Last Sunday Formula-1 driver Max Verstappen won the Grand Prix of France in style and by this victory he strengthened his leader position in the ranking for the world title.The season is still long, there are 23 Grand Prixs and the one in France was the eighth, but he seems to have a good chance on the championship. Verstappen will be 24 in September and he is a kind of Mozart of Formula 1 driving, a remarkably gifted prodigy, who put in tremendous achievements while still very young.

So it would of course be very interesting to take a look at his chart and what is going on in it now, unfortunately there are no reliable data available, like for example an official birth registration. The best we have is in the Dirt Data category, so you will have to be very critical in using the chart calculated by these data. Nevertheless, this chart can be viewed by clicking on the download link below, as there are very strong indications that these Dirty Data are correct, but this can only be seen by using the most important classical techniques.

What should be analysed as the last point in a systematic delineation of the chart, the lunar mansion, will be done first as it is so enlightening. The lunar mansion is Al Zubra, in Arabic the Lion’s Manes although The Back would be a better name. The Leo star Zosma in the Lion’s Back is the ruling star in this mansion and the mansion image is a victorious warrior with a spear riding on the back of the lion! This clearly shows what a lunar mansion is, a central steering unit determining important decisions and concrete events in the life. The traditional face and degree pictures connected to the Ascendant are also striking, the face picture is two men fighting, the degree gives us a man carrying a spear.

What you almost cannot overlook is this Mercury, the planet of precision, technique and movement extremely strong in its  exaltation and domicile. With 107 minutes of arc its speed is at its maximum, it canot go faster. As above, so below. Mercury is placed in the eleventh house of the “fruits of your labour”which it also rules and it is on the fixed star Labrum one of the stars of fate, indicating that Mercury will influence his life strongly.  It is also very good that the Moon, the planet of the more intuitive part of the brain conjuncts Mercury.

Super Abundance Victory     

The planet parts, indicating special strong motives in the life, in a concrete and a psychlogical sense are dead on target. These parts are calculated on the basis of the Ascendant, so they are extremely time sensitive. The Mercury part opposes Mercury by antiscion, making this remarkably strong Mercury even more mercurial, the opposition indicates the element of confrontation. The Saturn part of imprisonment conjuncts the Descendant of opponents, good for Max, the Jupiter part of Victory is by antiscion on Lord 1  – Max – and so is the Venus part of “super-abundance”!

The Sun part of Future and Abundance is by antiscion on Jupiter on the IC of fathers, his father Jos, who was also a Formula-1 driver was his first teacher. The Sun is Lord 10 of the job, so if we connect the house rulership of the planet with its part, it is all very clearly indicated. Charts with many planet parts in conjunction / opposition with other radix factors, also by antiscion, with a smal  orb of 2 ° often indicate special achievements . 

Lilibet Diana

On 6 June the daughter of the “exiled”royal pair Meghan Markle and  (ex-) Prince Harry was born in Santa Barbara, California. The child received the name Lilibet Diana, Lilibet is a pet name for Queen Elisabeth and the combination with Diana relfects the whole family drama. So it seems  inevitable that this family history can be seen in “Lily” (as she will be called)’s radix. Everywhere in her esistence this break will be felt, only the fact this British royal child was born in Santa Barbara is of course telling!

According to internet sources her birth time is 11:40 PDT (click on the link below to view her radix)  and then her Asc is in  the last degree of Leo. That is intriguing as the most important individual point in her chart is near super-royal Regulus in the first degree of Virgo but not on it. So maybe she was born a little later than the internet sources say or does this exactly reflect the reality that Lilibet Diana Mountbatten Windsor is in fact not part any more of the royal familiy? The  planet part of the Sun, the royal solar essence, seems to confirm this as with this time of birth it opposes the Ascendant by antiscion, it is on the other side where the Sun sets! 

So let us keep the birth time as given, its is wise not to correct too much as it tends to reflect your own prejudices. Then the royal Sun is Lord 1 of “the person in his life situation” and it is very prominent in the tenth house on the expansive North Node, its not too difficult to imagine what this means. It strikes the eye that this high Sun, the planet of royalty also opposes te Part of limiting Saturn reflecting the lost connection with the royal family again. On the MC is Algol,  which is not only misery and misfortune but also fame and a high position, as Algol is also the star of irresistable glamour. It is also easy to imagine what this could show mean for this royal descendant growing up “in exile”in California.

The Small Dog

Lord 4 is of course in this chart one of the most interesting house rulers and yes it is Mars of quarrelling and breaking apart, in fall in Cancer so it will show its nastiest sides. Mars /Lord 4 is on Procyon the main star of the Small Dog, which always does it his way, defying the powers that be. You can say so!Most fascinating is the Part of this Mars, the essence of the martial energy placed by antiscion on the MC, so again there is an indication of breaking connected to the family axis.

This weak Mars/Lord 4 is in a rather strong mutual reception with Jupiter, the planet of aristocracy very strong in its domicile. Despite the painful breach there is compensation, Lilibet will not be a poor girl. This Jupiter is Lord 5 of money from the family and the Part of Jupiter is on the cusp of the fifth house. It is striking that this strong Jupiter is on the other side in the seventh house pointing to the lost high places on the other side of the herring pond.                  


The past few weeks the increasing tensions in Northren Ireland were discussed on this blog, and the threat that things might again get out off hand. First, the Irish radix was checked by investigating some important historical developments, then the current progressions were analysed. There were no very dramatic things to be seen, although the increased tensions were clear. Today Ireland gets its new solar return and it will be an important year. Will things settle down gradually or may we expect some serious violence?

In the new solar return (click on the link below to view it)  it is the emphasis on the eighth house of death that strikes the eye. The Sun, the Moon and Mercury are placed in this dark house you do not want to see now, moreover by antiscion Venus/ Return Lord 1 (Ireland this year) falls on the Sun-Mercury conjunction! It is also a short time before New Moon and the Node is nearby, so we have an upocoming solar eclipse in the return. Not nice at all , the eclipse takes place on Rigel, one of the main stars of the violent Hunter Orion en the Moon is on the purely martial powerful Aldebaran. These are no peaceful placements!

In delineating the solar return we do not only look at the return chart but also at the connections with the radix, the synastry. Of course, what counts is only very clear synastry, not ever synastric sextile has a meaning. This synastry is very clear, the Sun/Mercury/antiscion Venus/Lord 1 conjunctions falls on the radix Sun-Mercury and the return -Moon on the North Node on Aldebaran on the radix -Mars! Not nice. By antiscion the MC/IC-axis in the solar return hits the Great Conjunction in the Irish-radx and Saturn on the return -IC is radix  Lord 8 of death.


This is not reassuring. But in prediction restraint is always required, so we have to go  back to the progressions, in an annual prediction they occupy the highest place in the hierarchy. They did not show extremely dramatic things, only strong tensions. Putting it all together, more serious violence can be expected but no new Troubles. The lunar return in October / November is very tense.      


In my last two posts the progressions in the Irish radix were discussed and big crisis situations, like the start of The Troubles in 1969 and the Great Famine in 1845-1850, turned out to be clearly indicated by strong tensions in the progressions. Brext has now led to a stronger fear that the old conflict in Northren Ireland will ignite again, and indeed riots have broken out over the past six months. Some militant groups have been making threatening statements, but is this really the start of a new civil war? Will peaceful Belfast change into a war zone again?

If this really would be so, the progressions should indicate this clearly. It is a good idea to keep the positions in mind causing big trouble in the past, these were mainly the slows factors moving through the Algol crisis zone. The slow factors are the directions of the Asc and the Mc and the secondary progression of the Sun. There is no picture of the Irish radix given here , the radix data can be found in the two previous posts, to view the current progressions, click on the link below.

As the crisis zone around Algol is so sensitive, there is one progression immediately striking the eye. The Part of the Sun ( the “reversed Taurus” symbol) has just moved through the Algol zone and is leaving it. Note the Part of the Sun is moving backward through the zodiac. This movement is reassuring , the big problems this zone can bring are left behind, it clearly reflects the rising tensions as a consequence of Brexit and the rioting over the past six months. It is also reassuring that this zone is not activated by any slow factor, like when the Troubles started in 1969.

Sorcerers’s Apprentice

What do the other movements show? By antiscion the progressed Sun is moving over the Irish MC which cannot indicate anything bad. The direction of the MC is on Sirius, the brutish main star of the Big Dog, a star of intimidation and violence which is not nice of course, like the star Vindemiatrix the Asc is on, Vindemiatrix is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, things can can get out off hand easily. The fast factors the Part of Fortune and the Moon are changing signs, pointing to a new situation. The PoF is entering Pisces, activating Jupiter, the Moon is entering Aries, activating Mars which is not nice in this context. Later on the Moon will make an antiscial conjnction with the progressed Mars at 5 ° Aries.

What to make of this? Really very strong ad overwhelming indications for crisis cannot be found, but with Sirius, Vindemiatrix and Mars activated ist does not look really peaceful and it is not really peaceful of course. In June a new solar return starts, if things are really  going to worsen this new return should indicate it, next week we are going to take a look at that.