Last week, the  eclipse chart which indicated the disaster in Derna in Lybia was discussed here. One of the most striking positions in that chart was the nodal axis, the core of an eclipse, which conjuncted the Ascendant in the chart calculated for Derna! That means the entire load of the eclipse will be poured out over Derna, and an eclipse is always a crisis because the Luminaries go out during an eclipse. In order to predict a disaster, a local astrologer could therefore keep an eye on the eclipses in his hometown.


Of course, it is also very important when such a disaster will occur, and an eclipse cannot indicate this with the necessary precision. After all, there are only three eclipses every year, so you need an instrument that shows on a smaller timescale when what is indicated in the eclipse will happen. You can very well use the lunations for that, the charts of the Full Moon and the New Moon.  You have two of them each month and in that way  you can determine the moment of a disaster like this quite accurately.


The chart of the Full Moon that preceded the disaster in Derna shows it all clearly, again by the nodal  axis. It is on the MC/IC axis, a kind of repetition of what was seen in the eclipse horoscope. The fact that the nodal axis falls on the MC/IC makes this very specific to Derna. There will be other places where this is the case, but those other places do have a different eclipse chart. So you can see how it is shown astrologically why a certain place is affected. Everything that happens here below on earth is indicated above.

Al Pherg

The lunation chart is very pronounced, the MC with the nodal axis is on Al Pherg, one of the three stars of fate! On the other important angle the Ascendant the alarm signal is repeated again, the Ascendant falls on Praesepe, which is also called, you hardly dare say it, “The Exhalation of Piled-Up Corpses”!!  The lunation itself falls conjunct Saturn, Lord 8 of death which stands in the eighth House on the Mouth of the Southern Fish Fom-Al Hut where the stream is poured out of the jar of Aquarius. It seems to be time to start an astrological alerting service for disasters.


In recent weeks, in this blog we have looked at the cahrts that showed the floods in Slovenia in early August. They were serious and caused a lot of damage. Last week, more natural disasters were in the news, a disastrous earthquake in Morocco, south of Marrakesh, and a devastating hurricane that led to the breach of two dams in eastern Libya. A mudslide was the result that razed the city of Derna to the ground in ten minutes.


These disastrous events make the need to be able to make clear predictions of natural disasters with astrology even more urgent. The disaster in Libya is one of almost apocalyptic proportions, and if we have to choose charts to investigate this, it seems like a good idea to start at the level of the eclipses. Then we have to look at the eclipse of April 20, the last before this disaster. It is also important to have an eye for the exact location because there is no damage in the west of Libya. On May 5 there was another eclipse, but that was an “appulse”, in which the Moon only passes through the penumbra of the Earth and does not really become completely dark, we will leave that “half eclipse” aside.


So the eclipse is calculated for the city of Derna, but of course when you think about forecasting, we don’t know in advance that it will get so bad there! What is possible, of course, is that astrologers keep an eye on the relevant charts for their regions and locations. There is also a program with which you can see where an eclipse or lunation will have a strong effect due to an important position on the angles. In the eclipse chart that preceded the disaster in Derna, the danger is very clearly indicated. The eclipse itself may not be on the Ascendant, but the nodal axis is! And the nodal axis is a very important, essential part of an eclipse.

Mars in Fall

That is a sign that the full force of the eclipse will come down in Derna and that is not a good sign, apart from the further positions. In an eclipse, one of the Luminaries goes out and that remains a crisis symbolism. The Ascendant with the Node is on Sharatan, the violent Ram’s horn and Venus / Lord 1 is placed on the royal very martial Aldebaran. Mars is in the chart in fall and therefore shows its nastiest side, which also means that stars in which a Martial energy works, have a more destructive effect. Mars is on violent Sirius which has a Jupiter/Mars nature and by antiscion that nasty Mars falls on Venus, Lord 1.

Fishes’ Mouth

Lord 10 – with Lord 1 the most important house ruler – is Saturn on Fomalhout, the Mouth of the Southern Fish into which the water is poured out! Through antiscion, this Lord 10 makes an opposition with Jupiter who is Lord 8 of death. So there is a lot of danger to be seen in this chart. But the decisive position is the Nodal Axis that falls on the Ascendant here and thus unleashes this whole threatening potential in Derna. Next week we will look at the luantion that preceded the disaster.


In recent weeks, we have been looking at the ingress charts, which indicated the heavy floodings in Slovenia in early August. Ingress charts are horoscopes of the exact moment the Sun enters a new sign, calculated for a particular location, usually the capital of a country. The ingress shows what will happen in the time that the ingress covers, which may  be a year (Aries ingress), a season (Cancer ingress for the summer for example) or a month (Leo ingress for August).


But there are other possibilities in mundane astrology, one of which has to do with the cycle of the Luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. The Luminaries are the symbol for the entire astrological system, the Sun gives off the creation impulse and the Moon brings it to earth, realizing this creation impulse in earthly forms. That is why their cycle of lunations (Full and New Moons) and the special lunations conjunct the nodal axis, the eclipses, have such impact on the world. The nodes are the points where the Solar and the Lunar orbits cross each other, so a lunation at that place has an extra large influence, it is a kind of double lunation.


Indeed, the lunation chart of the Full Moon that preceded the flooding gives clear indications that something is going to happen in Slovenia. If you analyse these types of horoscopes, you have to realize that you are looking for clear signs, a number of positions must really stand out, because if you dig deep enough for details you will always find something. A sense of proportion and relevance is essential for good astrology and  for this you need more than just dry, rational thinking.

Liquid Moon

In the chart of the Full Moon that immediately preceded the beginning of the floods, calculated for the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, such a clue can be seen immediately. The Full Moon itself is conjunct the most important axis of the horoscope, the Asc-Desc axis!! Everything that is indicated in this lunation horoscope will therefore manifest itself specifically in Slovenia, because the location of the Ascendant shifts quickly if you calculate the horoscope for another location. It is the liquid Moon, the general significator of Water, which is on the Ascendan! But also the Sun on the other side, does not look too nice. The Sun is on Praesepe, a very evil star, which is also called the “exhalation of piled-up corpses”.

The Fish’s Mouth

Of course this applies in all locations in the world but especially in Slovenia where the Full Moon falls exactly on the Asscendant. Another important position in a lunation horoscope is always the position of Lord 1, which is the land in the period about which the lunation says something. That is in this case Saturn, which is indeed in a Water sign and it is retrograde, but more important is the star that is in play. That is Fom Al Hut, the Mouth of the Southern Fish, in this mouth the stream of water is poured out, coming from the jug that Aquarius has on his shoulder! 

Al Sa’ad Al Dhabi

The Lunar Mansion can also add some relevant information, the Moon is only in a Manzil for a day so that is also quite specific. The Lunar Mansion is Al Sa’d al Dhabhi, the Eye of Capricorn. In this mansion you are confronted with a crisis situation that forces you to make great sacrifices, because the Eye of Capricorn looks through death at the next world. 


In last week’s post, we looked back at the disastrous floods in Slovenia that ravaged the country in early August. Your astrologer had just returned from a holiday in that country, when everything there was flooded, which of course raised the question of whether and how you could see that astrologically. There are various possibilities for this, last week we looked at the summer ingress of the Sun, the chart of the exact moment that the Sun enters the sign of Cancer. That chart shows what happens in the three summer months and major problems were indicated.


Now, of course, the question is whether you can make this more precie, whether you can also see the specific month in which it will happen. That could, of course, be of practical use. To view that, you can take for example the lunar return that is valid in August, based on the chart of Slovenia, also you could look at the lunation chart  (the New Moon or the Full Moon) before the start of the floodings. A third possibility is the ingress chart of the month in which it happened.

Leo ingress

This is the horoscope of the exact moment the Sun enters Leo, calculated for the capital Ljubljana. It is important to realize that such an ingress chart by which you investigate a month is always interpreted in the context of the other mundane charts that you have viewed. It is also crucial to be strict in the interpretation and only look at really striking positions, if you analyze in too much detail that you loose sharpness.  So are there things to see in the Leo Ingress that are seriously disturbing?


Lord 1 in the ingress is the Moon and the position of Lord 1 is of course very important, it symbolizes Slovenia this month. And there is a clear indication of trouble because the Moon is on Labrum. Labrum is an exceptional star, it is one of the three stars of fate that will strike! It is the main star of the Cup and in some cases you can interpret this as the cup that you will not pass  you by, as the poison cup that will have to be drunk to the bottom.


Also, Lord 1 is in opposition to Neptune the savage god of the oceans who floods the land with his waters! The liquid Moon in opposition to this Neptune is in the fourth house of the land, an extra indication that it is all about flooding. Within the usual orb of five degrees, malefic Mars falls on the IC and Mars is Lord 6 of misfortune.  This Mars is strongly emphasized by the Pars Fortunae that is conjunct with it. Both the angles and the Pars are very specific for Slovenia, in Zagreb, the capital of neighboring Croatia for eaxmple they are placed differently.  

Death house

The malefic Mars Lord 6 of misfortune is in opposition with the other malefic Saturn who also rules a malefic house, House 8 of death! So we have the two malefics that have no essential dignity, both ruling an evil house placed on the MC/IC- axis within the permitted orb. Allin all , the charts gives us a clear picture, we do not have to draw the clues from it.    


Your astrologer was on holiday in Slovenia this summer, and that was very nice. Just after departure and return to the Netherlands, however, violent flooding erupted in Slovenia, we had gone just in time! It wasn’t just bad weather, it was the worst flooding in decades. The question is whether you can see any of this astrologically and how? Which charts do you use and is it clear to see that very bad weather is coming? Maybe sometimes it’s useful to able to see this.


There are several possibilities to view this, you could check the chart of Slovenia,  the progressions of the fast factors and the lunar returns for July and August. What is also possible is the interpretation of the relevant ingress charts, the charts of the exact moment when the Sun enters a new sign. This could be Aries andfthen you have a chart  for the year, but also, for example, Cancer and then you have a chart for the summer.

That is the chart we are now looking at,  the summer ingress calculated for the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, a capital is the symbolic point in which the whole country is concentrated. It is important to pay attention to alarming factors that really stand out, too detailed an analysis, as usual, makes no sense because in it the distinction between important and unimportant is lost. 

Lucida Lancis

The first thing you notice is the South Scale, which is on the Ascendant,  a very powerful royal star, also called the Scorpion’s Claw, which shows its evil nature. Not every little star on the Ascendant is alamering, but the royal South Scale is. Furthermore, Mars Lord 1 – Slovenia in the summer of 2023 – falls on the descendant by antiscion. The country is opposing itself, it is being torn to pieces, as it were. Venus also falls by antiscion on the descendant, where the planet acts as the adversary of the country. Venus is Lord 12, lord of the most evil house in the chart. 

Cardinal Water    These three factors are powerful and striking. It is also worth remembering that all three are directly connected to the Ascendant/Descenant axis, which is very specific to Slovenia. The exact location of that axis shifts quickly as you make the chart for other locations. Because the Sun is automatically always at 0 ° Cancer in a summer ingress, the position of the other Luminary the Moon is extra important. The Moon is on Praesepe, the Heart of Cancer, an evil star cluster of destructive fragmenation and Cancer in the zodiac is also the sign of the Water in the fast flowing cardinal mode. This together with the other factors is enough to set off an alarm bell. 

Trump under fire

In the run-up to the US presidential election next year, we follow the candidates, which means that we follow Trump. There is usually little interesting to say about Biden, he even seems to have stopped saying strange things. With Trump it’s different, there’s always something happening, never a dull moment. That can be expectecd from choleric, a Fire-man with Mars on the Ascendant on Regulus the star that wants and gives dominion. His Lunar Mansion is Al Qalb, a Scorpio mansion, the keywords of Al Qalb, a martial mansion, are attacks, battle and poison.  

Sixth profection

Sixth professionIn recent months, Trump has come under heavy fire, four lawsuits have been filed against him and the lawsuit in the state of Georgia in particular could be dangerous for him.  So it’s interesting to see what’s going on in his chart. He is 77, his profection is in the sixth house of adversity,  Lord 6 in his radix is Saturn in detriment conjunct Venus/Lord 10 of the job. So yes trouble.

Al Simak

His progressed Moon is moving through the the mansion Al Simak which is associated with tensions, struggles and critical and careful evaluation. The Moon is also on the royal protective Spica and applies to the progressive benefic Jupiter, which does not look very bad, although in two months this protection will be over. The Moon is now also in opposition with the progressive Sun via antiscion, so conflict with authorities. Also, the Moon is in the Burnt Road, always indicating a time of trouble. The progressed  Pars Fortunae, which moves at a speed of one degree per month just like the Moon, is now on the South Node bringing painful setbacks, so it shows very precisely the moment of the charges brought against him.


The importan tfast progressive factors therefore show very clearly what is happening at this moment, in these months. But the line of development on the longer term, you can see in the three major slow progressions/directions, the Sun, the Ascendant and the MC. The MC is moving towards Praesepe, a malignant nebula cluster associated with fragmentation and loss, so not nice. The Ascedant will soon change sign into Scorpio activating Mars indicating  the election battle coming up. Also important for the longer term, the Moon in the Via Combusta will enter its fall in Scorpio in February next year, which usually indicates a moment of crisis, perhaps an unfavorable verdict?


In last week’s post, we looked at Barbie’s chart, the movie is a huge blockbuster at the moment, and the progressions in Barbie’s radix clearly showed that. People often combine the Barbie movie with another film about the life of Robbert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb. This somewhat unlikely cocktail has even been given a name “Barbenheimer”, well you have to do something this summer. In Japan there is anger about the combination, the nuclear trauma is still very deep there.

Oppenheimer’s birth time cannot be determined, but the exact time of the birth of his “child” is of course known. The first atomic bomb went off in New Mexico, the test had been given the ominous codename “trinity” by Oppenheimer. When he saw the bomb go off, he thought “Now I am become Death, destroyer of worlds”, a quote from the Bhagavad Gita. In the horoscope of the birth of the Bomb, this can be seen immediately. Saturn the general significator of death, is Lord 8 of death and conjuncts the Ascendant, in Cancer in his detriment, he shows his nastiest  side.

Big Dog

The symbolism is also striking on a deeper level. Saturn is the physical structure that is dissolved here in detriment at an essential level. The energy of the atomic bomb is the energy of matter itself that is released by the nuclear fission, radioactivity is part of the decomposition of matter. The Saturn structure dissolves in the Waters of Cancer, the Lord of Cancer the Moon makes this acute by a narrow  square with Saturn.

Tsei He

The Ascendant stands aptly on the biggest bully star in the sky, Sirius, the intimidating Mouth of the Big Dog. Indeed, intimidation and deterrence are central, the Sun is on the equally powerful Procyon in the Small Dog. That indicates the enormous influence of nuclear weapons, the Dogs must always be tightly guided and must not allowed to decide for themselves what they are going to do, that is also very true. Mars, the general siginificator of bombs stands on – where else? – Algol the most evil star on the firmament, also called Tsei He, piled-up corpses.


The warlike Mars is in detriment and makes a trine with expansive Jupiter Lord 6 of disease and misfortune in detriment, so both planets show their worst sides. On the MC is Scheat from Pegasus, connected to the story of Bellerophon who tried to fly to the world of gods on his own initiative and had to pay heavily for it. He fell from the sky and was left crippled and lonely, in Hiroshima they know what that’s about. The planet parts repeat the being of the Bomb, the Part of the dissolving power of the Moon is conjunct the Part  of Saturn, the essence of matter on Neptune who wipes  out everything with the ferocious power of his watera. I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds.


Barbie is currently scoring triumphs because of the Barbie movie that came out recently and which turns out to be a huge blockbuster. In the magazine The Astrologer’s Apprentice which was published for a while by John Frawley there is a natal chart of Barbie and it would be very interesting to see what is going on in it now. Honestly, I don’t know exactly how John Frawley got the time of birth, probably from a first presentation of the doll or the start of sales. Anyway, the article he wrote about is still very witty and worth reading, and we will use this time to see what that will  bring.

And it is bull’s eye! For one of the most important progressive factors, the primary Ascendant moves over Pollux, one of the royal stars that brings great success. To view the movement of the two angles, we always take the primary directions because the angles do not make a secondary movement. There are several methods to calculate them, but if you use the fixed stars, it is not difficult to see which method is the right one. The calculation we use almost always indicates the appropriate stars. The directions of the angles move slowly about a degree per year, so that is easy to check.


The primary direction of the MC is equally clear, it is on natal Mercury, Lord 2 of money and yes that is flowing in now. The MC also squares the strong radix-Saturn in Capricorn, Lord 11 in the radix, the salary, so financially it is all fine. The third slow factor in the prognosis is the secondary progression of the Sun and it is now conjuncting  the natal Ascendant! All three factors in the prognosis that indicate the main line of development in the life are therefore very strong.

Al Hana

In addition to the three slow progressions, you will also look at the movements of the secondary-progressed Moon and those of the Pars Fortunae and the Pars Solis. These are the fast factors that move at a speed of about one degree per month and thus allow precise timing. At the moment, the progressive Moon is making a trine with the New Moon in Barbie’s radix! It also is moving from the Lunar Mansion Al Hana to Al Dhira, Al Hana gives attraction, Al Dhira financial success, a striking image of the film that brings in so much money.


The PF also activates the New Moon in the radix, by opposition but still. The Pars Solis is going through the crisis zone and is almost on Algol. That seems less favourable, but Algol is not only hideous Medusa with this snake-like hair but also a very seductive woman, who makes everyone loose their heads. So Frawley’s time of Barbie’s birth seems to work just fine, for those who want to take a look at her radix, she was born on March 9, 1959, 9:00 EST in New York. In that chart, Barbie herself is Venus in detriment, QED!   


Finally the time has come, the liberal Mark Rutte is leaving politics. He has been Prime Minister of the Netherlands since 2010, making him the longest-serving Prime Minister of our country ever. He leaves behind a trail of scandals, under his leadership an incredible amount of things went out of control, but let’s focus on his chart, what can be seen there of the end of this very remarkable career?

We will not interpret his radix here, but focus on what the various forecasting methods show about this not insignificant moment in his career. The nice thing is that these methods are so clear, but that this goes completely against his own ideology. After all, liberalism radically believes in self-determination, that your life is partly predetermined and that you have a destiny is alien to the right-minded liberal.  Everything is up to you, if something doesn’t work out, you have yourself to blame and success is your merit. Astrology shows that this is not true. Succes is not made, it is given.

In detriment and fallen

The first thing that strikes us when looking at the prediction techniques is the amazing power of the Firdaria, the rulers of time periods of several years. In 2006 Rutte became leader of his party the VVD, that was the moment his Sun Firdar started. It is true that the Sun in his radix is not so strong, but a new Firdar ruler always indicates important changes and the Sun is of course appropriate for leadership. During this Sun Firdar he became prime minister for the first time.


But it is the next Firdar ruler that announces the almost unassailable omnipotence he displayed for so long. That next Firdar ruler is Venus, who is in exaltation in Pisces, in a strong angular house. Venus is also Lord 10 of the job, it is clear that his finest hour has arrived! But just as clearly the Firdaria indicate when it will be over, in early 2024 Mercury becomes Firdar ruler and Mercury is extremely weak in its fall and detriment in Pisces. Mercury is also on the fixed star Achernar which is connected to the fall of Phaeton loosing control of the Solar Chariot!   


The progressions complete this picture, Venus /Lord 10 of the job has been moving through the Algol crisis zone for a number of years, the infamous Rutte teflon had already worn off a bit for some time. The Ascendant moves towards a conjunction with the antiscion of that weak Mercury – which is also Lord 1 – and the progressed Pars of Fortune is these months moving over the progressed and natal South Node. The South Node always requires a painful sacrifice. The secondary progression of the Moon through the Lunar Mansions – the “Manzils” – also clearly indicates that a new phase has begun, less than a year ago with the first Aries mansion  Al Sharatain a whole new cycle of 28 years started!

Hasta la Vista!

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not show much remorse when he recently also had to go as an MP.  Partygate, the scandal of the alcoholic get-togethers on Downing Street during the Corona lockdown, now seems to have ended his entire political career, but in style his last words were: hasta la vista baby. Whether he will indeed come back, we will look at that later in this blog, but it does not look too bad for him.

Al Iklil

His fall as a politician can be followed impressively by the progressive Moon and its passage through the Lunar Mansions, the Manzils. The problems started when the Moon passed through the Crown – Al Iklil– the first Mansion of Scorpio, which of course has to do with a life-and-death struggle. The Crown refers to the head that is emphasized in this Manzil. Scorpio is the beast sent by the gods to kill the arrogant, self-overestimating hunter Orion. That’s certainly a warning.

Al Shaula

In September ’22, the Moon went to the next Manzil of Scorpio Al Qalb, the Heart, so what was in the head only in thoughts and images now becomes bitter reality, the heart is the essence of  Scorpio. Johnson went to Balmoral to offer his resignation to the Queen. Now that he also has to step down as an MP, the Moon enters the last Manzil of the Scorpion, Al Shaula, the Sting, with which the poison is injected until death follows. This completes the Scorpio process of killing Orion.


Other progressive factors complement that picture of falling down, the (primary) ascendant is about to enter Scorpio’s fifth and final term. Through that movement, he leaves behind his strongest planet Mercury, the lord of the fourth term, and activates Saturn, the lord of the fifth term. Limiting Saturn makes a trine in his radix with the Moon Lord 10, which is in the first degree Scorpio and has therefore just gone to its fall, not good for te career. The Pars Solis (moves backwards through the signs) has just entered Cancer and has thus also activated that radix-Moon, Lord 10 in fall.

Hasta la vista? In five years, the Sun will pass over imperial Regulus, which leads to the throne and Mercury the most powerful planet in his radix will be activated. That certainly looks very strong. So yes, maybe we’ll see him back on the political scene again some day.