Messina Denaro, leader of the Sicilian mafia who had been a fugitive for decades, was recently arrested in Palermo. His nickname “Diabolik” leaves little to the imagination, he drew the usual trail of extreme and cruel violence, equally typical was that he could stay out of the hands of the police for so long. His birth data cannot be traced, but those of one of his predecessors with a very similar biography Salvatore Riina, alias “La Belva (The Beast)” who died in prison in 2017, can. Riina was also a fugitive for many years.

The question is whether you can see in the radix of these kinds of mafia bosses that they were tough criminals. You can give the answer without looking at a chart. No, you can’t because the horoscope does not show the moral state of an individual, that is very much a matter of free will. What you can see are the circumstances of the life, so that is in fact not that much different from horoscopes of ordinary people who  do not commit more than 50 murders in thir life.  Also a mafia boss can repent, as Oscar Wilde said: “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future”. 


Nevertheless, it is interesting to take a look at the radix of Riina, what emerges as a theme?  What immediately catches the eye is the emphasis on the IC, where an exalted retrograde Jupiter conjunct Pluto is found on royal Pollux. The IC is the family and that is of course of ery great importance. Pollux is the main star of Gemini, close brothers and fighters, Jupiter is Lord 12 of law-breaking and criminality and Pluto here is also rather appropriate as Lord of the Underworld. This constellation clearly describes his family root, although you can not immediately see that it is a mafia clan from Corleone.

Al Sarfah

The Lunar Mansion , the Manzil, is the core mythology in life and it is very striking, it is Al Sarfah the Lion’s Tail, so strongly connected to power struggle, violence and confrontation! The image of this Manzil is a warrior who is fighting a dragon, you can say that that was his central life theme. The star on the Ascendant is Hamal, the Southern and therefore meanest Ram’s horn, not a peaceful star od cours, which according to the description and makes brutal, criminal and violent. Lord 1 is Venus near Cusp 8 of death, the placement of Lord 1 in the radix shows what is automatically paid a lot of attention to. 


Both the Sun and Mercury conjunct  a powerful star from the Centaur Pholus, who mortally wounds himself by a poison arrow that has caused a bloodbath. The Centaurs are known as an uncivilized breed in which the raw instinct of their horse body quickly dominates. The Pars Fortunae is the planetary point of the Moon and it indicates the hunger, that which we can’t get enough of. It is close to Cusp 12 of transgressions and uncontrollable desires under disposition of Jupiter Lord 12 conjuncting the family IC.. So you can certainly see the life of Riina mirrored in various placements, but the fact remains that this could also be the radix of your neighbour.

La Lollo

On Monday, Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida, who was world famous in the 50s and 60s, died at the age of 95. La Lollo, as she was called, was born in a small mountain village as the daughter of a furniture maker, but she ended up playing with the big names in Hollywood. She was the ultimate Italian sex symbol and she was called ” the beautiful woman in the world”. Her third place at the Miss Italia contest in 1947 marked the beginning of her career as an actress. 

An astrologer does not have to think about this for so long, we can expect some Venus energy in her radix. We are not disappointed, but in a way that shows the great importance of a somewhat neglected technique about which I gave a workshop just last Saturday, that of the seven planet parts. Every planet has an “Arabic” part that indicates the pure essence of the planetary energy. If that part makes a conjunction or opposition with a radix factor with a two-degree orb, that pure planetary energy will manifest itself very clearly in a life simply because it is the essence of the energy.


The fascinating thing about the planet parts is that they have a very powerful effect but they are also very individual. The calculation of the planet parts depends on the Ascendant and it moves  quickly, so they are very individual, with their small orb they show sharply what distinguishes a soul born on earth from the others. In the radix of Gina Lollobrigida the part of Venus is on the MC!! So yes a planet part can make all the difference, because the girl who was born four minutes later in the neighbouring house does not have the Venus part in that place anymore! It ws only meant for Gina.


Such a part is just that electrifying extra energy surge that lifts you above the rest, La Lollo was the Venus essence. Of course, it will work in the context of the rest of the chart and there too we see Venus power, the planet is in the last part of the Leo conjunct the mighty king star Regulus who “leads you to the throne”. With dignities, the Lunar Mansion and the antiscia, the stars and the planet parts are among the indispensable techniques. This royal Venus is also conjunct Neptunus, which connects the female planet with the great power of the god of the oceans. The oceans and salt water are symbolically the desires that Poseidon will unleash on man…

The more planetary parts actively manifest in life via opposition or conjunction with a radix factor, the more special the life will be. For example, La Lollo has the Part of the Sun, also called the Part of Abundance, via antiscion in conjunction with the Moon, the other female planet. The Part of Courage, the planetary point of Mars and the Mars essence falls on the Ascendant on combative Rigel, a combination that gives a good dosage of an active zest for life. The Sun on Sirius, the main star of the Big  Dog and one of the brightest stars in the firmament -which she was – completes the picture of decisiveness and success.


On Friday it was Epiphany and there is no festival in Christianity that astrologers have been more concerned with than Epiphany. The story is well known, suddenly wise men “from the East” (“magi” the text says) appear in Jerusalem because they have seen a sign hat the new king of the Jews has been born. They have come to worship Him and want to know where to find Him. The sign that He was born was a star, and this has led to many astrological speculations about the nature of that star.

According to some, for example, the star would be a Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter (a “GC”), which incidentally took place in the year 7 BC.  Now that doesn’t sound too strange at first glance, if the wise men also had astrological knowledge, then they would have known that a GC always announces major changes. One might expect that this GC, given the importance of the event, would be a turning-point in the cycle of GCs. However, that is not the case only in the year ’74 AD the GCs go over to the Fire Signs which always announces the beginning of a radically new period of 800 years.


So there is no such connection, and if we read the text carefully, it raises the question whether all the attention of astrologers for the Star of Bethlehem is not simply based on a flawed understanding of religious symbolism. For it says that the Magi have already seen this star “in the East.” The East is traditionally the place of wisdom because that is where the light comes from. That in the place of wisdom a sign is given that the long awaited Messiah is born, seems very logical. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be something that fits into a known astrological cycle, on the contrary.

But even clearer is the continuation of the story. For when the Sages have understood from the Jewish scholars that according to tradition the long-awaited Messiah would be born in Bethlehem, they set off for this city. The star “that they  had already seen  in the East” goes out in front of them and comes to a standstill above the “place where the Child is located”. It will be clear that this cannot some planetary constellation or anything else of a known astrological nature, for the same light that they had already seen in the East now leads them from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. Bethlehem is about ten kilometers south of Jerusalem and so the Star seems to have made a turn.

Plus ultra

We cannot imagine anything astrological in this description, how could a Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter precede the wise men on their journey southwards to Bethlehem?? The conclusion must be that all astrologers’ speculation about the Star of Bethlehem is based on nothing, it is triggered by the tendency of astrologers  to want to reduce everything to astrology. But the point is that astrology is not the non plus ultra. Above or behind astrology there is the spiritual origin, which means that astrology cannot contain or describe everything and that also applies to the Star that indicates birth of Jesus.  Astrology is only traditional cosmological science, but it  cannot be elevated to the rank of a religion!!

God’s Rottweiler

On New Year’s Eve, Pope Emeritus Benedict died and with that a somewhat bizarre situation ended in which there were two popes , one in office and one of whom no one could actually say what he was exactly. When Benedict stepped down as pope in February 2013, a thunder bolt struck St. Peter’s and that could be a good symbol of the situation that had led to his resignation. The real reason Benedict resigned was  the pressure exerted by extremely progressive circles who disagreed with what they considered to be the pope’s too conservative course.


These progressive circles, fans of Jorge Bergoglio, the current Pope Francis, had previously tried to make an outspoken progressive candidate pope and are known as the St Gallen Mafia. The connections of the members of this group of cardinals and bishops are rather dark as the name suggests, the whole story is far too complex to tell here. There are indications however of links with Theodore McCarrick, a once powerful cardinal convicted and expelled from the clergy for sexual abuse.

There are even indications of contacts with the O.T.O., de Ordo Templis Orientis, an organisation  engaging in black magic and active in St Gallen where the mafia met. The “red binder” could also have played a role, a report on sexual and financial abuses in high Vatican circles. There was probably a fear that Benedict would take action against the (progressive) prelates mentioned in the report. In any case, it is striking that Franciscus did not act on it and even protected and promoted the prelates mentioned in the red binder…


Be that as it may, what of all this  can be seen in the radix of the late “emeritus pope”?  What strikes the eye immediately, is the strong Jupiter in its own sign Pisces on the Ascendant. Jupiter is not only the general indicator of religions and priests but also Lord 1 of the person, Lord 10 of the profession and Lord 9 of spirituality!  This Jupiter is placed in its own sign and will therefore mainly be guided by its own ideas. Saturn on cusp 9 of religion shows that Benedict was indeed not one of the most progressive prelates, Saturn is placed on mighty royal Antares, one of his most important acts was to expand the possibilities to celebrate the old Latin mass again. He felt that the reformers in the church had gone too far in banning it.

Al Pherg

However, Antares the Heart of The Scorpio on cusp 9 is also the star of the end of a cycle, an indication of his resignation, on the MC there is also Aculeus a nebula in Scorpio’s Sting, a nebula indicates things you cannot see. Saturn on cusp 9 of the church is also Lord 12 of hidden enemies. The Sun of his leadership strong in his exaltation in Aries stands on the  star of fate Al Pherg in the Cord of Pisces, which is also associated with the end of the old cycle. That he was not really mild in his discussions with others, you can see in the fiery Mars via antiscion on the expansive North Node on Betelgeuze in the violent Hunter Orion and square Mercury Lord 7 of others.  Not a peaceful position: God’s Rottweiler. So we see a lot of indications for conflict, secrets, and a cycle that ends.

The Lunar Mansion is Al Awwa the Virgin’s Wing that has a lot to do with love, very appropriate as a basic myth for a pope. The planet parts also  have somehing important to add. The Part of Fortune , showning the hunger of the soul is in conjunction with the Part of Jupiter – ”help from above’-  in the sixth house of sickness and misfortune, as a falling house the sixth shows the consequences of our fall into the matter.

Love Actually

Last week we talked about the symbolism of the Goat-Fish Capricorn, connected to the time around Christmas the time when the Sun enters Capricorn. It is the darkest time of the year where the cycle reverses and the light slowly starts to get stronger again. It is also a grim phase, as the myth that has to do with Capricorn is about the confrontation with Typhon death. But why then is it a time of so much romance and sweetness, of peace and love? For example, the ultimate Christmas movie is the mega hit Love Actually! How does that fit in with the somewhat dark image of Capricorn?

That has to do with the character of the cycle of the zodiac. At this point of Capricorn, there are two ways forward. Either you continue the path of the zodiac where the cycle goes on in the normal way, or the cycle ends and you go to the next stage, from the earthly Goat part to the Fish part of the non-material dimension. If you leave the earthly, leave the material duality behind you, you enter into a dimension of peace and unity, the tension and the battle that belong to earthly life are left behind here.

Love Actually

That’s why Love Actually  is the ultimate Christmas movie. Beyond earthly matter everything is unity and so love,  the cycle has arrived at that point at Christmas. The dignities of the planets in  Capricorn can also be understood from this. That Saturn has its domicile here will be clear, it is the point where the boundary is reached and where the earthly ends. But what about Mars, which has its exalation here? That is clear, when you have to cross the border, and that is death, you need courage and combativeness very much, the ties with earthly life must be rigorously cut and that is a fight. Capricorn is not for nothing the only sign in which the two malefics have a lot of dignity.


That the Moon has its detriment here will also be clear. The Moon is the great symbol of earthly life and that stops here. This also applies to Jupiter wich has its fall in Capricorn. Jupiter is growth and expansion and yes also thret is finished here. Capricorn is the transition to the unity from earthly duality and in unity there is no longer any growth of Jupiter possible or necessary and also no more changeability of the Moon. Capricorn is thus the gate in and out of life and that is exacty the reason why the antiscia, the points that reflect the duality of the world par excellence are found through the axis Capricorn-Cancer.  That axis is the creation axis of duality, in lunar Cancer earthly life begins and in Capricorn it ends, everything is caught between those two poles.


The last, fourth week of Advent has begun and it is now almost Christmas. Astrologically, Christmas corresponds to the light of the Sun at its weakest with the entry of the Sun into Capricorn, the winter ingress. In our time we let the year start there, which is logical because the light is now beginning to come back. Capricorn is strongly connected in its symbolism with death, darkness and rebirth, which you see in the image of the Goat-Fish, the Goat is the earthly which  finally must come to an end, the Fish stands for the spiritual in which at death the earthly transforms, Capricorn symbolizes that transition.

Crescent Moon

At this birth of the spiritual light from the earthly dimension, the Moon energy plays a very large role, after all, the Moon with its changing nature is the great symbol for earthly life. Only from the totally pure energy of the Moon can the light now be born. This is reflected in the Christian celebration of Christmas, in which Mary as the holy Mother of God is of course central. Often you see Mary depicted standing on the Crescent Moon which shows that the whole dimension of the earthly life symbolized by the Moon is controlled and purified by her. That is why Christ – the Sun – can be born of her, according to tradition she is completely free from the stain of sin, from attachment to the earthly. She has  completely mastered the lunar forces, which is why she stands on the Crescent Moon.


This symbolism of the Moon is reflected in a surprising way in the mistletoe from which the Christmas wreath is traditionally woven. The mistletoe is a very special plant in which the energy of the Moon works in a very, very stronge and pure way. If you have ever seen the beautiful white berries of the mistletoe, that will be clear, these are lunar energies! Also, in the leaf of mistletoe, the splitting into two halves can  be seen very emphatically, and this duality is nothing but the earthly of which the Moon is the great symbol.

In this strongly lunar nature you can see the reason why the mistletoe is used at Christmas. After all, in order for the light to be born, you need a pure lunar force like Mary in Christianity. That lunar force can harmonize all earthly things and that is the peace of Christmas. This is also what is called “sympathy” in medical astrology, the pure energy of the Moon of the mistletoe  can harmonize all unbalanced lunar energy. That is why it is also possible  to kiss under the mistletoe without consequences, there the earthly energy of the Moon is pure and harmonized and all evil is banished. 


Van Gaal

The Dutch national team has already come back from the World Cup in Qatar after the loss against Argentina and frankly that is somewhat justified. The Dutch played only poorly, not too long ago this was much better. In  any case, this mediocre performance cannot be blamed on the coach Louis van Gaal. Van Gaal did what could be done and at press conferences he was quite a phenomenon with his most individual charm. Van Gaal was once a  professional player himself, but he never reached the highest level that he later achieved as a coach.

A coach is of course the boss, but especially the strategist, the planner who has to keep an overview. As a planet, Jupiter can be associated with this and Jupiter is in Van Gaal’s radix Lord 1 who is in mutual reception with the sports planet Mars, Jupiter is in the sign of Mars and Mars in Cancer where Jupiter has its exaltation. The house where Lord 1 is located always automatically gets a lot of attention and in the third house the “higher” insights from the ninth house are made practical, not bad for a coach. Mars with which Lord 1 is in reception, is also on royal Pollux, the immortal half of the highly combative Gemini, a fighter star with a pure Mars character.


Mars is Lord 10, and Lord 10 does not just like that indicate what you do as a job, it shows what “is going on” when you perform a public function. In this radix, Mars is clearly the central point in the profession, not only because Mars is in mutual reception with Lord 1 and conjunct royal Pollux, but also because it is angular and can therefore manifest strongly. The Moon on Spica also squares  this Mars, which brings a second royal star into play and stars, certainly royal stars, are decisive influences in a life.  Mars is essentially weak in its fall in Cancer but that alone does not mean that there can be no success in Mars areas like sports. 

Al Simak

As we saw last week in Lionel Messi’s radix, you don’t have to have an essentially strong planet to get much success, there are many ways in which success can be indicated in a chart. But in Van Gaal’s chart there is not only this Mars on Pollux connected with the Moon on Spica as the central point, he also has the Sun of leadership in his own sign directly connected to Jupiter Lord 1 of coaching through a trine.  His Lord of the Geniture, however, is Mercury very, very strong in Virgo and this also gives him a great  talent for detailed analysis. That his Lunar Mansion, his core myth, is Al Simak, which can be associated with the very critical evaluation of relationships, fits in very well with the coaching of teams, in which creating a unity is one of the most important goals.


He is a bit in the last days of his career but he still shines brightly at the World Cup in Qatar, the whole Argentine team revolves around him, around superstar Lionel Messi.

In Messi’s radix, it is immediately noticeable that both the Moon and the Ascendant stand on royal Aldebaran, the star of spring that promises great success and wealth. Aldebaran is the Eye of the Bull  a very physical and material beast and a star with a pure Mars energy, both of which are not bad for a top football player. In addition to that double Aldebaran, another royal star, namely Pollux, also has a lot of influence. Mars the planet of battle and sport, stands on the immortal Twin Brother (his brother Castor is killed). through antiscion, this Mars-with-Pollux falls on the Ascendant and therefore becomes very prominent. Pollux is a powerful warrior and, like Aldebaran, it is a star with a pure Mars character, which is not common, most stars have a mixed nature.


In the first house, Venus, Lord 5 of sports and entertainment, is found very strongly on Rigel, a star of the first magnitude in the Hunter Orion. Rigel also gives a lot of success, the Hunter is a very physical constellation and the cusp of the fifth house of sports and games falls on royal Spica, as if it wasn’t enough! Remarkably, Messi has very few essentially strong planets, his mega-success comes from that improbable concentration of stellar force, especially in the first house.

That the point of the Sun (Asc + Sun – Moon) in the first house is conjunct the Sun itself via antiscion, is an additional clue. The Point of the Sun is also the Point of Abundance, which thus connects with the general significator of fame. In addition, the planetary point of Mars (battle, Asc + PF – Mars) is also important, it is conjunct the planetary point of Jupiter (Victory, Asc + Jup – Pars of the Sun) and such ac onjunction of planetary points among themselves always indicates a prominent concrete theme in a life.


The president of the world football association FIFA Gianni Infantino surprised the world last week. In an unprecedentedly arrogant and brutal way, he showed his power by dismissing all criticism of the World Cup in Qatar, and there is quite a lot to criticize. FIFA is undoubtedly one of the most corrupt organizations in the world and that lousy reputation was firmly confirmed by Infantino. Apparently, far too much power, prestige and money goes around here to keep it pure

PoseidonThe question, of course, is whether the deeply corrupt nature of FIFA is visible in the organization’s horoscope. The time of founding is not really certain, but we are just looking at the birth chart based on the time known in the archives. What immediately catches the eye in this radix is Neptune which is conjunct the MC, outer planets can be interpreted in classical astrology based on their mythology. Neptune or Poseidon is the very powerful god of the oceans and  the salt water is a symbol of uninhibited desire. Therefore, he creates chaos, Poseidon is also a grim god who tolerates no others in his realm. It is always his goal to flood the ordered mainland and drown it in his water domain.

That is a good first description of FIFA, but in view of the deeply ingrained dishonesty you could of course think of Mercury, the planet of liars. And yes, Mercury plays a remarkably important role in this FIFA radix. Lord 1 is Venus who is in his own sign, he is his own boss, and is intimately conjunct Mercury, a very direct connection between FIFA and the the liar planet. The Moon is Lord 10 and makes a very narrow square on this conjunction, on top of that Mercury disposits both the Sun and Mars.


Mercury is the ruler of the ninth house of ethics which thus becomes very pliable and he is ruler of twelfth house of shadowy things. He is retrograde, goes against the normal course of events and is peregrine, that is, he does not have a fixed course, not his strongest point anyway. The only thing that offers any solidity is the square with the strict Saturn that is very strongly in its own sign, that is the game, Saturn is Lord 5 of playin also placed in the fifth house. Remarkably, the Moon Lord  10, the public activities of FIFA, is in opposition to Lord 5. FIFA is not just about the game.

The same Lord 10  is placed  on the star Algenubi, the ambitious, bombastic Lion’s Mouth and both the Sun of leadership and Mars of sport are in the Pleiades, part of the crisis zone that begins at Algol a little further back, and which you can associate so strongly with struggle, violence, blindness and loss. The Lunar Mansion is Al Tarf, the Gaze of the Lion, connectedto insolent provocations.=. Far too much conflict and far too much Mercury, but on the MC is the Part of Jupiter, of Victory, yes they get away with it.


Early this month, the Russian army suffered a painful defeat in Ukraine, it had to give up the city of Kherson, which was captured by them at the beginning of the war .The attacks of the Ukrainians on the Russian supply lines and positions had made it untenable for the Russians to occupy the city any longer. That was extra hard  for them because Russia had announced the annexation of the city and the region not long before this, they would remain Russian “forever”.

South Scale Eclipse

Such a painful defeat, according to some even a turning-point in the war, should be visible in the relevant charts. Some time ago we indeed wrote on this blog about the eclipse of November 8 on the South Scale:

“When you see how much is wrong with the organization of the Russian army, it does not look very promising for the Russians. Eclipse Lord 1 – also seen as a Russia – is indeed a strong Saturn in its own sign and in the first house, but Russia is not in its own house, that will not help them too much. This Saturn hooks into the axis of the eclipse through square and will therefore be firmly hit by the tensions that symbolized by the eclipse.  All this is emphasized by the star on the MC, martial Antares, the Heart of deadly Scorpio who deals arrogant Orion the death-blow. That MC is very specific to the place, so it doesn’t look like it will be much better for the Russians this winter.”

Great Conjunction

That was the interpretation of the eclipse chart made for Moscow and indeed the effect of the merciless South Scale on which the eclipse fell and of Antares did not take long to show. Now, of course, you can see such an event not only in eclipses, but also in the chart of Russia. For this we use the horoscope of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter of July 1444 that preceded the foundation of the Russian state with Moscow as its capital. This GC horoscope can be used as a radix of Russia and you can apply all the techniques that you also apply in a radix for a person.

  If you then look at the lunar return under which the Russians had to give up Kherson, this GC radix also appears to be effective at the level of lunar returns. Because what immediately stands out is Saturn, Lord 7 of opponents who is very strong on an angle, on the descendant. Lord 7 stands in his own house and sign and in fact the Ukrainians took back what belongs to their country. Lunar Lord 1, Russia this month, is the Sun which is clearly less strong in the fourth house. The distance from Lord 1 to the South Node, which deprives you of everything, is  with seven degrees too far to count as a conjunction. 

Nevertheless, the South Node is the decisive factor here. Because through antscion it falls right on the Ascendant which of course stands for Russia because this is a lunar return made on the basis of the Russian radix. The South Node deprives Russia of something in a very painful way, a sacrifice is forced on them. The North Node that gives everything, then falls on that strong Lord 7 on the Descendant, Kherson goes back to Ukraine. The importance of this event is emphasized once again by the fact that the Ascendant of this lunar return falls near radix-Ascendant of Russia and such a “return of axes” always shows that something very striking will happen.