Eric Zemmour

Next year presidential elections will be held in France and the country has become mesmerized  over the past two months by a new political star, who has not even announced his candidacy officially yet, the radical right-winger and columnist Eric Zemmour. His nationalistic anti-migration, anti-Islam and anti-EU rhetoric is appreciated by many French, especially by the young. He has overtaken Marine Le Pen with her more moderate approach on the right, she has lost the initiative to him. It is very understandable that people have their doubts about the prevailing rather extreme neo-liberalism that has made the lives of many so much worse, but it is worrying that this manifests as a sympathy for this kind of aggressive extreme-right sentiments.

In Eric Zemmour’s chart (click on the download button below to view it) his successful militancy can be seen clearly. On the MC is the royal star Aldebaran, the Bull’s left Eye giving a lot of success, Aldebaran is a star with a purely martial nature, so quite rough. The essential dignity in the chart of the planet describing the star will give more information on how it will work out exactly in the life. Mars is in its detriment in his radix so the fighter planet will show its most aggressive side, the wildness of the Bull will manifest quite directly. Aldebaran is also the Spring Star of a new start and that is of course very appropriate.

In many other ways too this nasty Mars is shown to play an important part. Mercury, the planet of thinking is squaring it and the Moon, the planet of the emotions is in a Water sign where Mars is triplicity ruler. So Mars has a lot of influence on the behavior, it is the “Signficator of Manners” as William Lilly called it. This aggressive Mars is placed in the ninth house of religion and ideas and within 3 ˚ from Algol, giving the ability to make people lose their minds, which can also provide you with a glamorous power of attraction. The Part of Fortune, our soul hunger, is disposed by Mars, he never gets enough of battles and provocations.   

Part of Victory

Venus, Lord 9 of ideas conjuncts cusp 12 of uncontrollable impulses and it squares again this nasty Mars, Lord 10 of the profession writers planet Mercury (Zemmour is a columnist) does the same thing. Narrowly conjunct Mars is the planet part of Jupiter (Asc + Jup – Pars Solis, the Part of Victory) and this connects the aggressive fighter planet with the essence of the energy of Jupiter associated with the dissemination of ideas. If a planet part is in conjunction or opposition with a planet within an orb of 2˚ it indicates a very special theme in the life.  You can associate this with the house rulership of the part’s planet, Jupiter is Lord 4 of the homeland and Lord 7 of opponents. From many sides his Mars is emphasized again and again, so it does not come as a surprise that we are dealing with a radical hothead here.  

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