumed that the inauguration ceremony will take place as planned on 20 January at 12:00.

It is simple to make the tertiary directions by using the 1 day = 1 month key (with a month of 28 days, corresponding to the astronomical/astrological reality). To get the directive positions for October /November 2021 the January inauguration chart will have to be moved forward 9 or 10 days (=months), so recalculated for 29/30 January. The fast factors the Moon, the Part of Fortune (the Part of the Moon) , and the Part of the Sun should be clearly distinguished from the slow factors the Sun, the MC and the Asc. In analysing the three fast factors their movemement in a month (= 1 day) should be taken into account (about 13 degrees for the Moon).

To see the tertiary directed positions for October/November 2021 click on the download button above. The first thing striking the eye is of course that the Asc is on super-malefic Algol, entering the crisiszone ending on Aldebaran at 10 Gemini. However, this is not as dramatic as it seems because inaugurations take place in most cases at the same time and date in Washington, so every presidency has this direction in November in the year of the inauguration. Not automatically the same is the MC-Saturn conjunction by antiscion (mirrored position) in opposition with the Ascendant moving over Algol.In the inauguration chart Saturn is the all-important ruler of the tenth house.

The Liquidator

Another very important house ruler Venus /Lord 1 is moving over overwhelmig Pluto and fate star Terebellum which are placed on the MC in the inauguration chart. The Sun of leadership conjuncts Jupiter, in the inauguration Jupiter is Lord 8 of death and endings. The fast Part of Fortune moves over Antares the martially -red Heart of the Scorpion, indcating the end of a a cycle. The Part of the Sun, just as fast, is on the harsh South Scale, “The Liquidator” and will oppose the inauguration-Asc. The  Moon will be squaring the Asc/Desc-axis direction.

So the tertiary directions confirm Joe Biden will, have to deal with a very big problem (Will he fall ill or die?) in November. Another creative way of predicting are the month profections, counted from the first house of the inauguration chart (so the first house is for  20 January to 20 February, the second house for 20 February to 20 March etcetera) . In November the profection will arrive in the tenth house which has Pluto on the cusp. The conclusion that November 2021 will be very bad for Biden seems inevitable.

Joe Biden’s lunar returns

Over the past few weeks, we have taken a look at John F. Kennedy’s inauguration chart and also at the prediction methods applied to that chart, showing the developments  in the presidency month by month. For the relatively short duration of a presidency of 48 months the lunar returns and the tertiary directons (1 day = 1 month, months of 28 days) are the appropriate instruments. Not only did  JFK’ s inauguration chart clearly indicate the dramatic ending, by the lunar returns and the tertiary directions it could be predicted in which month fate would strike.

Some time ago on this blog Joe Biden ’s expected inaugration chart was discussed and it showed quite some tensions. Assuming that Biden’s  inauguration as the new US president will take place as planned on 20 January 12:00, it is possible to check by the lunar returns and tertiary directions derived from that chart, to see when these tensions will climax. So we will have to go through all the lunar returns and the first LR indicating big trouble,  is the one fallling on the fifth of May.

Beneficial Spica

The IC/MC-axis of this LR (not shown here)  made on the basis of the inauguration is reversed in relation to the “radix” ( radix = root, in this context the inauguration chart is the radix). Pluto is exactly on the IC, Venus /Lord 1 is on the the main star of the miserable Pleiads and has left her own sign, loosing a lot of power. The Sun of leaders is right on cusp 8 of death. That does not look very nice at all, although the Ascendant is on Spica the most beneficial and protective star in the heavens, so this is a powerful compensation for the problems indicated.

This May Lunar Return is not given here, because there is another LR drawing even more attention to itself the one falling on 20 October covering the largest part of November, click on the download button above  to view this lunar return.  In this LR too Pluto is on an angle but now it is right on the Ascendant! So this LR Asc conjuncts the “’radix” MC, the most problemtical radix-position is repeated on the most important point in the LR chart, the Ascendant! On the MC is the merciless royal South Scale, the cosmic bulldozer correcting any inbalance without respect for any person, no prisoners taken, this MC/IC-axis falls reversed over the radix Asc/Desc-axis. Uranus, the castration star and the ultimate reality check is on the IC and so in conjunction with the “radix”-Asc.

So the prediction is that Joe Biden will be confronted by some big problem in May which he will be able to solve. In November this (or other?) trouble will resurface and then he will nog get away with it. Next week we will take a look at what the tertiary directions have to say about this.  

JFK is Phaeton

Last week we discussed John F. Kennedy’s inauguration chart and how it was indicated that it all would end so dramatically. It was also shown that it is simply possible to make lunar returns on the basis of an inauguration chart to check the monthly developments in the presidency. JFK’s murder was clearly shown by the relevant lunar return. The time-scale of months is very approriate for a presidency which lasts for four years (48 months), therefore we could also use another prediction method on the months’ scale, the tertiary directions. Today we will apply these to Kennedy’s inauguration chart, next week we will investigate how this looks for Joe Biden’s inauguration in January.

1 Day = 1 Month

The tertiary directions work on the basis of a 1 day = 1 Month key, like the secundary progressions found by a 1 Day = 1 Year measure. In this calculation you will take the astronomical /astrological month of 28 days, not the conventional calendar month. In this way you get a calculation date for a chart showing the positions working out in a certain month, just like the seconday progressions only on a shorter time-scale. It is important to see clearly that this is the only thing progressions or directions show! The chart picture is not a chart, there is no such thing as a directed or progressed chart, there are only progressed or directed positions.    

To view the tertiary directions of the month JFK was murdered, click on the download  button above. It is good to realise that if you move the calculation date one day further, you will get the positions working out a month later. For one day is one month. The difference in speed of the  various directed factors is also be noticed, the Moon and the Parts of the Luminaries ( the Part of Fortune and Part of the Sun) are fast, in a day (= a month) they move about thirteen degrees, for the slow factors the  Sun, MC and Asc this is about one degree.

It strikes the eye that in the tertiary directions violent Mars has come back to its “radix” (inauguration, see last week’s post) position. Malefic Mars is in its fall so it will show ist nastiest side. The MC moves over the star Achernar associated with the fall of the solar chariot, steered of course by the president (in mythology by Phaeton). The Moon is on the very smart but violent Dog Star Procyon (Lee Harvey Oswald?) opposing directed Saturn (Lord 10 of the position) and Jupiter (Lord 8 of Death) placed on the star of fate Terebellum.

Al Natrah

The Part of the Moon (Part of Fortune)  is by antiscion on the MC of the job and it will be entering Sagittarius soon (the PoF moves 13 degrees a day), activating its ruler Jupiter Lord 8 of Death. The leader-Sun is moving over the South Node, symbolising exit. The indications are over-whelming and the  Arabic Mansions of the Moon seem to add relevant information here too. The Moon is moving from Aldira to Al Natrah, Aldira is ruled by Castor the dying brother (the Kennedy’s were very much a family) and Al Natrah is malefic Praesepe’s mansion, also know as “the Gap”!Next week we will look at Joe Biden’s inauguration chart in the same way.