Ingress Kiev

Last week, the ingress chart calculated for Ankara was discussed here, which reflected the disastrous earthquake that occurred in southern Turkey and which has caused unimaginable suffering. One of the most alarming positions in that ingress chart was Neptune’s , the god of earthquakes, which fell on the Descendant. When interpreting ingress charst it is crucial to take the context as a starting point, in Turkey Neptune on an angle means something different than in a country that is not prone to earthquakes.

A new ingress is on the way in March, and it is of course a good idea to analyse it, especially now that tensions on the world stage only seem to be increasing. China in particular seems to be becoming more active, arms supplies may be coming to Russia and irritations between China and the US are increasing. This is the confrontation between the old world power and the new world power, which we can expect now that the Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter have finally passed to the Air element.

Neptune Again

But to illustrate how an ingress should be interpreted in context, we first go back to the ingress chart for Kiev, under which Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, which is that of 2021 (the war began on February 24, 2022). This ingress chart also has Neptune on  a corner but now on the MC. The context is not an earthquake because in Ukraine this is not relevant, but the aggression from Russia. The eastern parts of the country had been a battleground for years, but of course there was more in the air. That is exactly the context in which you delineate an ingress, Neptune causes chaos and that has to do with war here.


That is confirmed by the star appearing on the Ascendant, which is Castor one of the Gemini who are also warriors. You could also see that as an indication of struggle between brothers and so is this war. But that’s not all, via antiscion, fighting planet Mars falls on the Ascendant and Mars itself stands on the royal Aldebaran which has a very fiery purely martial nature! Aldebaran is also a star of a beginning, it couldn’t be clearer.  The Lunar Mansion is also the Manzil of the warlike Al Dabaran, which has a galloping warrior as its image. 

Venus destroyed

Lord 1 is the Moon and it stands in the evil twelfth house on the star Rigel from Orion, the Hunter. Orion is very violent and runs the risk of overestimating himself, it is clear that this refers to Russia and not to Ukraine. Lord 1 on a star only means that the story connected to the myth that belongs to the star unfolds, but it does not show who has which role! So those are already five (Neptune, Castor, Aldebaran, Mars, Rigel) indications of violence which is confirmed in the tenth house. There, Venus is about to go to his detriment in Aries, a clear summary of what happened.


In southern Turkey and northern Syria,  a severe earthquake has wreaked havoc and the human suffering is unprecedented. This is an area where earthquakes occur regularly, but it has been a long time since it was so disastrous. In Syria,  the situation is, if possible, even more serious, because a civil war is also raging there, which means that aid reaches the affected areas only with difficulty.  These kinds of major natural disasters are also indicated by charts and it could even be useful if you could see disasters coming in this way.

One of the astrological linstruments for viewing this is the ingress chart, the horoscope calculated for the exact moment when the Sun enters Aries again. That’s a Ramingress or a year ingress,  but you can do the same for the moment the Sun enters a cardinal sign, then you’ll see what will happen that season. Of course, you will always interpret such a seasonal ingress in the context of the annual ingress, it is only an instrument to  arrive at a more precise time determination. For areas where disasters occur regularly, this might help to be better prepared.


A Ramingress horoscope has the same planetary positions all over the world and is therefore partly a kind of annual horoscope for the whole world.  Specific to a particular country, the ingress is calculated by calculating it for the capital of a country. Then it indicates very precisely what will happen in that country. In the Ramingress calculated for Ankara, that immediately looks alarming, if you look at the angles. Because on the Descendant is Neptune, the ferocious sea god Poseidon who causes earthquakes, which is disturbing in a  horoscope of a country that is prone to earthquakes.

Poisoned Cup

The Ascendent reinforces the anxiety, which falls near Labrum, the head star of the Cup and one of the three stars of fate striking. In this context, you can think of this as the poison cup that now needs to be emptied to the bottom. In the myth associated with the Cup, this has to do with an assignment that has not been carried out, there was little earthquake-resistant building done in these areas. Lord of the Ascendant – the land this year – is Mercury, the traditional ruler of earthquakes, who stands close conjunct Lord 6 of  misery, adversity and disease in the sixth house. Lord 1 is in its detriment and fall and thus very weak.


The star on which Lord 1 falls, Achernar, also has a dark side, it is the Solar Chariot that falls from the sky and scorches the land.  As noted above that applies to the whole world, but only in Turkey is Mercury Lord 1, falling in the sixth house conjuncting  Lord 6 and only in Turkey Neptune stands on the Descendant. The horoscope of the moment when winter begins and the Sun enters Capricorn clearly indicates that it will occur in winter. Jupiter / Lord 6 is in this winter ingress right on the Descendant, the Moon conjuncts Death Star Antares and falls via antiscion on earthquake planet Mercury.  But the most astonishing is the Aquarius Ingress chart – the month chart – in which we find Mercury conjunct the Moon right on the MC!! 

Dr Phil

The most famous psychologist in the world, Dr Phil has announced that after 21 years he is retiring from his highly successful daily TV show in which he gives his guests advice on a wide variety of topics and problematic situations. Dr Phil was known for his practical, direct approach, sometimes to the blunt but many felt helped and his TV show brought him world fame. It is of course interesting to check what can be seen of this in his radix, Saturn is the planet of problems so it could have a prominent role.

  It is always smart in the interpretation of a radix to also take a look at the seven planet parts that can show important themes in the life. They can do this by a conjunction or opposition of a planet part with a radix factor or with each other within two degrees orb. In Dr. Phil’s horoscope, the Pars Fortunae or the Part of the Moon (emotion, psyche) is in opposition with the Part of Saturn (problems) that is in conjunction with Algol, the star of loosing your head. You can’t sum it up more succinctly.

Al Sharatain

His Lunar Mansion is Al Sharatain, the first Ram House that has to do with pulling away from stuck situations. Al Sharatain’s planetary energy is Mars, the planet of practical action that is essentially very strong in the radix, allowing the Lunar Mansion  to express itself more balanced and controlled. What is also immediately noticeable in his horoscope is the position of Jupiter which as Lord 1 and Lord 10  is the most important house ruler and placed in the twelfth house. The house position of Lord 1 in the radix indicates what we will automatically pay a lot of attention to. House 12 is the big problem house and Jupiter the planet of helping which is very strong in its domicile.


Conjunct the descendant and thus very strongly manifesting Saturn is found which gives him his direct approach and his emphasis on taking responsibility, but Saturn is also the planet of problems of course and he is Lord 12. Saturn is in Virgo in the sign and exaltaion of Mercury and Mercury is in the exaltation of Saturn, a very strong mutual reception through exaltation  of the problem planet with the media planet. That is of course not too bad for a TV show in which practically smart advice in problem situations is the main theme.


Nevertheless, Dr. Phil does have a somewhat deeper understanding of emotions because the Moon, the planet of emotions, has much essential dignity in its exaltation and triplicity. A planet with a lot of essential dignity gives  you an understanding of how its energy functions, it is a talent. You can see that this talent is going to earn him something by the placement of that strong Moon in the second house of money and possessions. Via antiscion not only Venus /  Lord 2 conjuncts the Moon but also Pluto which has to do with great wealth. Dr Phil will be back with another show, he has said.


From America where he went to live with his wife Meghan Markle in 2020, Prince Harry has been bombarding the English royal family in recent months, culminating in a Netflix series of no less than six parts. Not only do they earn well from it, they can also give their uninhibited view of Harry’s family and that is of course not a pretty picture. The question is what can you see of this campaign using the various forecasting techniques in Harry’s radix?

The first thing we look at are the Firdaria, the life stages of long years controlled by a planet. Since 2015 this is the Moon exalted in the fourth house of family and Lord 7 of relationships. It is clear that that is the big theme of the past years, he married the American actress Meghan Markle in 2018 and started a family. It is true that the Moon / Lord 7 is also opposing the house of his social position and yes that is also clear, he has given up his position as a member of the royal family.


Firdaria are a simple but extremely effective technique, to which you can  add with the equally simple profections. Profection is not a technique you get from an old book somewhere, it is based on a 12-principle. In 12 steps you go through the whole cycle, that is of course well-known in astrology, there are diverse ways in which you can practically apply that. What works very well, is to take a (Placidus) house for every year, the condition of the house with everything  connected to it then describes the year.

Since his birthday in Septmber 2022,the profection  has come into the third house and Lord 3 is  Mars, the planet of battle. Mars squares Venus  Lord 4 of the family and of course the third house has to do with brothers. That Mars is very important because by antiscion it falls on the Ascendant, as Lord 10 Mars is also the mother, so his fight against the family is an echo of the fate of his mother, not really very suprising. The profection in combination with the Firdaria already shows a lot in a simple way without many calculations.

Burnt Road

The progressions (not shown here) complete the picture. The Moon is moving through the Via Combusta, always an emotionally turbulent time, it is now on royal Spica, indicating the great success of the Netflix series. The progressive Lunar Mansion is Al Simak, which has to do with critically evaluating and breaking relationships! It is the middle Manzil of Virgo, which is so strongly connected to relating ,it is also a Spica masnion and Spica is the Wheat Ear, the concentration point of the harvest where the evaluation reaches its climax.


Looking ahead, it’s clear that more drama is to be expected. In 8 months the Moon will go to its fall in Scorpio, always a kind of climax  in the passage of the Moon through the Via Combusta. With this entry, the Moon emphatically activates the sign lord of Scorpio Mars and just after that makes a progressvie New Moon, always a very important turning point. That this  happens is conjunction with Pluto will not make things much more harmonious.