After 45 days, the new British prime minister Liz Truss had to leave again, probably setting a record as the shortest-serving UK prime minister ever. She announced during her campaign to become PM  that she would take decisive action and she kept her word. She immediately took extremely neo-liberal measures that completely destabilsized the already shaky English economy and financial situation.  The great panic that ensued was only averted by the departure, first of her Finance Minister, but then also of herself.  She has now been succeeded by the man who had always warned for the dramatic economic consequences that her radical plans would  have.

It is interesting to take a look at the chart of the beginning of Truss’s government, we can expect somethin special! The time of that beginning is the moment hat the now deceased Queen asked Truss to form a government, the acceptation of that assignment is the start of her reign. And that looks pretty spectacular indeed! If you had been able to elect a chart for this you would certainly have skipped this time.


Because the first thing that immediately catches the eye is the South Node on the Ascendant, the Ascendant is the most pronounced the Truss government. The South Node is the Dragon’s Tail, the point where an extremely painful sacrifice must be made, you could see the South Node as super-Saturn. Of course, you don’t want that on the Ascendant, the point where it all starts! In addition, the powerful South Scale also falls on the Ascendant. The South scale is also called the Insufficient Price, here you will not get away without having paid every penny. This  is the Scale of Justice, if there is something that is not right, it will come to the light and it will be punished mercilessly.

South Scale and South Node represent a deadly combination and the South Node on the Ascendant gives wings to the opponents, because the North Node, which gives you everything, is then on the Descendant. Also striking is the position of Lord 7 of her competitors, who has just entered its fall in Virgo but it is placed on Regulus, the star that leads to the throne. With the arrival of Truss she had sidelined her opponents (Lord 7 to its  fall) but not for long, her competitor is now on the throne (Lord 7 on Regulus)

Martial Mars

Lord 1 is Mars on Aldebaran, the intensely red and powerful Eye of Taurus, a star with a purely martial nature. That is a very fierce very martial Mars, Aldebaran is the main star of the ferocious Bull and certainly not nice. This reflects the extremely radical and uncompromising measures that the Truss government immediately took. Through antiscion, this ferocious Lord 1 is in opposition with the Moon, the significator of the people which shows that with her decisiveness she does cannot count on much popular support.


It  was already remarkable that comedian Volodymyr Zelensky became the president of Ukraine in 2019, even more remarkable is his current role as war president, which he seems to have taken on so effortlessly. We will not look at his radix in detail now, we will focus on the progressions, but one radix position cannot go unmentioned, Lord 10 of the career. Lord 10 is Saturn placed on Regulus, the star that gives you the throne. When Zelensky was elected president in 2019, his Firdar (long-term life phase determined by a planet)  of this Saturn on Regulus had just  begun!

Malefic throne

This Lord 1of the career will therefore come out very strongly as from 2019, but this will not only be pleasant. Saturn does give you the royal power of Regulus, but that it will not be easy is shown by the fact that the Great Malefic Saturnus is in detriment in Leo. A very high position yes but the conditions are extremely tough. This is further enhanced by the fact that this royal Saturn is in the fourth house, the house opposite the house of power. It sketches the picture of a king who cannot quite sit on his throne, but has been driven away from the highest place and of course that is how it is.

If we make the focus of the prediction techniques less broad than that of the Firdaria, it would be interesting to see what the progressions show at the moment that Zelensky becomes the war president, the role of his life we could be say. Then it is very clearly indicated that there is a very important turning-point coming up.The primary MC is moving over the progressed nodal axis and in February when the Russians attacked, the Moon was conjunct the South node on the MC. The South Node can be associated with difficult situations in which you are forced to make a sacrifice.

Out of detriment

Mercury is his radix Lord 1, therefore extra important and Mercury is just crossing the sign boundary Pisces-Aries and thus coming out of its detriment and fall.The Russian invasion was of course not pleasant for Zelensky, but it did give him a very strong role. That the emergence of Lord 1 / Mercury from its weakness in Pisces would not only be positive, is shown by the conjunction of progressed Mercury with progressed Venus to which Mercury in Aries is on its way. This is a Venus in detriment, so destroyed peace.

The progressive planetary points the Pars Fortunae (Moon pars) and the Pars Solis (Solar pars)  confirm these for Zelensky so dramatic developments. The PF, the Lunar Part conjuncts the radix-Moon, a kind of lunar return. The PS moves through antiscion over the progressed Asc, the Solar essence, because that is what the Solar Part is, comes to him. If we boldly go a step further and calculate the progressed planetary Part of Mars, the essence of the fiery battle planet, we see that at the month that the war starts, the Mars Part is moving over Saturn / Lord 10 which we discussed above!


This weekend, Max Verstappen’s lead over his competitors in Formula 1 racing became so big that he can no longer be overtaken. With that, he became world champion again well before the end of the season. It is in this context interesting to read what we wrote earlier in the season, late May about his chances on this blog :

Last Sunday Max Verstappen won the Grand Prix of Barcelona and came back to the lead of the classification because of that win. Last December we followed the last races in Formula 1 on this blog and the prediction was made that Verstappen would become world champion, which also happened in a blood-curdling final. Now that Max has taken the lead again, the question is whether he will repeat that this season – which only ends in November. It is more common for a driver to dominate for years.

Max was born on September 30 andhe  therefore has until then the solar return activated under which he also became world champion last December. That’s a pretty strong solar return with royal Aldebaran on the MC and Lord 1 on royal Spica. This strong SR remains in force until his birthday but then he gets a new SR under which the last two months of the season fall. Now it could be so that the championship has already been decided by that time, but there is still a good chance that the new SR  will show whether he will win the championship again.

The latter was not the case, that about which I speculated as a possibility in May has become reality, the championship can no longer escape Max. That’s a good thing because the next SR  that has just come into force looks rather problematic, so it will still be exciting to see how the remaining Grands Prixs will unfold. Moreover, most of the season in 2023 will also fall under this new weak SR, so it remains to be seen whether Verstappen will be able to continue his dominance next year.

Now that Max has won the 2022 World Cup, it is interesting to see under which Lunar Return this happened. This is often instructive because LR’s tend to be pronounced, but this is often blurred  by indications that seem to point into a different direction. So you have to focus on what is really most important. In the first instance, it does not look like Max will win the World Cup under this LR, because on the MC we find Uranus, connected with the painful castration of the sky god with his unlimited possibilities. That doesn’t really look nice! Also, the Sun, LR-Lord 1 – Max this month – has just gone to its fall, not really positive either.

But a LR, as we said, must be weighed carefully. That does not mean that a very precise interpretation has to be made down to the smallest details, it is a question of whether compensation can be found that over-rules the negative points. And it can be! The striking triple stellium of the Moon, Mercury and Venus in the LR  falls on his radix-Mercury in Virgo. And it is this radix-Mercury that is not only Lord 11 of “the fruits of your labor”, it is also determining  for his success as a driver. This Mercury has the highest possible speed, the planet cannot possibly move faster. With three planets in the LR on top of this crucial success position, there is sufficient compensation to win the world chamionship now.   


Recently Georgia Meloni with her party Fratelli d’Italia, the Brothers of Italy, won the elections there and she will probably be the first female Italian prime minister. Ironically, the first woman to rule Italy has very conservative views, the Fratelli fit into the list of parties called “radical right”. There is quite a bit of variation in this, but they all share a strong aversion to neoliberalism, globalisation and migration. Meloni was able to effectively articulate the threat that understandably emanates from the major changes in the world for many Italians, near Africa the country also has a lot to do with tensions around migration. It is interesting to take a look at her natal chart.

A Lunar Mansion is best interpreted after you have analyzed the radix, but in the case of Meloni it is so striking that we will start with it. Her Manzil is Al Iklil or The Crown, which refers to the Head of the Scorpio on which this Lunar Mansion falls. This emphasis on the head shows that the focus is on ideas which is repeated by the other name for this Manzil The Monkey. The monkey is always seen as a very smart animal, in combination with the Scorpio theme – killing the hunter Orion – you get a fierce battle with ideas. That of course is very appropriate, all keywords in this mansion have to do with the defense of one’s own possessions against enemies.

Fixed  Earth

So we see that the radix lunar mansion, more concrete than the Sun Sign, indicates the core story of the life. Around that core story, life crystallizes and that it would be politics can be seen in Meloni’s tenth house. There the planet of politics Jupiter is found which is also Lord 9 of ideas and visions, the placement in the sign Taurus is an indication that these ideas will not be very progressive. In classical astrology, the sign background of a planet is not decisive, but the nature of the sign does play a role in the interpretation in general terms. Taurus is the Earth element in fixed mode so that indicates immobility and tenaciousness. This very fixed Jupiter also falls on the Ascendant via antiscion,so it will be able to manifest it self very powerfully.


Even more clearly, her conservatism is expressed by Jupiter’s speed because Jupiter stands still! So above, so below can’t really be illustrated more clearly. Now the question is whether the conservative soup will be eaten as hot as it is served. Because Jupiter is about to become direct and thus go with the flow again, and is in strong mutual reception with an exalted Venus, the harmony planet in very good condition. Venus is Lord 4 of the nation but it also adds the ability to compromise to the policy planet.   

More directly personally, Saturn has a lot of influence in the first house of Meloni and it is therefore the “signficator of manners”. Saturn is by its nature hard and rigid and is in  detriment, she can handle the harshness of the political work. Again we see here tenacity and conservatism, not only is Saturn by nature conservative, it is also retrograde and placed in a fixed sign. Saturn is also in strong mutual reception with the Sun/Lord 1, which connects it to leadership. This Sun also falls on Terebellum a star of fate which shows that leadership  will play a very important role in her life.