En Marche?

As we predicted last week on the basis of Emmanuel Macron’s current lunar return, he has won the presidential elections. That current lunar return showed conflicting clues, which happens more often, but the conclusion was that it didn’t look dramatic enough to say that he would loose (see last week’s post). It wasn’t a resounding victory like five years ago, Le Pen did better than ever and it seems a lot of people voted only for Macron to stop Le Pen. The question is also how Macron’s party, La Republique En Marche, will fare in the parliamentary elections that will soon follow.

It is striking how the political situation in France, but also in many other countries, reflects the astrological cycles. As is well known, in December 2000 the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter passed from the Earth signs to the Air signs, it was 200 years ago that that happened for the last time. This caused Corona, but it also gives a picture of the political tensions, conservative-nationalist (Earth) is everywhere opposing liberal-globalist (Air). The tension is the result of an understandable resistance to the great changes that the Air-time brings and which can indeed be quite destructive.  The trick, of course, is to bring the two elements together in a non-radical policy.

That is what mundane astrology shows, and you could say that Macron was the Air candidate who beat the Earth candidate Le Pen. Naturally, that is not enough for a prediction, to predict you have to look at the lunar return for example as we did last week. If they are not so clear, as was the case with Macron, you can also analyse the lunar return that follows the events, which shows the consequences of what happened.

What immediately stands out in this lunar return is the Sun in the first house. The Sun is, of course, the presidency and is in the house that most strongly indicates Macron, in a fixed Earth sign. The Moon of the people is nearby, Sun and Moon are very much connected to each other, although there are also some lesser indications to be seen. Uranus of painful limitation conjuncts the Moon and the New Moon the day before was a solar eclipse. Macron has not come out of this unscathed.  He no longer enjoys the trust given to him five years ago. On the MC there is a strong star of the first magnitude Vega, which is positive and Lord 10 of the job is placed in the strong eleventh house of recognition. By antiscion, the Pars Solis (projected with the radix arc), the essence of the President’s solar power, is right on the MC! He is still there. 

Le Pen?

Next Sunday is the second round of the French presidential elections about which we didn’t hear too much because a lot was happening in Ukraine and also because it wasn’t that exciting. President Emmanuel Macron had such a big lead over the competition in the polls that it looked like it had been decided. The radical right-wing camp from which the main opposition would come was moreover divided, the extremist Eric Zemmour significantly harmed the more moderate Marine Le Pen for a while.

Marcon even decided not to campaign at all in the first round which he has won quite easily. In the second round it is only between two candidates, between Marcon and Le Pen and the latter has come closer in the polls, although she is still about 13 % behind. So is it really a possibility that one of the central countries in Europe will get a president who is not too enthusiastic about the EU and the NATO, and who in the past has expressed herself very positively about Putin?

There are many ways to see what is going to happen, but in a situation like this, where two opponents are fighting, you can very well take a look at the lunar returns under which the elections are held. If Macron is going to fall from his throne, that is an event of great importance and it will therefore also be clearly indicated by the lunar return. You can then ask yourself in advance what you, as Macron’s court astrologer, would like to see in such a chart. Preferably, you would like royal stars at important points, planets on the MC of the job and no sign changes as it is favorable for Macron if things remain as they are.

Unfortunately for Macron, his lunar return under which the elections are held show something else. The most emphasized point is the IC, where Saturn and Mars are conjunct. Saturn is Lord 1 in the radix and Mars is Lord 1 in this return, so Marcon ends up at the lowest point opposite the MC the point of the job. If you want to have an image of a king falling from his throne, you would think of such a position. Through antiscion however, this conjunction in fixed signs falls right on the  ascendant, and Mars is Lord 10 of the job in the natal chart so this could indicate  that the job stays with him.

Her exaltation

Lord 10 of the job in the lunar return is the Sun which is already in the sixth house of adversity with the usual 5 degree orb and it is in conjunction with Mercury, Lord 8 of death in the lunar return, but Mercury is also Lord 11 of rewards. There is a sign change to be seen too, Venus is about to go to her exaltation and Venus is return Lord 7,  Marine Le Pen! It will be clear that it is not nice for Macron if his opponent is exalted. Of the planetary points, projected in the lunaar with the radix arc, we find the Saturn point, the essence of Saturnal limitation, on the MC which seems to be bad fo Macron, but Saturn is also Lord 1 natally. So this lunar return is not very clear with a lot of contradictory indications. It is however not very dramatic, so Le Pen will problably loose the battle again.  


As classical astrologers, we are always somewhat critical of the interpretations and methods used by our modern colleagues, especially of their limitlessness. Every lump of rock of a few square meters in the solar system is assigned a profound meaning, there are even astrologers who work with hypothetical planets. There are ephemerides of such planets, of Vulcan for example, although it is not certain where in the solar system that planet could be found, which is not so strange because you cannot see it! 

You can hardly call this a hypothesis any more, it’s fantasy. That is not to say that everything our modern colleagues do is nonsense! One technique that is valuable is, for example, the cycle analysis of the outer planets in combination with Jupiter and Saturn as developed by the French astrologer André Barbault. I would not take over everything he says, but the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020, for example, indicated the beginning of the Corona pandemic quite precisely. 


At the moment the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptunehas perfected and it is interesting to take a look at that. Jupiter is expansion, growth and ideology and Neptune chaos and loss of control. That is why Barbault associates this cycle with revolutions, but also with hyperinflation! Bull’s eye, that a combination of Jupiter (growth) and Neptune (disintegration) can be connected with loss of value and economic chaos is not so strange.  The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that was full yesterday falls on the Pegasus star Markab, associated with the very painful fall of the Flying Horse, reinforcing that meaning.  The most recent Jupiter-Neptune conjunction was in 2009, clearly linked to the credit crisis.

Le Pen

Another specific connection Barbault makes is with the fate of his own country, with France. Major political changes would be indicated by the important points in this cycle. For example, the Fifth Republic, the current French form of government, arose in a crisis situation in 1958 when there was also a conjunction.  April 24 is the second round of the French presidential elections in which Emmanuel Macron will have to contend with the radical right-wing Marine Le Pen, just like five years ago, when Macron won. But if we would base ourselves on the Neptune-Jupiter cycle, you may expect a lot of  big changes, which  would mean that Putin fan Le Pen is going to win! We’ll look at this further next week.


It seems that the battle for the Donbas that will soon start in Eastern Ukraine is indicated in the chart of the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine discussed last week,  by the conjunction of Mars with Pluto (use the progression key 1 day = 1 week). In mid-May we see Mars leave its exaltation, would that show an inititial success for the Russians which gets jammed, just as it was with their failed conquest of Kiev?  


Last week we looked at the chart of the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and it turned out that the clear force on the Russian side was firmly inhibited by other factors. It was also clear that the Ukrainian army had a lot of  strength to fight back effectively, especially by the placement the significator of Ukraine on the battle star Antares, the fiercest fighter star in the heavens. That seems to reflect the situation on the battlefield, around Kiev the Russians are now being driven back, the capital has not fallen, the Russians did not realize this important goal. Kharkov in the east is under heavy fire from the Russians, as is Marioepol in the south, which has been razed to the ground.

1 day = 1 week

The question is how to use the horoscope of the beginning of the war to follow the course of the battle? One of the possibilities to get a picture of this is an appropriate progression key. Progressions are based on a principle, you convert a day in ordinary time, which you can also call ephemeride time, into another time unit. In the secondary progression, the key is 1 day = 1 year, in the tertiary directions 1 day = 1 month. In this case, the progression key that provides the most effective view of the events appears to be  1 day = 1 week.

That means that you start from the chart of the beginning of the war (see the post of last week), if you want to know what the situation is after a week, you calculate how the chart looks like a day after the start. The Moon is Ukraine in the initial horoscope and you can see that the first weeks will be very heavy. The Moon not only enters its detriment in Capricorn, but also the  disastrous twelfth house, indicating the Russian advance. But this changes when the Moon comes out of Capricorn and out of the twelfth house.

Now we are five weeks later, so the calculation date will then be March 1, and that gives the above chart . It is immediately clear that an important turning-point has been reached, the MC has come to the South Node, the Russians are being driven back from Kiev and announce that they will from now on mainly focus on the east.  This is confirmed by the Venus/Mars conjunction that has come to Terebellum, a star of fate. That could also refer to the massacre of civilians in Butcha during the Russian retreat, which is sending a wave of horror through the world. Looking ahead we see (calculation date 3 March) Mars going over Pluto in mid-April which can be nothing else than a very fierce battle reaching  a decisive point, could that be the fall of Marioepol? Then we see another turning point in mid-May (calculation date 6 March). Mars in the first house of the Russians leaves its exaltation and looses lots of fighting strength, while the MC changes the sign and the Moon (Lord 7 Ukraine) enters its exaltation in Taurus. This looks like a positive indication for Ukraine.