Last week we discussed Max Verstappen’s lunar return, he is the Fomula-1 driver who is still in the lead in the World Championship. This lunar return was unfavorable for him because Lord 7 of opponents was very strong in it and indeed the difference between Verstappen and his competitor Lewis Hamilton, who is on his heels, is getting smaller and smaller. Hamilton was victorious in the race in Brazil on 14 November and last Sunday in Qatar. Both races fell under the same unfavorable lunar return.

 Verstappen now only has 8 points more than Hamilton, and if Hamilton continues his winning mood he will be world champion. There are only two races to go and each time he can come 7 points closer. So it is really all very exciting, especially now that since two races Hamilton’s car with a new motor seems to have become clearly faster. This is a good example of how an unfavorable planet like the strong Lord 7 in the lunar return may manifest in reality. The next two races in Jeddah on 5 December and in Abu Dhabi on 12 December will be decisive, Verstappen will then have a new lunar return which will be discussed another time later.

A simple calculation shows that most probably the Jeddah race will not give us a champion, that is if nothing very unexpected happens, so it would be interesting to take a look at the chart of the last race in Abu Dhabi. This race will decide it all. So this concerns an event chart calculated for the start of the Grand Prix , click on the download button below to view this chart.

In his amusing Sports Astrology John Frawley explains the method to delineate such contest charts. However, one of the problems is that if you want to apply this method the favorite has to be known (he gets the first house) and this is not easy to determine. Two months ago Verstappen was superior but now these two gamecocks really seem to have equal chances, maybe Hamilton with his suddenly faster car, is even slightly favorite. So we have to be a bit creative and see this last race as a duel between the old hand Hamilton and his young contender Verstappen.

If we look at the chart in this way seven-fold world champion Hamilton would get the first house, he is the man to be beaten and the young Dutchman is attacking his position. Lord 1 in the chart is placed in the seventh house under disposition of Lord 7, contender Max Verstappen which is very unfavorable for Lord 1, it is in the power of Lord 7. Lord 1 in on the edge of combustion which is also weakening. Striking the eye most strongly however is this Jupiter dominating the whole situation from the MC. This very strong position of Lord 7 shows Lord 7 wins and that would be Verstappen. If this somewhat creative delineation is correct, it would mean that for the first time the Dutch can welcome a Formula-1 champion!  

Grand Prix

It is still very exciting in Formula-1 racing, Max Verstappen is in the lead but Lewis Hamilton is coming up right behind him. Last Sunday Hamilton won the Grand Prix and came closer to Verstappen. In a post several months ago we wrote about this: “the lunar mansion the Moon is moving through now is Al Natrah, connected to ‘’conquest and victory”, its image is an eagle with a human head.  After al Natra comes Al Terf, the “Glance of the Lion’’ associated with confrontation and loss, indicating a more difficult phase at the very end of the season. But all in all it looks very good for him.”

At that moment Verstappen was superior, but in this last part of the season it is indeed more difficult for him. There are still three races to go and it has not been decided yet, Verstappen has the most points but it is still a realistic possibility that seven-fold world champion Lewis Hamilton will pass him by and he will not become champion. Verstappen has a strong solar return and strong progressions, and indeed he has done very well, so this does not show that he will win, running-up is still quite an achievement.


The last Grand Prix of the season will take place  in Abu Dhabi on 12 December, before this there are races in Qatar on 21 November and one in Jedda on 5 December. The lunar returns covering these races could give us more certainty if Verstappen is going to crown this great year with gold. Last Sunday’s race which was not good for him and the race in Qatar fall under the lunar return which started on 1 November and which can be viewed by clicking on the download button below.   

Striking the eye immediately is this Mercury of movements dominating the chart from the tenth house and on the royal star Spica too! That seems to be favourable for Verstappen, in his natal chart Mercury is the planet that has given him his success, it can be associated with driving fast and refined technique. Only this Mercury is Lord 7 of opponents in the chart so it is the other one who will be profiting from this! This is confirmed by the star placed on the descendant of opponents, bright and powerful first-magnitude Rigel in the Orion constellation.

So this would indeed reflect that Verstappen was beaten by Hamilton last Sunday and because this return will still be in force on 2 November when the next Grand Prix in Qatar will be held, Verstappen will not secure the championship then. The last two races will fall under the next lunar return and it is to be hoped for him that this will not indicate a powerful opponent in the tenth house on Spica again!    

Pontifex Maximus Franciscus?

A few hours after the announcement by the previous pope Benedict of his abdication in March 2013 lightning struck Saint Peter’s dome. Some people then saw this as a sign of divine Wrath, and this is very understandable as there was every reason for this. Not only was Pope Benedict forced to resign, what followed was a further successful coup d’etat by the so-called ‘’St Gallen mafia”, a group of powerful prelates. In the preceding years they had frequently met in the Swiss town of St Gallen, their goal was to get rid of pope Benedict so soon as possible and to replace him with their Argentinian protégé Jorge Mario Bergoglio (now Pope Francis).

Abuser McCarrick

So conspiracies may be successful, this group also had narrow ties to Theodore McCarrick once an influential cardinal, now a convicted abuser of boys. This is not some wild conspiracy theory, these are facts, the group even came up with their name themselves. A very smart move, as what can you say better than: yes sure we are a maffia! Bergoglio with Mercury on his natal Descendant may be able to present a nice image of himself in the press, but he is deeply involved in the dark machinations of the conspirators. For example, he made attempts to protect the abuser Theodore McCarrick.

You will not find too much about it in the press now but for Bergoglio these are risky times. Now that his former close assistant cardinal Becciu is on trial for financial malversations, facts may pop up that may harm him. Becciu knows an awful lot about what Bergoglio has done. In the progressions of the Argentinian pope the increasing tensions can be seen clearly, click on the download button below to be able to view them.

In the past popes and bishops always had their astrologers and if Bergoglio had had one, he would have been a warned man. The tensions can be seen clearly in the chart. We are just past a progressed New Moon always a tense key moment, the Moon is on its way to progressed Saturn, Lord 7 of opponents in his natal chart. The Ascendant made an opposition with progressed Venus, natal Lord 10 of the job. The MC is approaching Castor the mortal Twin who is sent to the Underworld, this could very well be Becciu, now that Bergoglio is getting rid of him.

Furthermore, it strikes the eye that progressed Mars will leave its domicile soon, whatever that may be, it is certainly a loss of strength. Also the MC is moving towards more tensions, there is an applying opposition with progressed Jupiter in its fall and Lord 9 of the church in his natal chart.    

Dia de Los Muertos

Tuesday it was all Soul’s Day, on which the church celebrates the Requiem Mass for the deceased. In Mexico this is one of the most important festivals as the Day of the Dead, the Dia de Los Muertos. This country suffers from a death obsession and this is not strange, the Aztec culture before the Spanish colonisation was built up around an extremely primitive and barbaric cult in which human sacrifice was central. Beating hearts were ripped out off the chests of living victims, this was done every day, the stairs of the Aztec temple pyramids always glistened with human blood.  

The Spanish Conquistadores led by Cortes put an end to this barbarism, but it will be clear that this energy will not disappear overnight. A human sacrifice will transfer all the life energy of the victim to the “god” who feeds on this and in exchange gives favors to his worshippers. This stored-up energies must still be enormous because the Aztecs performed an excessive amount of human sacrifices for hundreds of years, the Aztec Lady of Death Mictecacehuatl’s storing-rooms must be filled to the rim. In the national chart of Mexico based on the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter preceding its independence, this explosive heritage can be seen clearly (click on the download link below).

The South Node, the “exit gate of life” is right on the Ascendant and the Ascendant also conjuncts the Part of Saturn, the essence of its energy. Clear enough. The GC itself is in the eighth house of death on Al Pherg, a star of fate also associated with Typhon who is death. Jupiter Lord 4 of roots in the GC points to the (Aztec) heritage. Lord 9 of Death itself is placed in the ninth house of religion (literally worship of death), it is malefic Mars in its detriment on Algol the Demon’s Head, strongly associated with blood-shed and slaughtering. The MC/IC -axis is placed over the axis of the royal stars Aldebaran-Antares, both are intensely red and purely martial.

“‘Saint” Death

This very strong martial energy of the stars will manifest in the nastiest way possible because Mars is in its detriment in the chart. Antares, the Scorpion’s Heart and the Star of Death is on the IC of the Aztec roots. Mercury Lord 1 and 10 so very important, is on Castor the Twin who dies and enters the underworld. The Part of Fortune, indicating exactly what dominates the country’s soul is in the eighth house of death under disposition of this miserable Mars Lord 8 of Death in the ninth house of religion. The bloody Aztec heritage of death demon worship is written all over the place.

No wonder Mexico celebrates the Dia de los Muertos so excessively. No wonder the country is ripped apart and destroyed by the excessive violence of the drug cartels. No wonder the old Aztec barbarism has manifested again in the worship of death demon “Santa” Muerte, which started to grow at the same the drugs cartels started to rise to power. Sante Muerte is Mictecacihuatl. Mexico is badly in need of a national exorcism to get rid once and for all of these old Aztec demons destroying the country.