The second and final round of last Sunday’s French parliamentary elections proved to be a tough one for President Macron. His coalition “Ensemble” has lost the absolute majority in the Assemblée Nationale and so from now on they will have to negotiate with other parties in order to implement controversial measures (very controversial in France is the increase of the retirement age from 62 to 65!). The opponent that bothered Macron the most was the unadulterated leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon whose radix we discussed last week.


NUPES the coalition of the left formed by Mélenchon got 31% of the vote, the Macron party 38%, so we can speak of a rebirth of the left in France. However, this will not be directly reflected in the distribution of seats in the Assemblée because France chooses through a district system. Nevertheless, it is more than enough for NUPES to firmly thwart Macron, so it is interesting to take a look at the progressions in the chart of Mélenchon who has been able to profile himself in recent years as the leader of left-wing France.

The first thing you will notice is that five years ago his MC conjunted the great king star Regulus, that was at the time of the previous elections. Mélenchon then turned out to be the only candidate who could compete on an equal footing with Macron and Le Pen, it was his breakthrough as leader of the left. It can also be seen that his MC will conjunct the radix /progressed positions of the South Node during the next elections in five years in 2027. The South Node always requires a painful sacrifice so that does not look too good for him on the long run.

Solar opposition

But what is there to see at the moment? The Pars Fortunae has conjuncted the progressive Sun, the general significator of power and success. However, this progressive Sun is in opposition with his radix-Sun via antiscion, he is not in power, he is the opposition. His progressive Moon has just entered the Via Combusta which will give  problems and instability, so that does not look very good for the near future. The Moon will move over the radix and progressive position of Neptune in the coming months, which makes the idea of adversity even stronger. The Part of the Sun (the inverted Taurus symbol) is approaching Antares, the star of the end. Will the leftist  NUPES coalition succed in staying together?

Scorpion’s Claw

That is what is  going to happen, but what has brought him the success other than what has been discussed above, the progressions of the PF and the Sun? It is striking that the progressed Mercury is  moving  over the royal South Scale and although Mercurry  is not one of the six basic factors you always look at in analysing progressions, you can count it here. Mercury in the radix is both Lord 1 and Lord 10! The South Scale is a very powerful star, it is the merciless Scorpion’s Claw, the beast that was sent by the gods to stab to death the successfull Hunter Orion wo deemed himself superior. Orion-Macron has felt that now, but with a view of the progressions coming up, the question is how dangerous NUPES  and Mélenchon will ultimately turn out to be for him.


Last weekend was the first round of the elections for the French parliament, the Assemblé, which are always held about a month after the election of the president. In this first round, which is divided by district, all parties can participate, but only the numbers 1 and 2 will go to the second round. Whoever wins the second round, will get the seat in parliament. Now this first round has had a remarkable result, the NUPES party led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon has received more votes than the party of the recently re-elected president Macron.

The largest party in France has thus become an unadulterated left-wing party, which does not mean that NUPES will also become the largest in parliament because of the district system. What it does show, is that not only the populist right can count on the appreciation of the voters but now also the populist left. NUPES is the brainchild of Mélenchon who over the past years has become the face of the left that had already been declared dead, but is now experiencing a remarkable rebirth.  So it’s interesting to take a look at the chart of this left-wing leader, who is causing the Macron liberals so much trouble now.  

Mercury is very important in this chart because it is both Lord 1 of the person “in his life” and Lord 10 of the job. Mercury is very strong but in the hidden twelfth house. Through antiscion, however, he is “freed” from this malefic house and comes into conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of vision, politics and policy, which is in the strong seventh house. There is the connection with politics and it is a remarkable connection. It is an antiscion that may be seomthing be hidden or secret, but it can also indicate something that is not done in the standard way. In addition, both Mercury, Lord 1 and 10 and political planet Jupiter are retrograde, and therefore go against the usual course of events.

Fresh Red Fire

So here you can see why he is firmly left-wing and socially critical and not a smooth liberal. This Jupiter-Mercury conjunction falls on Alperatz, the head of the princess Andromeda, who is rescued from the Sea Monster (Macron) by Perseus, the knight on the Flying Horse. In his first house and therefore extra important is Saturn, who has just gone to his exaltation. Such a planet in the radix that has just changed the sign always gets extra emphasis as a special motive. Saturn is the poor and needy, who have nothing and who are going to be elevated. Mars, too, has just come out of its fall, the  fresh fire of the red battle has just been released.  


His Sun essentially strong, in its own sign Leo knows how to be the leader and the placement of the Sun on the Hydra Heart Alphard gives him insight into dark emotional under-currents and how to use them. That this Sun is in opposition to the Part of the Sun, gives it even more power but as opposition, as a counterforce. The other Luminary the Moon is on the Descendant, the Moon is the people and listen to him, he certainly conveys emotion effectively. At the MC, we find mighty Betelgeuse, one of the main stars of the rugged hunter Orion and very good for success. On the Ascendant, Labrum falls, the Cup that must be filled at the source, connected to the search for the good and the beautiful in the midst of this earthly dirt. In radical left-wing politics, all of these factors can be bundled into one activity and if you find something like that, you’re going to do it!


Yesterday his party voted about his position, but he survived, battered but Boris Johnson – BoJo, BoZo, the Blond Goblin – is still there. Earlier on this blog we looked at his progressions, and his solar and lunar returns and there turned out to be strong  tensions in March and April this year. These temsions have shown themselves. Johnson has been under pressure almost all year because of the drinking parties at 10 Downing Street during the lockdown, but it has not cost him his head yet, not in April and not now. His progressive Moon is now just past Death Star Antares, his PoF is in opposition to Pluto and his Part of the Sun is moving towards a  conjunction with Praesepe, the “accumulation of corpses”. So these positions indicate well enough what is happening now.

Unhappy return

The question is of course whether he will be able to stay on for a long time, athey cannot vote about  his position for a  year now according to party rules, but there are other ways to exert pressure. What will happen when by-elections are lost for example?  Now it’s Johnson’s birthday soon, he will get a new solar return on June 19, his old return looked rather tense, so the question is whether that new return will bring improvement? If so, he might have had the worst now, but the new return doesn’t seem to indicate this.

What catches the eye in the new solar return is Mars placed prominently as Lord 7 in the seventh house of others, which is certainly not a sign that everything will be peace and harmony now.  That position of the fighting planet is emphasized by the opposition that Mars makes via antiscion with the Moon, Lord 10 of the job in the return and in the radix, so battle around the job.  A second point is the placement of Lord 1 Venus, not only in the eighth house of death and end, but also on the disastrous Algol, the star of beheading. Venus makes a square with Saturnus, Lord 5 which could be seen as “the death of the job”, the fifth house is turned eighth from the tenth.  Mercury, which plays such a central role in its radix, is also in the death house on the Hyads which can be associated with disappointments, with promises not realised.


This solar return has the same angles as the radix and that is special but it is questionable whether you can see that in this context as a sign of power or whether it just marks an important turning point. The only real positive thing in the return is the Pars of the Sun, the “royal essence” on the MC via antiscion, but this alone does not make this solar return stronger than the previous one.  Boris Johnson does not seem safe yet, the lunar return of July has Algol on the Ascendant which looks interesting.

Al Tarf

Last week, Max Verstappen’s chances of winning the Formula 1 championship again were examined. That was done on the basis of his solar return of this year, the SR that is valid until his birthday in September looks favorable but the new SR coming into effect then does not. That is also the SR under which he could win again so that looks less promising. Of course, for a good prediction, we also have to analyse the progressions when the season closes in November and there are a number of interesting movements to be seen then.

Before we look at the progressions in November: at the moment the Pars Fortunae is conjuncting o his directed MC and Verstappen has now become the leader in the classification again after a somewhat poor start. In November, of course, that position is long past the PF moves in progression one degree per month. His progressive Sun is still favorable in November though, the Sun is Lord 10 of the job and the general significator of leadership falls on his radix-Ascendant. The progressed Sun moves 1 degree per year so it will continue to work this year. But the question is whether that favorable Sun progression will be enough to give him the championship again.

Al Jabbah?

The other progressions we see looks a bit less favorable. The Moon will this year be moving through the lunar mansion Al Tarf that has to do with confrontation with authorities and frustration. In November, the Maan is about to enter the next lunar mansion Al Jabbah which is associated with success and profit.  But the question is whether this does not come too late, the season has just ended then. The Moon is also just before Regulus and the transition into Virgo.

That seems very favorable because Regulus gives you the throne and the transition to Virgo activates his Mercury which is so very strong in his radix. But that also comes too late, the Moon has three to four degrees to go before it enters Virgo and that is three to four months in time.  That would rather point to a flying start of the season in March 2023, but for this season those powerful positions do not come in time. That seems to be confirmed by the movement of the progressive PF in November, via antiscion it conjuncts the malefic Saturnus which is extremely weak and fall into Aries. So this does not look good either.

For those wo follow the war in Ukraine by applying the 1 day = 1 week key to the chart of the start of the invasion, the Moon (Ukraine) is now moving thorugh the crisis zone with Algol and the Pleiads, so we have the Russians occupying Severodonetsk, an important city in the Donbas.