Trump’s Progressions

In recent weeks, we have been looking at the positions in Donald Trump’s chart in connection with next November’s presidential elections. Trump will certainly try to become the Republicans’ nominee again, and it looks like he has a very good chance, too. There are serious opponents, but whether these competitors will be strong enough to beatTrump, is still the question. We have seen that  Trump is in a Sun-Firdar, which is very strong, but the question is what the progressions show, only a strong Firdar does not indicate that you will win.  

The progressive positions given above are those of now,  March 2023, but we can move hem forward to see what is to come. Progressions and the primary directions of the angles (angles do not make a secondary movement, only a primary one) are the main line in prognosis, everything else is assessed in the context of the progressions /directions. Another important point is to always realize that you are looking at progressive positions and not at a “progressed chart”.  You see a chart image but it is only the advanced positions that matter,  so you should not make the mistake  of interpreting  this picture as a chart.

Empty Manger

If we first look at the MC (the primary direction ), it is striking that the MC leaves the nasty progressed malefic Saturn in detriment behind. When Trump lost the election in November 2020, his MC was on this very vicious Saturn in detriment and that is the beauty of progressions / directions, that you can see the flowing line of developments over time. The MC is on its way to Praesepe, the Empty Manger, which it will conjunct during the election. That is not very positive, the Manger in which the king’s child must be placed is empty! At the same time, the MC enters a term of Mercury and that is  good again as Mercury is strong in his radix. Entry into a new term activates the ruler of the term.

Burnt Road

The direction of the other angle the Ascendant is approaching the sign boundary and will enter Scorpio this year. That is not bad for him because Mars, the lord of Scorpio, is very strong in his birth chart.  Thjrough antiscion the Asc will come however in opposition with his radix-Ascendant, not good of course. What is positive agin is the movement of Venus, Lord 10 of public function moving towards royal Spica, which it will conjunct during  the elections.  Less attractive is the Moon going through the Via Combusta in the coming period, which always indicates an emotionally turbulent time. The climax in this turbulence always comes when the Moon goes to its fall in Scorpio, which is in January 2024. What is good again is the movement of the Part  of the Sun over royal Regulus exactly in November during the elections! So what can be seen is a majority of strong movements, Lord 10 over Spica, the Sun Part over Regulus, MC to a strong Mercury term, Ascendant to a Mars sign with an undertone of problems: MC over Praesepe, Moon through the Burnt Road , Asc via anitiscion in opposition with his radix-Ascedant. All in all, there is considerable strength, so it could reflect his comeback.


Now that the election fever in the US is gradually starting to rise, it is interesting to see how things stand in Donald Trump’s horoscope. Last week his Firdaria were analyzed and it was not only clear that the Firdaria are a simple but extremely effective prediction instrument, the Firdaria also look very goodfor Trump. That’s not to say he’ll definitely come back as president, but he does have good chances. To  look at this further, it is good to cast a glance at the profections

Twelve principle                                                                                                                                     

Profections are not a prediction method found somewhere in a book, they are based on the 12 principle.That number symbolically indicates a complete cycle because it is the multiplication of the number of the spirit (3) and the number of matter (4) and that is precies what creation is. Thus, a 12-rhythm describes all the possibilities that the connection of matter and spirit offers, which is why we have twelve signs and twelve houses.  It is therefore  logical to base a prognosis technique on that 12-rhythm and that is what we  call profections.  There are several variaties of profections by sign or by house, but what seems to work well ist take a (Placidus) house, for a year.

So the first year of life, if you are “zero years” old, is given by the the first house, by the nature of the house, the condition of the house ruler,  by any planets in the house and by the stars on the house cusp. This repeats every twelve years, but because the context changes and other factors in the chart are activated by progressions and solar returns this always has a different effect.

Norh Node

In 2016, when Trump became president with extremely favorable Firdaria and extremely favorable progressions, he was 70 years old and his profession had arrived in the eleventh house. The eleventh house, which thus gives a picture of the year, is a benefic house, the house of the fruits of your labor, very appropriate.  On the cusp of eleventh house the very strong Orion star Betelgueuze is found and Lord 11 is Mercury who is not only in the eleventh house, but also via antiscion on the North Node (success, expansion)  conjunct the Sun/Lord 1 (kingship) on the strong Capella (the Chariot). 

Saturn in detriment

In the eleventh house is also the Saturn-Venus conjunction in Cancer, which is less favorable, Venus is Lord 10 of the career but Saturnus is a malefic in detriment. However, there is ample compensation for this as we have seen. When he lost in 2020, the profession had arrived in the falling weaker third house that royal Spica  on its cups (he also got very far) but Lord 3 is Venus conjunct Saturn in detriment. Saturn is Lord 7 of the opponent on royal Pollux, which is favorable for his opponent, who thus effectively blocks his  career. Venus himself is on Procyon the agile, smart Little Dog who is very powerful but works against authorities, which is not so favorable for keeping a presidency.  

Smart Dog

And what will that look like in 2024, next year when Trump  will try  to come back? The profection will arrive that year in the opponent’s seventh house, very appropriate. But Lord 7 is of course thisSaturn in detriment on royal Pollux conjunct Venus  Lord 10, which is kpet in check by Saturn. A repetition of four years ago, but in a different way. So that doesn’t look too favorable. Procyon on which Venus /Lord 10 stands will have a positive effect in this context however, because he is now challenging the authority. However, that is not yet a decisive because you will always interpret profections in the context of what the other prognosis methods show.  We’ll look at that later.


They are still a bit far away, the presidential elections but gradually the fever in the US is starting to rise a bit. The first candidates are already presenting themselves, shots are being fired, but probably the battle in November 2024 will be fought between the two old men Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Or maybe not, Trump has promising competitors and Biden is not really popular. So a good question is what Trump’s chart shows, it’s clear he would like to try again in 2024.

If anyone ever had doubts about the value of the Firdaria as a prognosis instrument, a brief look at those of Donald Trump is enough to convince. During the Firdar of his Saturn, a malefic in detriment and his weakest planet, he had to contend with severe weather, with impending bankruptcies. That was over when the Jupiter-Firdar arrived, Jupiter is a benefic in reasonable state and Lord 5 of money from the family. Trump inherited his father’s fortune and was able to pay off his debts. When the Firdar of Mars arrived, which is very strong on the Ascendant on Regulus, he began to gain great national fame through a very successful TV show.


Finally, he won the presidential elections when his Firdar of the North Node, the Head of the Dragon, had just begun, besides Mars the other overwhelmingly strong position in his horoscope. After all, the North Node is on powerful Capella in the Chariot, conjunct the Sun Lord 1! But yes, everything passes away and when he defended his presidency four years later, his South Node Firdar had begun. The South Node always forces you to a painful sacrifice, in conjunction with the Moon the Dragon’s  Tail took away the popular favor.

Second round

But since 2021, that often so difficult South Node phase ids also over and after 75 years he has started a new round of Firdaria, in his diurnal chart this begins with ten years of the Sun. That is, of course, this same Sun that conjuncts the North Node on Capella is in the tenth house. Thus, during his attempt to return as president, the Firdaria will activate the same constellation as when he became president for the first time. As far as the Firdaria is concerned, things are looking extremely favorable for him and we will certainly hear from him again. But more is needed to actually achieve success and we will look at that in a later post.


Throughout the world, there seems to be a struggle between two forces, on the one hand a globalist, liberal often pro-Western current and on the other hand an authoritarian nationalistic, conservative movement. You can see this in all countries on all continents, the conservative-authoritarian movement is a reaction to the pervasiveness of liberal-globalism, a resistance to the uncertainty that that brings. For many, the world as a big open market is certainly not an improvement, even in the rich Netherlands a significant part of the population can no longer make a decent living.


This opposition to liberalism often takes on grim forms, even in friendly vivacious Brazil, a president came to power with Jaïr Bolsonaro who presented himself as agressively extreme right. His presidency came to an end in October last year, he just lost the election, his followers occupied the parliament but he himself did not stir things up any further and he went to the US for reasons that were not entirely clear. It is to be expectedand that he will return, because half of the population supports his rather extreme politics.

To see who wins elections when it comes to a dual between two candidates, the lunar of the month under which the election is held is a fine  instrument. If someone wins, that’s quite an event and that has to be visible in the return chart. The interesting thing in this case is that Bolsonaro really just lost. It is therefore a good idea to look at the lunar return of his loss,  it can teach us a lot about the approach of these types of horoscopes.

President- Sun

On the MC , which is of course of great importance, is the star or rather the nebula Prasesepe, which has to do with fragamentation and loss. That’s not so good for him, besides, the Sun/Lord 10 is on the cusp of the weakening twelfth house. Venus, Lord 7 of the opponent stands nearby and approaches the Sun, an image of his opponent hunting for his presidency. What is striking is that Venus/Lord 7 is on Vindemniatrix which is not a good star for winning. But the Sun/Lord 10, Bolsonara’s job is really already in the twelfth house, Lord 7 of the opponent is further away from it, which makes Lord 7 relatively stronger.

Snake Heart

Lord 1, Bolsonaro that month, is Mars on Capella, the Chariot, which describes the situation, but it is  also in House 8 of death. So both Lord 10 and Lord 1, the lunar return’s most important house rulers, are in weakening houses.  Lord 1 Mars is also in opposition to the Pars of the Sun, the essence of the Solar energy of the king, not good of course.  On the ascendant Unukalhai is found, the Snake Heart, also not really nice as will be obvious. The chart is not really very pronounced and may seem a bit boring, the interpretation is a careful weighting, but with Lords 1 and 10 in weak housz and Lord 1 in opposition with the Part of the Sun, he looses. When it’s  that difficult, you can always look at the next lunar return and it’s very pronounced with Antares, the royal star which indicates the end of a cycus at the MC!!!

Ingress ’23

In the past two posts, we have looked at last year’s ingress chart (in Kiev in connection with the start of the war in Ukraine) and this year’s (in Ankara, in connection with the disastrous earthquake in Turkey). Soon the Sun will enter Aries again and we will have a new ingress, so it is interesting to look at this new ingress, it will give an indication of what may be expected this year. An ingress has a general part, the planetary positions in the signs and the aspects, which are the same all over the world, and a specific part, the houses. The houses show how the planetary positions work out specifically in the place  for which you make the ingress.

We are making the ingress chart of 2023 for Kiev, at the moment Ukraine plays a central role in world affairs, although the ingress for Beijing would also be worthwhile in view of the tensions around Taiwan. To highlight the specificity of an ingress, the interpretation of the 2023 ingress for Kiev will be compared to that for Moscow, the MC shifts rapidly if we move north or south, the Asc/Desc axis stays in the same place longer. It is, of course, mainly the angles that can show differences between places and the planetary parts as the energy essences of the planets are also very specific.


In the Aries ingress chart 2023 calculated for Kiev, Scorpio is on the Ascendant and so Mars, Lord 1 is the country this year. Mars is on the cusp of the eighth house of death and that indicates the war, which will continue. In the ingress for Moscow, Mars is also Lord 1 but the fighting planet is placed via antiscion on cusp 8, indicating that this does not happen in their own country, an antiscion always shows something indirect. Mars is on Betelgeuse, one of the main stars of the violent Hunter Orion, who is in danger of  being killed by the Scorpion. That needs no explanation, it is a description of the situation.


What is also striking is the Moon almost exactly on the IC, which is of course only the case in the ingress for Kiev, not in that for Moscow. In general, we can see the Moon as the people who end up in the lowest place of the chart, which can be seen as an image of their being cornered. On that point, too, there will be no change, adding that Lord 7 of the opponent is conjunct the North Node which will make it stronger. The planet parts give specific additional information and by antscion the Part of Mars conjuncts the Descendant, again an indication of battle. All in all, this ingress seems to show that the war will continue this year.