Last week the news was dominated by the problems surrounding the extremely popular TV talent show “The Voice of Holland”. It turned out that several men, including a much-loved rapper had sexually harrassed many of  show’s candidates and the management had let it all happen. The programme was stopped immediately and the powerful De Mol media family had to run the gauntlet. Media mogul John de Mol, inventor and producer of The Voice reacted very unhappily to critical questions and it dramatically cost his sister Linda de Mol he marriage. Linda’s husband turned out to have harrassed a whole series of women.   


Linda de Mol is a much-loved presenter and actress and in her progressions of the moment the crisis  can be seen immediately. It strikes the eye that the Ascendant’s direction is on the progressed South Node, always forcing you to a painful sacrifice. The nodal axis is the axis of the creation energy itself and when activated by a progression or in a solar or lunar return, it will always have a strong effect. The Asc is also moving over Acumen a malefic nebula in poisonous Scorpio, asscociated like all nebulas with blindness. The Ascendant is also just before a change of signs which only occurs once every thirty years and therefore indicates major changes.

Antiscial progressions

In addition the MC is about to enter the second term of Scorpio ruled by Jupiter. This will activate Jupiter and in Linda de Mol’s radix its is Lord 6 of misfortune in the seventh houze of relationships. Jupiter is also Lord 2 and the second house is the eighth house of the end, seen from the seventh house of relationships. Of course, you would only look at these kind of derived meanings if other clues and the context indicate reasons to do so and this is the case here. For by antiscion the Part of Fortune is in opposition with the progressed Venus, natal Lord 7 of relationships, moving over fierce Procyon, the main star of the Lesser Dog.      

Al Terf

On the same progressed Venus / Lord 7 the Pars Solis makes an opposition, the focus in the chart is very much on relationships. Both the Part of the Luminaries are fast progressed factors, they move one degree per month. So these two oppositions with progressed Lord 7 illustrate again how sharp the Parts are in progressions, the distance to Lord 7 is one degree. So even without lunar returns you can get very close to the month something will happen. This is emphasized by the fact that the progressed Pars Solis is now on Terebellum, a star of fate. Of course, it does not help that the progressed Sun is moving between the progressed position of Uranus and natal Pluto. On top of that, the progressed Moon is about to enter Al Terf, the  Lunar Mansion of the Lion’s Glance, associated with confrontation loss and frustration.


The last few weeks the international tensions have risen to the boiling-point. Some time ago I wrote here that we could be glad that the transition of the Great Conjunctions to the Air element only brought a pandemic and not war, but maybe this was a bit premature. At the border with Ukraine Russia has stationed many troops and it seems like they are heading for an actual invasion. The questions is what is shown in Ukraine’s chart at the moment and what we can make of this?

The radix data used to calculate the progressions are 1 December 1991 at 20:00 in Kiev, Asc 3.30 Leo. This was the moment the positive results of the referendum on Ukraine’s indedependence were publicly anounced in Kiev and the country was internationally recognized as as a souvereign state. Striking in this radix is Saturn, Lord 7 right on the Decendant in its own sign, so there is a very present opponent, guess who that is? This radix seems to be functioning well enough and the current progressions clearly show the high tensions of this moment.    

Mars term

The first thing striking the eye is the Ascendant (its primary direction, there are no secondary progressions of the angles because they make no secondary movement) just changing term. Terms are seldom important, but if a slow factor like the primary Ascendant is moving into a new term, this is something worth noting, the ruler of the new term will be activated at that moment. This new term ruler is Mars, mirroring the high military tensions altough this does not in itself mean there will be war.


Furthermore, the Part of Fortune (its progressive position calculated on the basis of the direction of the Asc and the secondary progressios of the two Luminaries) is in opposition with the Sun on the progressed nodal axis. As the Part of Fortune is the Part of the Moon, the essence of the lunar energy, you could see this as a kind of Full Moon, so this is a progressed pseudo eclipse because the opposition is made over the nodal axis. Whatever you want to call this, it is a moment of extreme tension, the Sun’s position on the North Node is favourable for Ukraine, the Sun is natal Lord 1. The part of Fortune is the opponent on the South Node, always demanding a painful sacrifice.

Al Iklil

The part of the Sun is moving over Vindemiatrix a malefic star asscociated with an unfortunate outcome, the progressed Moon by antiscion is on progressed Lord 7 of enemies so prominent in the radix. The Parts and the Moon are high-speed prognostic factors moving one degree a month, so that the tension has reached its climax now, is clearly indicated. The progressed Moon through the lunar mansions indicates appropriate Scoprpio themes, going from Al Zubana to (being pinched by the Scorpions’ Claws) to Al Iklil (defending your resources).  If this means there will really be a war, is as yet unclear, the lunar returns will have to analysed to say something more about this.                    


Last week it was a year ago that Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol, the violence was initiated by the leaving president himself. Trump had started spreading the rumour that in the counting of the votes fraud would be committed long before he lost the 2020 elections. His supporters believed in this rumour and some of them really thought they were defending democracy by storming the Capitol. Until this day the Trump party says the counting was fraudulent although no real evidence was ever given.

Trump is clearly preparing his re-election in November 2024, seeing that Biden is getting into more and more trouble. Biden failed in the evacuation of Kabul and he did not get his ambitious plans to give the US a new future accepted by Congress. In November this year there also are the “midterms” the elections halfway the presidency, which may bring quite a change in the seats held by the parties in the House and the Senate. This could very well turn out to be a disaster for Biden and the Democrats.

In Biden’s progressions (not given here) it clearly can be seen that he is not doing well, the Ascendant is in applying conjunction with the progressed South Node. The South Node takes success away, brings serious misfortunes and forces you to sacrifice, in November when the midterm elections are held, the conjunction is even narrower. This does not look promising for Biden and his lunar return under which the midterms fall, seems to confirm this.   

In this lunar return Mercury is Lord 1 and 10, the person and the career, and Mercury is combust on the South Node and the South Scale. This is almost the weakest position you could have, the South Scale is a royal star yes, but it is also the Scorpion’s Claw squeezing you to death. In this context this cannot mean anything positive. On the MC is Rigel a powerful star in Orion, the Hunter who is killed by the Scorpion, Mars in the tenth house shows the electoral battle and on cusp 8 of death the Part of the Sun is found, the essential solar energy which is very relevant for a president. It looks like the Trump party (Trump is THE man in the Republican Party) is right in looking forward to November.         


At the start of the new year, it is a good idea to look back on 2021 and the C-word cannot be avoided. At the moment there is an explosion of infections and a booster campaign is launched very swiftly, the US and Europe seem to be affected most, other parts of the world are better off. It all  started in December 2019 in Wuhan and there had been  predictions in the astrological world that a crisis could be expected, mainly based on the cycles of the outer planets especially on the conjunctions of Pluto with Saturn and Jupiter.

Certainly, this shows us something but the most important conjunction was the classical Great Conjunction (“GC”) of Saturn and Jupiter and its effects have been underestimated, also by classical astrologers. A lot of attention is given to the outer planets in mundane astrology which tends to hide  the fact that the cycle of the Great Conjunctions and Great Oppositions are the absolute and simple back-bone of mundane astrology. The principle is that we will have a crisis in the year before they are made. It is almost too simple to be true and other techniques will be necessary, but it gives the essence.

At this start of 2022 we have two years of Corona crisis behind us, with world-wide 5 million people killed and a totally disrupted economy. If you realise that the GC’s went over into a new element in December 2020 for the first time in 200 years, it will be clear that this prolonged crisis fits the cyclical moment given by the GC’s very much. The last time we had such a change, Napoleon was raging through Europe and we may be glad that a war has not broken out, that it is only a pandemic. The fact the December 2020 GC was such a special one explains why this is such a serious crisis and why it lasts so long. It should also be a lesson for the astrological world to give the GC cycle a more central place in mundane astrology.        

If we take a look at the GC made for Brussels as the European capital, it is amazing how clearly the problem can be seen. Lord 1 the Sun is on cusp 6 of illness and combusts Lord 3 of routine movements : lock-down. Lord 6 is on the Descendant and from there it harms Europe (Asc) strongly. Of course, this is a chart for 20 years and it does NOT mean we will have 20 years of Corona but it does show the susceptibility for this kind of problems. This 2020 GC is more relaxed than the previous one in 2000. BUT this is a much bigger crisis moment because of the element change of the GC’s.  This GC can also serve as the basis to calculate solar (and lunar!) returns, showing what is happening in Europe and we will be regularly coming back to this in 2022.