The president of the world football association FIFA Gianni Infantino surprised the world last week. In an unprecedentedly arrogant and brutal way, he showed his power by dismissing all criticism of the World Cup in Qatar, and there is quite a lot to criticize. FIFA is undoubtedly one of the most corrupt organizations in the world and that lousy reputation was firmly confirmed by Infantino. Apparently, far too much power, prestige and money goes around here to keep it pure

PoseidonThe question, of course, is whether the deeply corrupt nature of FIFA is visible in the organization’s horoscope. The time of founding is not really certain, but we are just looking at the birth chart based on the time known in the archives. What immediately catches the eye in this radix is Neptune which is conjunct the MC, outer planets can be interpreted in classical astrology based on their mythology. Neptune or Poseidon is the very powerful god of the oceans and  the salt water is a symbol of uninhibited desire. Therefore, he creates chaos, Poseidon is also a grim god who tolerates no others in his realm. It is always his goal to flood the ordered mainland and drown it in his water domain.

That is a good first description of FIFA, but in view of the deeply ingrained dishonesty you could of course think of Mercury, the planet of liars. And yes, Mercury plays a remarkably important role in this FIFA radix. Lord 1 is Venus who is in his own sign, he is his own boss, and is intimately conjunct Mercury, a very direct connection between FIFA and the the liar planet. The Moon is Lord 10 and makes a very narrow square on this conjunction, on top of that Mercury disposits both the Sun and Mars.


Mercury is the ruler of the ninth house of ethics which thus becomes very pliable and he is ruler of twelfth house of shadowy things. He is retrograde, goes against the normal course of events and is peregrine, that is, he does not have a fixed course, not his strongest point anyway. The only thing that offers any solidity is the square with the strict Saturn that is very strongly in its own sign, that is the game, Saturn is Lord 5 of playin also placed in the fifth house. Remarkably, the Moon Lord  10, the public activities of FIFA, is in opposition to Lord 5. FIFA is not just about the game.

The same Lord 10  is placed  on the star Algenubi, the ambitious, bombastic Lion’s Mouth and both the Sun of leadership and Mars of sport are in the Pleiades, part of the crisis zone that begins at Algol a little further back, and which you can associate so strongly with struggle, violence, blindness and loss. The Lunar Mansion is Al Tarf, the Gaze of the Lion, connectedto insolent provocations.=. Far too much conflict and far too much Mercury, but on the MC is the Part of Jupiter, of Victory, yes they get away with it.


Early this month, the Russian army suffered a painful defeat in Ukraine, it had to give up the city of Kherson, which was captured by them at the beginning of the war .The attacks of the Ukrainians on the Russian supply lines and positions had made it untenable for the Russians to occupy the city any longer. That was extra hard  for them because Russia had announced the annexation of the city and the region not long before this, they would remain Russian “forever”.

South Scale Eclipse

Such a painful defeat, according to some even a turning-point in the war, should be visible in the relevant charts. Some time ago we indeed wrote on this blog about the eclipse of November 8 on the South Scale:

“When you see how much is wrong with the organization of the Russian army, it does not look very promising for the Russians. Eclipse Lord 1 – also seen as a Russia – is indeed a strong Saturn in its own sign and in the first house, but Russia is not in its own house, that will not help them too much. This Saturn hooks into the axis of the eclipse through square and will therefore be firmly hit by the tensions that symbolized by the eclipse.  All this is emphasized by the star on the MC, martial Antares, the Heart of deadly Scorpio who deals arrogant Orion the death-blow. That MC is very specific to the place, so it doesn’t look like it will be much better for the Russians this winter.”

Great Conjunction

That was the interpretation of the eclipse chart made for Moscow and indeed the effect of the merciless South Scale on which the eclipse fell and of Antares did not take long to show. Now, of course, you can see such an event not only in eclipses, but also in the chart of Russia. For this we use the horoscope of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter of July 1444 that preceded the foundation of the Russian state with Moscow as its capital. This GC horoscope can be used as a radix of Russia and you can apply all the techniques that you also apply in a radix for a person.

  If you then look at the lunar return under which the Russians had to give up Kherson, this GC radix also appears to be effective at the level of lunar returns. Because what immediately stands out is Saturn, Lord 7 of opponents who is very strong on an angle, on the descendant. Lord 7 stands in his own house and sign and in fact the Ukrainians took back what belongs to their country. Lunar Lord 1, Russia this month, is the Sun which is clearly less strong in the fourth house. The distance from Lord 1 to the South Node, which deprives you of everything, is  with seven degrees too far to count as a conjunction. 

Nevertheless, the South Node is the decisive factor here. Because through antscion it falls right on the Ascendant which of course stands for Russia because this is a lunar return made on the basis of the Russian radix. The South Node deprives Russia of something in a very painful way, a sacrifice is forced on them. The North Node that gives everything, then falls on that strong Lord 7 on the Descendant, Kherson goes back to Ukraine. The importance of this event is emphasized once again by the fact that the Ascendant of this lunar return falls near radix-Ascendant of Russia and such a “return of axes” always shows that something very striking will happen.


Recently the news came that the Dutch crown princess Amalia would from now on be strictly guarded. The crown princess had just started her studies and even wanted to become a member of a students’ association, but she had to give up her plans. From various sides, including the FBI, it was said that an attack on Princess Amalia was being prepared. A relatively free moving studying princess was suddenly far too great a risk. The question is what can we see of this threat in her progressions?

Had we been the Astrologer Royal, we would have seen the problems coming for a long time. Because what immediately catches the eye when looking at the progressions, is the primary direction of the Ascendant moving over the radix and the progressive position of Saturn. The Great Malefic is placed in Cancer in its detriment and will thus show its nastiest, most limiting side. So no student freedom for the crown princess and the fact that Saturn is natal Lord 8 of death of course makes the image even grimmer. To be clear that Lord 8 is so strongly present, points out that the threat is real, not that what one is afraid of is going to happen!

Algol zone

A second factor that shows the tensions is the progression of the Part of the Sun, the inverted Taurus symbol in the picture, which has been moving through the notorious  crisis zone around Algol and the Pleiads for some time. In progression the Part of the Sun moves against the ordinary direction at a speed of one degree per month. That is to say, in four or five months’ time it will leave the crisis zone, which in itself is a positive development.  But that does not mean that all tension is immediately over, because there are other developments in the horoscope. Of course, the primary Ascendant will remain on Saturn mentioned above for another year, but Mars the planet of violence is also activated.

For progressed Mercury – Lord 1 in the radix – makes a square on the progressed position of Mars. Mercury is Lord 1 in the radix and therefore very much Amalia. An aspect of Lord 1 on the planet of violence is of course not so good and that tension will  persist for a long time because the progressive Sun also applies to a square with Mars. This whole movement of the Sun and Mercury reflects very clearly what is happening, Lord 1 Mercury – Amalia – disappears into combustion, she indeed will because of strict securiry measures become invisible with the threat of Mars in the background.

Al Sa’d Bula The movement of the progressed Moon through the Lunar Mansions also mirrors the events. The Moon has just entered the 23rd Manion, the Dog-Cat Al S’ad Al Bula, which is associated with loss, the image of this Lunar Mansion is the head of a dog on the body of a cat, two strange elements that are forced into a very tense relationship together. Princess Amalia is more or less locked up which is indicated by the planets that belong to the Mansion, Saturn and Mercury. Mercury is Lord 1 in the radix and Saturn of captivity and limitation we have already mentioned above.  

Midterm Eclips

On Tuesday, the midterm elections took place place in America, halfway through the term of office of a president, votings will be held for a part of the Senate, the entire House of Representatives and many other political positions. The atmosphere is extremely tense, many candidates of the Republicans still believe that fraud has been committed by the Biden camp in the presidential elections in 2020.  That remains a curious position because no recount, audit or legal procedure has evershown that this is indeed the case.

Limited damage

Such a claim puts the entire democracy under pressure and on top of that, it does not look too good for president Biden’s Democratic camp. The Democratic majority in the House will most likely be lost, and it is still unclear how it will be in the Senate. This is not a day for Joe Biden to look forward to, the best he can hope for is limited damage. It is therefore interesting to take a look at Biden’s lunar return, there must be some striking things to see in it, the midterms are one of the most important political events during the term of a president.

The attentive readers will have noticed something special in this lunar return, it falls on the day before an eclipse! That is, we have a Lunar Eclipse during election day which seems to reflect the whole extremely tense situation.  For a president in office, a maximum of tension between the Sun and the Moon, ruler and people on election day also does not seem optimal. In addition, in the lunar, the position of Mercury that rules the first and tenth house stands out, and therefore has a very important role to play.

Scorpion’s Claw

Mercury is therefore Biden as a person and Biden in his social role this month and he could in fact not be much weaker. He is combust, totally overshadowed and he stands on the South Node which always requiresan extremely painful sacrifice. That doesn’t look very nice, but this solar side of the eclipse also falls on the South scale, the merciless Scorpion’s Claw. If something is weak or not right, the Claw will punish it harshly, not a nice prospect of having your Sun on this star as  the president. Through antiscion, Saturn, Lord 6 of adversity also falls on this Sun-Mercury and because Venus is not far away either, this is a huge concentration of planetary power which indicates an important event.   

Sign Boundary

In a lunar return, planets close to a sign boundary are always of extra importance. In this lunar return it is Jupiter, Lord 7 who has just come back in his full power in his own sign Pisces. That indicates that his opponents are becoming more powerful this month. They are still retrograde, Biden remains in power, but they emphatically give acte de présence, every retrograde planet will one day go straight again. Rigel the mighty success star in Orion is on the lunar MC and this may limit the damage for Biden a bit.

Red Bull

Last week, the Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz, one of the “inventors” of the Red Bull energy drink, died. Mateschitz had become rich from the enormous success of Red Bull and this money he also used for sport sponsoring, including the very successful Formula 1 team with Max Verstappen as leader. So it is interesting to take a look at his birth chart, although his exact birth time cannot be found, we can still say some important things about it. The chart image we give here is that of the time the Sun is on the MC on his birthday. This means that the house positions and house rulers have no meaning.


The first thing that stands out in this Sun-on-the-MC horoscope is the Lunar Mansion, which is Al Sharatain, the Ram’s Horn and the first in the entire cycle of the Mansions.  This is the most fiery Mansion that is connected with the violent breaking through of the first non-compromising impulse, the traditional image of Al Sharatain is the Warrior. In fact, this Mansion says it all, the energy drink, the red colour, the involvement in the sports and the innovative way in which he worked. A Lunar Mansion gives you the core myth in a life that determines important choices but also creates concrete situations in the life in which the myth is lived out.


What is also striking is that Mateschitz has no less than four planets in Taurus!! There we have the “Bull”, and it could just be that in his radix these planets are placed around the MC, then success is inevitable. Usually a zodiac sign will not have such a literal effect in life as here, but with four planets in Taurus it is very emphatically present. The Sun also falls on Alcyone and that repeats the Taurus theme, Alcyone is the main star of the Pleiades, strongly connected to the theme of materiality and is placed in the sky in the constellation Taurus in the neck. The exact position of a star in the image of a constellation also says something about its effect.

2 x Red

That Sun makes a narrow sextile on a planet that occupies a special position, Mars which is about to leave its fall into Cancer. Such a planet on a sign boundary always has a special role in a radix because there is often a strong motive associated with it. That motiv is also found here, Mars very much wants to storm forward because it then leaves his inhibiting fall in the slow Water sign Cancer to go to fiery Leo. You can’t imagine a clearer picture of the drink (and the sports!), an energy boost that helps you from Water to Fire. Mars is also on the North Node, “which wants and gives everything” and pushes unstoppably forward, with the Water element showing that it is all about a liquid.