O BoJo

The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has a quite flexible relationship with truth, he has acute  memory problems at the moments that this is useful. His party cannot be bothered too much about this they let him get away with it. For the British PM Boris Johnson – “BoJo” – things are more problematical at the moment. Just like Rutte he has lied blatantly, but his lies were so blatant that his position is in danger. Even his own party is very critical which means he is in real trouble.

His natal chart will not be completely analyzed here, the most striking thing in his radix is the very strong Mercury, which is Almutem Figuris, the planet with the most influence in his chart by far. Mercury is placed in Gemini, so he can do Mercury things quite well. Bojo started his working life as a journalist and he is the author of some books, but the fact that this dominating Mercury has so much essential dignity does not tell us anything about ethics. The degree of essential dignity shows how good an instrument is but not how good the person using it is.

A very strong Mercury, the planet of cheating, indicates you are good at cheating, so it may even act as a temptation to be dishonest. At the moment BoJo seems to be presented with the consequences of this strong Mercurial nature, so it is interesting to have a look at what is going on in his progressions. Progressions (primary directions for the angles) occupy the highest place in the hierarchy of prognostic methods, the solar return for example is a lower level, it shows how what is given by the progressions will work out exactly in a year.

A short glance at his progressions suffices to see that Bojo is indeed in a cold sweat at the moment. The Ascendant is still in opposition with the progressed Jupiter – Lord 6 of misfortune – on Algol, although it on the edge of the orb of one degree. A progression of Jupiter is so slow that you would not give it any attention normally, but it is relevant if a faster progressed factor aspects it, like here. A second striking position is the MC on the progressed Uranus. The Uranus myth is about castration of the sky god, a very painful reality check. This confrontation is acute now as the progressed Part of Fortune is in opposition with the MC now, the PF moves at a speed of one degree a month so this is really about December and January.

The progressed Moon is also very important, it is natal Lord 10 of the job. At the moment it is not under pressure much, but it is on its way to Antares, the star of endings. It is not there yet, it will take another four months. So what does this all mean? The tensions of the moment can be seen clearly and they are not yet over, mainly shown by the opposition of the PoF with Uranus on the MC. This opposition will influence the situation for another two months.  After four months the PF will oppose Pluto at the moment the Moon is on Antares. So the tensions for Bojo will not disappear in 2022 and around April there be another critical moment.         



And he did it! It was a blood-curdling Formula -1 final last Sunday in Abu Dhabi and Max Verstappen seemed to be loosing it. He could start the race up front in pole position, but his opponent Hamilton  immediately took the lead and kept it. However, because he changed his tyres at a very smart moment, Max could finally overtake Hamilton in the very last round! You would not believe it, if it had not happened. And if it had not been predicted on this blog two weeks ago.


This prediction was made on the basis of the lunar return during which this last Grand Prix was held. In my post two weeks ago you can read what I wrote then. One of the most important factors in lunar return was this striking cazimi -Mercury and cazimi – ‘’in the heart of the Sun” – makes unstoppable. Through antiscion this cazimi-Mercury was also on Pluto, the ruler of the Underworld who unexpectedly appears in his big wagon to kidnap Persephone, so to grap the price. And how literally this manifested in reality! Totally unexpected Max stroke in the last round and grapped the cup .

But it was not an easy delineation, the lunar return was no a crystal-clear victory chart, like you sometimes see them. However, that was also an accurate reflection of reality because it was not an over-powering victory, for a long time Max even seemed to head for a failure. Striking again was the role of Antares in the LR , the Scorpion’s Heart conjuncted by the Sun in the lunar return. Antares is a star that ends things, but Scorpio is also the killer of the successful hunter Orion. In this context seven-fold world champion Hamilton would be Orion, in interpreting a star it is crucial to know who is playing which role.  For example, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump with his (Biden’s) directed MC on Antares illustrating this importance.


It is interesting to look back on the fast progressive factors the Moon and the Part of Fortune about which we have written before on this blog. The foundation for this final victory was laid in August/September when the progressed Part of Fortune was moving over Regulus, the star ”that leads to the throne”. It then also entered Virgo activating Virgo’s ruler Mercury which is very strong in Max’s radix and has the highest possible speed Mercury can have. During this progression of the PoF Max was invincible, but now in December it isn’t doing much worth noting any more.

It is also worthwhile to take a look at the profections, every year gets a house and that house will show how the year will be. Max turned 24 in September, so a new cycle of profections started in his first house. This made Mars natal Lord 1 “Lord of the Year” and in his radix it conjuncts Pluto (!) and the planet parts of Victory and Abundance. Not bad. The profection coming again to the first house indicates a new cycle will start, from now on Max is the man to beat not a whelp any more.


Finally, a horary chart (click on the download button above to see it) . When the race last Sunday had just started and Hamilton seemed to be on his way to victory, I asked: we will win, won’t we? Venus Lord 1 is Max very strong in the tenth house (on Pluto!). Hamilton is Mars which also seems strong in its domicile. But after two degrees Mars will leave its domicile and conjunct the South Node the point of painful sacrifice. In this context degrees are hours, the race lasted two hours, so at the very last moment Hamilton bit the South-nodal dust. 


Last week Josephine Baker was taken up in the Panthéon, that typically French gallery of national heroes. Baker was born in the US as a poor black girl but emigrated to France (her birth-place St Louis, Missouri was then still partly French-speaking) where she achieved enormous success as a dancer, singer and actor. In the Second World War she was a member of the French resistance and later she fought for black rights. On the one hand Baker was an activist but on the other hand a real French heroine, she bridges the gap between nationalists and their left-wing critics.

So taking up Baker in the Panthéon was also a political signal from president Macron: you can be a real and proud Frenchman and still have a heart. You don’t have to be intolerant as a Frenchman neither a woker (extremely and aggressively politically correct). The president did have a point, both camps are unbearable, the intolerant sometimes racist nationalists as well the blinded wokers. The old battle between fascists and communists seems to appear here in a new form, so we very much need a sober middle position. Josephine Baker was made into a symbol of this middle position and it is interesting to cast a glance at the chart of this remarkable lady, click on the download button below to view her radix.

Quite a picture! In the tenth house no less than four planets are found and then success is a certainty. Lord 10 is Venus showing her performance as a dancer. Venus is strongly placed in the eleventh house but by antiscion it conjuncts overwhelming Pluto too. Her trade-mark was the erotic (Venus) that went very far (Pluto) for that time. Baker danced almost naked only clad in an “exotic” (very) little skirt of bananas, yes really. O tempora, o mores! Venus is also conjunct Neptune, the rough god of the oceans, salt water is a symbol of desires flooding everything. These two outer planets give this Venus quite some power with their mythical themes.

With this very strong emphasis on the tenth house, it is clear that Josephine Baker would escape her poor youth, although it strikes the eye that the main star of the Pleiads is on the MC and Lord 1 on the main star of the Hyads, their half-sisters. Both nebulas are connected to disappointments but the Pleiads and the Hyads are also the companions of the hunter goddess Artemis. Artemis is a lunar goddess and her companions are expected to keep themselves aloof from men. Independent women who hunt, this certainly could apply to Baker. The disappointment you will not see here because of these strong positions in the tenth house.     

Mercury is Lord 1, Baker herself in the “’theatre of her own life”, very high in the chart in its own sign. She disposes herself, nobody rules her and this Mercury also disposes the three other planets in the tenth house. She has a lot of power, Mercury in Gemini is also the singing talent (Venus the dancing talent) Her lunar mansion is Al Simak, the house of Spica in the constellation of Virgo strongly associated with relationships and the tense connections between the feminine and the masculine which made her career.   


The last few weeks we wrote about the dénouement of the Formula-1 battle for the championship between Max Verstappen en Lewis Hamilton and now we will make a prediction. Will “our’’ Max win, and this “’our” is a problem. As a Dutchman I want to see him win and this does not make it easier to make an objective prediction. So we have to watch out for the rose-coloured spectacles! To summarize the situation, Verstappen is still in the lead, there are only two races to go, but Hamilton has been coming closer and closer and could just as well win.

The last two Grands Prixs will take place in the next two weekends under the lunar return you can see by clicking on the download button above. If Max Verstappen is going to win, we have to find some clear indications for a triumph. This delineation is not simple, it is an example of genuine astrological hand-work and all the questions that may pop up in this process. Surely, there are clear charts too, but often positive and negative indications have to weighed with subtlety.


Immediately striking the eye is Mercury’s position in the “heart of the Sun”! So this is cazimi, and it means Mercury will get the support of the full power of the Sun making it unstoppable. Of course, it can be associated with fast movement and technique, it is the planet giving Verstappen his success. In his radix it is very, very fast and it is Lord 11 in the 11th house of the fruits of your labors. Not too bad of course, but in the lunar return Mercury is Lord 12 of self-destruction, and Lord 3 of short routine movements too. The Sun launching this Mercury is radix-Lord 10 of the profession, and that again does not sound bad. 

Through antiscion Pluto is on the cazimi-Mercury, he is the Lord of the Underworld suddenly appearing on the scene in his fast wagon (!) out off a crack in the earth to kidnap Persephone. So in an overwhelming way he graps the big price. Is this Verstappen or maybe Hamilton…Another point is that the cazimi-Mercury is near Antares at a distance of just a bit more than 3 degrees. Antares is the star ending cycles, it is the heart of the Scorpion killing off the arrogant successful hunter Orion. Does it mean it ends here for Verstappen or will he be the Scorpio this month ending the reign of seven-fold world champion Orion-Hamilton?

Solar essence

Hamilton is Saturn Lord 7 in the seventh house very strong, yes he is and he is up close. Mars Lord 10 of the job conjuncts Lord 7 by antiscion and yes it is a month of an intense duel.  The Moon, Lord 1 opposes Neptune which is not good of course. The Part of the Sun, of abundance and future, the “solar essence” ,is on the second cusp and falls on the radix-MC (if the time is exactly correct) . But again the South Node is on his radix-Lord 1.

This is a maddening chart, for every positive indication a negative one seems to pop up. One good trick is then to take a look at the next lunar return and it has the same angles as his radix which is  very good. Mars is Lord 1 on Antares, so does this show victorious Scorpio-Max the heroic killer of Orion-Hamilton? This is really a cold sweat, but I think this cazimi -Mercury will make Verstappen champion. Let us hope these are not my rosy spectacles.