Black ‘ 47

Last week Ireland’s chart was discussed because tensions in Northren Ireland seem to be on the rise. So there is some fear now that the times of “The Troubles”, the bloody civil war, will come back and if such a disaster would indeed happen, it has to be clearly visible in the Irish radix. It is the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter of 11 June 1146 (4:17:25 LMT, Dublin, Asc 28.50 Gemini) that can be used as Ireland’s radix, this is the GC preceding the independent unification of Ireland under High King Rory which by the way did not last too long (which can also be seen in this chart, which is not given here).

If you are going to use a mundane chart, it is always a good idea to put it through a series of tests based upon important events in the country it concerns. In this way you will get an idea how it works and if it is indeed an effective chart or not. This was discussed last week and the start of the Troubles turned out to be clearly indicated in the progressions /directions, especially by the MC direction entering the crisis zone starting around Algol. That was an indication we were dealing with an effective radix.

Anybody who has visited Ireland will have noticed that apart from The Troubles there is another drama still very present in the national consciousness, the Great Famine of 1845-1850. Potatoes could hardly be harvested in these years because of the potatoe illness, 1 million Irish died, another 1 million emigrated. You can still feel the pain, the fear and the grief. The worst year was 1847, also known as “black  ‘47”. If the radix is effective , this drama should also be clearly indicated in the progressions / directions of that year, click on the link below to be abe to view them.

Again the indications for problems are overwhelming. The Sun, Venus so important in the radix, and the Ascendant are moving in Algol’s crisis zone. As these factors move about one degree a year a longer period of big trouble is shown, it lasted about five years. It can also be seen that 1847 will be black, as the faster progressed factors the Moon and the planet parts of the Moon and the Sun (calculated for the middle of the year 1 July 1847)  moving at a speed of one degree a month, are placed in crisis positions too. There is an upcoming  progressed Full Moon, always a sharp crisis moment, and these faste factors all make oppositions with the Sun, the Asc and Venus in the Algol zone. On top of this we have the Sun applying to an opposition with chaotic Neptune!

It is difficult to come up with more miserable positions, so we can draw the definite conclusion that this chart is correct and effective, next week we will check if there are rising tensions to be seen now in the Irish chart.


Brexit has not done the UK a lof of good. Not only is the country facing its economical consequences, on top of Corona, also the Scots seem to be getting very serious about independence. And in the Irish part of the now still United Kingdom tensions are on the rise because of the  administrative “customs border” in the Irish Sea. Northren Ireland is not a completely normal integral part of the UK any more and the “’Unionists’’ do not like this. These protestant Unionits want to stay in the UK at whatever cost and they have responded with violence to this development.

This has triggred fears that Northren Ireland is going back to the times of ‘’The Troubles” , the bloody civil war that started in August 1969 and ended only 30 years later. Certainly this was not the first bloody struggle in this part of the country and it is conceivable that the violence beween the Unionists and the IRA and other groups with their roots in the catholic a pro-Irish part of the population will again burst out.

To take a look at this astrologically it is a good idea to base yourself on the chart of the Great Conjunction (GC) of Saturn and Jupiter of 11 June 1146, 04:17:25 LMT Dublin, Asc 28.59 Gemini (chart not given here). Ireland is drinks, music, suppression, suffering, catholicism, magical lanscape and remote country. With six planets in the twelfth house and a lot of influence of Venus in Taurus this chart seem to reflect these characteristics very well.  So are there rising tensions to be seen in the progressions based on this chart? It has to be realised that this radix includes the north, it is about the whole of Ireland.

   To be able to assess this, the progressions in August 1969, when the conflict burst out,  have to be checked (click on the link above to view them) first. It is clear immediately, the direction of the MC is on Algol, the star of loosing your head, of blood-shed and disaster! It is also clear that it will not be over soon as Algol marks the beginning of the crisis zone  extending to about 10 Gemini.  On top of this the MC will soon be on Pluto and within a year the secondary Moon will conjunct the MC and Pluto! On the Asc is retrograde Mercury, natal Lord 1 indicating some important event, and the Moon is moving through the mansions Al Sharatan and Al Botein both hot-headed Aries mansions.

So the start of “The Troubles” is shown in an overwhelming way! It can also be seen that it will a long-lasting conflict, although it is not easy to spot when it will end  (this was when 30 years later the MC moved over the natal North Node). So this chart does not only clearly reflect the country’s characteristics, it is also very effective in the progressions. The question if comparable tensions can be seen now in the Irish chart will be answered next week. 

Vindemiatrix in India

Some time ago India seemed to have gained control over the Corona-virus and all kinds of political and also relgious activities weer permitted again. The measures against the virus were forgotten soon as just like before Corona masses of  believers took a bath in the Ganges, without keeping any distance of course. The consequences manifested soon after, within a short time an enormous crisis situation developed, with apocalyptic pictures of improvised crematoriums and long lines of seriously ill patients waiting for a hospital bed.

Now India is a country where astrology is still highly respected, did the politicians fail to consult astrologers or did they refuse to follow their advice because of the direct political gain opening up woud bring? There are several ways to look at the developments in a country, for example you could take the country’s radix and simply analyse progressions /directions and return charts. As always in prediction, it is very important to take into account the context, you will  be extra alert  of course if there is a pandemic going on.

The solar return based on the chart of the indepedence of modern India from the English, should have been reason for serious worries. Had the time reallly come to open up?Click on the link above to view the current solar return which will be operative till August this year (radix India: 15 August 1947, 0:00 Dehli chart not given here). The South Node is on the Ascendant, an on the South Node  painful sacrifices wil have to be made, in itself this is enough reason not be too optimistic. Astrology can be useful, also for politicians.

The other positions in the chart comfirm this, on the MC, the point indicating specifically the government, the star Vindemiatrix is found, it can be associated with premature harvesting with dire consequences. This star warns for over-confidence, the idea that you know everything before you have really understood the situation. Lord 10 of the government is in antiscial opposition with the Ascendant, an indication that that government will harm the country, this antiscion is on the North Node which tends to make you too dynamic.

In the first house, it does not look good either, Lord 1/ Jupiter is weak retrogade and in its fall. The Moon is Lord 8 of Death and in in antiscial opposition with  Jupiter / Lord 1 – India – , the Moon itself is placed in the sixth house of illness on mighty Aldebaran giving it much more power. Jupiter/ Lord 1 conjuncts the Part of the Sun, the vital enegy essence which is then also in antiscial opposition with the Moon/ Lord 8 of Death! That should have been more than enough reason to wait and see and to speed up vaccination as much as possible.     


The last few months there was a lot of trouble in Dutch politics, it was revealed that the government had been blatantly lying and manipulating, so it is all paralysed now. A new government has to formed but this is impossible as long as some basic trust is not restored. So in the Dutch chart some stong frictions may be expected, the Dutch radix is the chart of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter before the foundation of the country: 4 september 1563, 8:1:30 LMT Amsterdam, Asc 28.55 Aquarius. This chart was often disussed on this blog (chart picture not given here).

You can make progressions and directions on the basis of this chart and that is often very impressive. It can be seen so clearly then that astrology is so much more than the pyschological description of some individual, a chart will go on working even after 500 years or longer. In this case the problems can be seen quite clearly, but as always it is very important to use all the relevant techniques, without antiscia, planet parts and stars there is not too much to be see. Modern astology will remain stuck if they refuse to integrate the old knowledge and continue desparately to make predictions on the basis of litte pieces of rock hopping around behind Pluto  click on the link below to view the progressions).

The first thing striking the eye in the progressions (secondary progressions for the planets, primary directions for the angles) is the Moon that has just conjuncted the progressed Jupiter. Jupiter is Lord 10 in the Dutch radix, so the government and in Virgo it is in its detriment, so a disfuntioning government. Of course, Jupiter will move so slowly in progression that this has no meaning (prediction is about change) but if a faster factor activates it like in this case, it does count. The progressed Moon moves at a speed  of about one degree a month so it can show rather precisely what is going on now. 


It can also be seen that the problems have not yet been solved, the Moon is on its way to a opposition with Pluto which may bring more sudden fierce conflicts. Also captivating is the movement of the Part of the Sun  – the essence of the solar energy, so power –  by antiscion opposing this conjunction of the progressed Moon and Jupiter / Lord 10. The Part of the Sun is indicated by the “reversed Taurus” symbol and an opposition of this solar Part with the Moon is like a Full Moon, al lot of tension between the government and the people.

This opposition is almost over, but the progressed part of Fortune – the essence of the lunar energy –  is going to oppose Pluto by antscion, so the Moon and its Part indicate more confrontations in the next two months. The progressed Moon is moving though the Leo mansions associated with power struggles and the Ascendant is on Wasat a very destructive star in Gemini.  For the time being things will not settle down yet.