Beirut eclipsed

A horrible explosion took place in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital destroying the city partly. The cause turns out to have been a large amount of chemicals stored in the harbour, it was not terrorism. The past few years had been quite tense for the country, with the ongoing blood-shed in nearby Syria, violent demonstrations against the corrupt and weak government to which came the Corona crisis. So the explosion which has paralysed the largest part of Beirut’s important harbour took place at a moment the country had very big trouble solving its problems.

For astrology the question is of course if such a disaster could be predicted so that these things do not come as a complete surpise, just like a person who knows his progressions. In mundane astrology there are various methods to look at this, national natal charts (also on the basis of the Great Conjunctions), Aries ingress charts ( made for the exact moment the Sun enters Aries again in spring)  and eclipse and lunation charts (a lunation is a New Moon or a Full Moon).  All these methods show in their own ways what is going to happen, but it is crucial  of course to be able to clearly distinguish big events from smaller ones.

As always in astrology effective prediction is the proof of the pudding. Also like in personal astrology context should be taken into account, an annual prediction for Lebanon is not quite the same as an annual prediction for Iceland! So one of the instruments in mundane astrology is the eclipse chart, the eclipse chart preceding the explosion should show lots of tensions. Click on the download button below to be able to view the chart for Beirut (eclipse on 21 June).

For every country in the world the planet postions in this chart are the same so what makes it specific for Lebanon is the factors that vary  strongly with location, so mainly the cusps. This eclipse is a solar eclipse, the light of the Sun will be put out by the Moon. In Beirut the Sun is Lord 1, so the country, that of course looks a bit grim. The Moon putting out the light of Lord 1 Is Lord 12 of self-destruction and indeed the indifferent authorities are to blame for this disaster. Striking is the conjunction of the eclipse degree with the North Node by antiscion, emphasizing the effect of the eclipse.

Lord 10, with Lord 1 the most important ruler in this mundane chart is on Prima Hyadum a malefic nebulous group of stars associated with violence, acidents and blindness. By antiscion Lord 10 is exactly on cusp 12 of self-destruction in opposition with Pluto Lord of Hades conjunct Jupiter, Lord 8 of death, exactly on the cusp of the sixth hosue of misfortunes on Terebellum, star of fate. Lots of frictions indeed!!

However, if we compare this chart for Beirut with the one calculated for Jerusalem, there is not too much difference and nothing comparable happened in Israel. How can this be explained? Only in the eclipse chart for Beirut Lord 10 ’ s antiscion is exactly on the cusp of the twelfth house of self-destruction, in Jerusalem it is not. Time and space condition life on earth.         

Christo package deal

Because of all the Corona news it did not receive too much attention, but a few months ago a very remarkable artist died, who was extremely successful. Everybody will know him because, very much in line with the modern time spirit which mainly values big volumes,  he did not exactly work with small things. Although he did realise other projects, the Bulgarian artist Christo Javacheff, better know as “Christo” acquired fame for wrapping up big, old historical buildings. This work always received a lot of attention of course, and city councils worldwide were lining up for a bit of city promotion. His enormous success makes us curious about his chart, click on the download button below to be able to view it.   

And yes, it is clear immediately! The North Node, to be seen as a kind of super-Jupiter that wants everthing in life is on the Ascendant. The North Node will strongly enlarge and the South Node will decrease and  requires sacrifice, it is a kind of super-Saturn. Here you can see the nodal axis working out very directly, Christo makes the other thing small (in the seventh house) and this is done in an overwhelming way as Pluto, the Lord of Hades is, like the South Node, on the Descendant. If a building is wrapped up, it is buried, it disappears and therefore the human ego or the “we” will become more visible.

Venus a bit higher in the strong angular seventh house, shows it is all about art and aesthetics. Venus is Lord 4 of buildings and it is placed on the Empty Crib Praesepe, this is the Crab crushed by Hercules the hero. A bit violent, wrapping up a building is indeed a work of temporary destruction, Venus is in narrow sextile with Mars, Lord 10 of the job in the eighth house of death and in its detriment. So Mars cannot express its essential nature in a balanced way which does not mean Christo is aggressive, but it points to a kind of attack. Lord 10 is on Vindemiatrix, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice connecting to over-reaching and you can say Christo does, he bluntly exceeds human measure. This strike of megalomania makes his work so successful in our times.

Also striking the eye is the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter,the planet of Big Things, running against the mainstream as it is retrograde. The Moon is extremely instable and hungry in its fall and in the Burnt Road, the conjunction is on the powerful merciless South Scale that knows how to push things to their limits and beyond. The Moon, antipathic to Saturn,  is the fluid energy able to dissolve hard structures and within  theusual five degrees orbis for house cusps this conjunction is in the tenth house of public activities. As a nice finishing touch the planetary parts of Jupiter and Venus are in opposition with Mars Lord 10. The planetary parts indicate the pure planet essences, very special motivations, in this case big things combined with aesthetics.

So we have an enormous concentration of energy here with the North Node on the Ascendant, the South Node and Pluto and the Descendant, Venus on Praesepe in the seventh house sextiling Mars/Lord 10, the Moon-Jupiter conjunction on the royal South Scale near the MC and the conjunction of the Jupiter and Venus parts in opposition with Lord 10. Disappearance, destruction and size play a central role. Most striking however are the Nodes.We appear (North Node on the Ascendant) and the other thing disappears, which is the essence of his work.  


Some time ago it was decided that as from 2024 gender would not be mentioned any more on Dutch Identity Cards. This is arranged so to accomodate people who feel neither male nor female, which is a bit strange. Because this is not about transgenders, so people who after a time of transition live as a person of the other sex and who would appeciate therefore their new sex confirmed on an ID Card. Apparently, this is about another, even smaller group who does not want to go over to the other sex but wants to see their “feelings” officially recognized. Does this mean that soon we wil have men entering the ladies’ restroom, stubbornly claiming despite their long beards to be women? It seems to be an ideological action against difference itself.

Traditionally, the gradual disappearance of the basic female-male polarity is seen as one of the signs that the time cycle is nearing its end. The cosmos is built on complementary polarity and at the end of the cycle, this polarity consisting of male Yang and female Yin, will be dissolved. This does not mean that we may expect apocalypse tomorrow, the time that will happen is not known to anyone and cannot be found in astrology either. It is clear however that the creative tension between the complementary poles, expressing itself in among other things gender, is decreasing, this is triggering  the whole gender issue.

What can be said about this more practically- astrologically? Often you see in charts of people wrestling with their gender identity, strong tensions around the fifth house of sexuality. A good example is the American RuPaul Andre Charles, who is enormously succesfull with his RuPaul’s Drag Race, a travesty show on TV. RuPaul is a homosexual man not a transgender, but he typically does want to be classified. In his chart it can be seen clearly that the gender theme will be play a big role in his life (click on the download button below to view his chart.

Immediately striking the eye is Venus the planet of femininity, very powerfully placed conjunct Jupiter in the seventh house. Jupiter is Lord 10 of the job and in its fall it will manifest the tendency to break through boundaries. Venus it not only the female planet but also Lord 5 of sexuality. RuPaul will show the world (seventh house) that he will overstep limits (Jupiter in fall) regarding femininity (Venus) and  sexuality (Lord 5). Through antiscion (planet position mirrored in the 0 ° Cancer- 0° Capricorn axis) this conjunction is even more emphazized, because this antiscion falls on the descendant. Antiscia often do things in a hidden or unususal way, they are symbolically connected to the nodal axis, the basic polarity at the root of the cosmos.

Nodal axis

Not only is this overstepping Jupiter-Venus conjunction by antiscion (nodal point ) on the descendant, the nodal axis is also on the MC/IC. Here we see how deep the roots of this gender issue are, the nodal axis is the creative duality, so the gender polarity. This is one of the keys of RuPaul’s success, he places this nodal duality expressed in gender, at the centre of his professional activity. Mercury/ Lord 1 ( RuPaul himself) is found in the fifth house of sexuality conjunct Neptune, washing away every structure or boundary and Mercury is the shape-shifter. A bit further, we see the Moon in its fall in the Burnt Road and on the merciless royal South Scale a very, very afflicted Moon, which will tend to lead to a non-standard sexuality.

The Moon and Lord1 in the fifth house have a very tense relationship with female Venus. In Mars-ruled Scorpion they dot no like Venus very much, contributing to the development of homosexual feelings. However, this also shows the travesty, men who purposefully create a theatre of women caricatures.  Everybody knows this is done by men, so the denied gender difference is very much  present as the essence in the background. Nobody would want to watch such a show performed by women!     

Regulus in Hong Kong

The Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter(GC), taking place once every twenty years indicate what is going to happen in these twenty years. Charts however are always made for a certain time and for a certain place, so a GC chart will always say something about a region of the world. It can be so that the GC chart for some place is quite disastrous, but for another part of the world moderately innocent. There is no such thing as a chart of humanity or for the world, the reality is that we live in time but also in space (because of the body). As always astrology will mirror this metaphysical truth.

You can make this metaphysics very practical as the chart for the upcoming GC of December this year, calculated for the Chinese capital Beijing, has fiery combative Mars on the descendant, the point of dealing with others. This does not require any further explanation probably, but the red warrior planet is also conjunct Baten Kaitos, a malefic star in the Seamonster. The Seamonster is on its way to devour Princess Andromeda chained to a rocky island. It is not yet December but it is not too difficult to see how this will work out, prediction is partly also just extrapolation of ongoig developments. So this does not look good for Taiwan an island and still seen by the People’s Republic as a rebellious province.

The old flag of British Hong Kong

What happened in Hong Kong over the past few month can be seen as a prologue of what we may expect in the next few years. China took tighter control of Hong Kong by new legislation and it seems only a question time before the city, once a British colony, will loose its liberties and simply become part of the People’s Republic. But be honest, could we really expect Hong Kong to be left alone on the long run after the Brits had returned the city to China? And can we really expec tChina will not also want devour Taiwan/Andromeda, in the next few years by threats and/ or real war?

Hong Kong was returned to the People’s Republic of China on 1 July 1997 (midnight Asc 3.51 Aries), and the city would remain (semi-)autonomous and modererately free for some time. That this agreement was an illusion you can see right away in the radix of the city calculated for this time. Lord 1 (the city) is on the descendant so under disposition (power) of the the others, in this case China of course. Lord 1 on the descendant is also Mars indicating there will be a lot of conflict. The progressions based on this radix of autonomous Hong Kong after the English rule can be seen by pushing the download button below. 

One of the progressions immediately striking the eye is the Moon conjuncting the always so restrictive South Node, indicating the new legislation. The Sun the big symbol of imperial power is entering its domicile Leo, in this context this can be only be China ever more strongly manifesting itself in the city and coming “home”, in Chinese eyes Hong Kong is home.  In the city’s radix Venus is Lord 7, also China but now more as the opponernt and it is moving over super-royal Regulus, Lord 7 is taking control. Yes Venus is also entering it fall, because with a view to history the city it not simply home, and it is not simply part of China now. Not yet.

Bill Gates Corona

Over the past six months of Corona crisis we heard a lot again from former Microsoft boss Bill Gates. He is investing his IT billions in the search for a vaccin and he is one of the big sponsors of the UN World Health Organisation WHO. Yes this is true, the WHO accepts funding from private parties and this is very strange, Gates is said to influence WHO policies considerably. This fits in with his “post-Microsoft’’ image of the Great Benefactor who is trying to help the world. Whether he is sincere is something doubted by many people, but not something not to be discussed in an astrological blog.

What is interesting astrologically is the question if his sudden powerful public role can be seen in his chart? His radix (28 october 1955, 21:59 PST, Seattle, Asc 26.47 Cancer) will not be discussed here, you can find this delineation in my book about the fixed stars (The Wessex Astrologer, 2019). The only point of interest now is a striking conjunction is his natal second house of money and possessions. In the last degree of Leo General Significator of wealth Jupiter in its triplicity is conjunct Pluto (also connected to wealth) on super-royal Regulus! This is an extremely powerful position and it has determined a large part of his life. Lord 2 of money the Sun is not very strong but it does conjunct (by antiscion) the Part of the Sun also called the Part of Abundance! 

But what do the progressions and the other prediction methods show us? First the Firdaria, the longer periods ruled by a planet. Gates is in a Mercury Firdar, and Mercury is moderately strong in his radix, we do still hear from him, but Mercury  placed in the fourth house so not fully active “up there” in the tenth house. Then the profection,  the house “lightening up” this year, it the fifth house, cusp 5 is on the powerful royal South Scale and there are three planets involved with this house so some action may be expected.

This is confirmed by the most important prediction method of all the progressions (for the planets) and the directions (for the angles) click on the download button above to view them. Note well there is no such thing as a “progressed chart”, the only thing you see here are progressed / directed positions. It is very clear, the progressed Moon has moved over the extremely powerful radix and progressed Pluto-Jupiter on super-royal Regulus. So his natal power-house was activated again and at the same time, the directed MC is moving over royal Aldebaran, the martial Bull’s Eye staring at the world. The Moon is now leaving the Pluto-Jupiter power-house behind but the MC (it speed is about 1 degree a year) will be on Aldebaran for some time, so Gates will still be on stage for some time.  

Spaghetti maestro Morricone

Last Monday the Italian composer Ennio Morricone died, 91 years old and so famous for his sound tracks for soem very successfull spaghetti westerns, like Once Upon a Time in the West and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Morricone was always a bit irritated when his name was mainly associated with film music, as he had composed so much more. Neverthess, it is a fact that he is known mainly for his sound tracks, almost everybody knows these tunes, it is not Bach or Beethoven, but al least just as well-known.

So Morricone’s radix should be very interesting to look at (click on the download button below to view it).  Immediately striking the eye in this chart is Great Benefic Jupiter “in elevation’’ which means “very high in the chart” enabling Jupiter to manifest strongly in the life. This is very direct astrology, at the moment baby Ennio was born his father looked up and saw bright Jupiter right in the zenith which made him smile, as this is a promise of success. That Jupiter has no essential dignity does not really matter, it will have a lot of influence and as we said Morricone was no Bach or Beethoven. The Great Benefic is also retrograde showing it will go against the normal direction or pattern and you can say Morricone did.

Jupiter is also the Lord of the fifth house of creativity and pleasure (composer) and the ninth house of foreign countries (westerns). The Great Benefic is placed in Taurus ruled by Venus and Venus the planet of the arts in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, so there is a very strong mutual reception (=connection)  between Venus and Jupiter. Venus itself is again found in the fifth house of pleasure and playing, remarkably enough Morricone was also a football talent!  It is this strong connection with Venus that made him decide for the arts. Mars the planet of sportive competition is Lord 10 of the job (showing what we “’automatically” tend to do)  but it is weak in its fall and in the twelfth house. Venus certainly has much more to offer. 

The Ram’s  Horn

The fame he acquired through the spaghetti westerns can be seen in the star Jupiter is placed on, Sharatan one of the Ram’s Horns which has a Saturn/Mars nature. Probably this requires no further explanation, the Horn is of course violent push-power and the story of the Ram  is not very peaceful one either. Here we see how a chart works although Morricone would have liked to be known for much more than sound-tracks, the position of Jupiter shows what “was given to him”. Everything he is in fact known for, is associated with the threat of violence in the background indicated by Sharatan, in this sense he did not have a choice. We can even take this a step further, one of the best-known scenes in Once Upon a Time in the West is about a hanging from an arch, now in the Ram’s story it is finally sacrificed and its hide is hung on a tree.

Also striking is another star, Al Pherg on the MC. It is not a bright star but as a star of fate it can have a lot of influence. A progression moving over Al Pherg brings a decisive moment in the life, in the radix it points at a very special strong influence connected to the factor on it (in this case the MC of career). But here there is also a deeper level as Al Pherg can also be associated with montrous Typhon (mythically death), totally made out off of snakes making all kinds of threatening noises. Is this not a literal picture of the “fatal” harmonica sound, which of everything he ever produced, brought Morricone more fame than he could ever have dreamt of?  

Sleepy Joe Scorpio

For years we have been saying on this blog that Donald Trump will not be re-elected in november this year as US president. This was partly based on an important change in his Firdaria last year in June, the North Node Firdar which often brings success ended and the South Node phase started, in most cases this is a period of difficulties. Of course, this does not tell us that he cannot possibly be re-elected but it is clear that Don’s teflon has been scraped off more and more since. The polls show Trump dramatically far behind Joe Biden, American commentators say they have never seen such a huge difference between presidential candidates in this phase of the campaign.

This is the South Node’s effect, in Trump’s chart the SN, which takes away what was given in the North Node period, conjuncts the Moon of the people. Donald Trump is loosing their favour as we predicted here long ago. His reactions to the Corona virus, the seriousness of which he ignored so long, and to Black Lives Matter is harming him, he cannot get away with his incompetence any more. People see family members falling ill and even dying, the situation in the US is chaotic and dramatic, Donald Trump does not show any leadership. Trump’s MC is moving over malefic Saturn, which by progression is in its detriment in Leo and thus showing its worst sides.

An improbable scenario seems to become reality. Trump’s competitor Joe Biden who lacks all charisma – therefore called “Sleepy Joe” by Trump – and who cannot campaign, can indeed sit back relax and fall asleep. The presidency is coming his way by the the failings of his opponent. So it would be very interesting to take a look at Biden’s progressions around the election date of 3 November (his natal data are 20 November 1942, 8:30 Scranton Pennsylvania , Asc 3.11 Sagittarius).

Biden’s current Firdar is ruled by the royal Sun which is natally placed in the very weak twelfth house, but it can still effectively manifest by the trine the Sun makes with Jupiter/ Lord 1 exalted in Cancer on powerful, bright Procyon. Procyon is the main star in the Lesser Dog and it can bring a lot of success, a weak planet in the twelfth house can escape this weakness by an aspect or a reception with a a strong planet. His progressions /direction at first sight look a bit less convincing.The Ascendant is approaching the negative South Node but it is still too far away from the conjunction, the Asc moves forward one degree each year. The Asc will be on the South Node in 2022, then big problems can be expected, but not yet now.

The MC does make a conjuction with a royal star, the Scorpion’s Heart Antares. But how should this be interpreted, a royal star could bring him the royalty. However, Antares is also the notorious Death Star ending cycles, so maybe it indicates the end of his career has come? This is a difficult question which can only be solved by looking a the wider context, astrology is always about the situation and not about isolated individuals. The story associated with the Scorpion is that of the killing of the arrogant, bragging and very sucessful hunter Orion. Now this does ring a bell , it could be so that Sleepy Joe is going to be the nasty ball of poison finishing off Orion-Trump. 

In november the Asc squares Biden’s natal Lord 10 of career, the Part of hte Sun is moving over powerful Altair and the progressed Mercury / Lord 10 is conjunxt fate star Terebellum. This could all be associated with winning, it is still a long time till november but Biden’s progresssions do not exclude a victory over Trump.


Our second cousins in modern astrology tend to spend a lot of time on studying transits to which they ascribe a lot of importance. Traditional astrologers however are much less enthousiastic about the fast-moving planets which every day make a lot of aspects on natal factors. The reason is that most of these fleeting connections happen without any notable effects at all. The planets from the Moon to Mars move at a high speed and they make a host of aspects, which can therefore be ignored without loosing anything of significance. At best that Mars going over your descendant will bring some persistent seller of an energy contract to your door-step.

The aspects made by the slower planets Saturn and Jupiter are worth some more attention, especially conjunctions and oppositions and so is the Saturn cycle. But there is always one very important condition, their effects should be assessed within the framework of other astrological developments as shown by techniques of a higher order, the Firdaria, the progressions/directions, the solar returns and profections and the lunar returns. By checking the lunar returns you can, if you see something important is going to happen in a year, find the month this will take place and then, not earlier, you can investigate the transits to get the week or even the day of this event. That is the only way to use transits that makes sense.

This also has consequences for charts of dramatic events, its does not make much sense to delineate for example the 9/11 event chart. Such an event chart is only the very, very ,very last step in the hierarchical analysis of other mundane charts. A good example of such a hierarchy is the murder of Olof Palme about which we wrote last week. Now his progressions/directions, solar/lunar returns and profections all showed big trouble at that moment, belief me. So our “Court Astrologer”  perspective is that we know the month (by checking the lunar returns) of maximum danger, could we find the week or even the day he would be murdered by looking at the transits?

The time Olof Palme was shot is known exactly and the chart above (click on the download buttton to view it, in last week’s post you will find Palme’s natal chart)  is calculated for this time. What strikes the eye, is Great Malefic Saturn on royal Death Star Antares, in his natal chart Saturn is close to Antares too. Saturn is turning retrograde so it will be there for a long time, this cannot give you  the week or the day, but it certainly  is an indication of danger. It is the faster planets that give you give you more detailed information and Mars is moving over Palme’s natal Ascendant! As Mars has a high speed that scales us down to a few days, half a week of extreme tension.The movements of the other fast planets the Sun, Mercury and Venus do not show too much but the super-fast Moon does!

If you know by Mars’ movement the week of maximum danger, the Moon can indicate the day. The day before the murder the Moon entered the Burnt Road (15° Libra to 15 °Scorpio) where the Moon is very instable increasing emotions and impulses (the Burnt Road is like a zodiacal Full Moon), this is a very nasty passage for the Moon (and only for the Moon!). On the day of the murder the Moon is still in the dangerous Burnt Road but now it also is in its fall in Scorpio making things even worse and at the exact time of  the murder this Burnt Moon is on Pluto, the swiftly and unexpectedly striking Lord of the Underworld. The Moon is then passing over malefic Khambalia, the “crooked-clawed” a star of an appropriate  Mars-Merury nature, associated with “swift violence”. The very fast MC is on Regulus the Lion-King killed by Hercules. If transits are dealt with in this way they certainly make a lot of sense.      

Ice-cold case

Last week there was an unexpected development in one of the most notorious cold cases in recent history, the murder of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme in 1986. The popular socialist was shot in the centre of Stockholm on 28 February and in spite of long intensive investigations, the killer was never found. There were a lot of confessions though as many as 130, raising serious doubts about general mental health, but none of them was ever found to be the murderer. Now the Swedish police claims to have solved the case, the murderer was Stig Engstöm, an alcoholic and graphic designer who knew how to handle guns and who had an office near the place where Palme was shot.

This man had come to the attention of the police before in connection with the murder, but mainly as a witness. There will not be a trial as Engströn committed suicide years ago, apparently the man was not very balanced mentally. If he is the killer all these theories about the involvement of foreign secret services and terrorists turn out to have been fantasies. It could have been a simple impulsive hate murder, Engström is known to have been fiercely anti-Palme, from his office he saw Palme walking by unexpectedly and he availed himself of this opportunity. This would explain the difficulties in solving the case, there were no preparations and no accomplices, the Swedish police could very well be right now.

But what can we say about this on the basis of Palme’s chart? The circumstances surrounding a death are given by the Anareta or the Killing Planet, in most cases this is Lord 8 or sometimes a planet in the eighth house of death. On the basis of the Anareta’s condition, its aspects and its placement these circumtances can be described. Dying is of course never pleasant but by delineating the  Anareta you can see whether it will happen under  dramatic circumstances or maybe in complete submission and serenity. Click on the downlad button below to be able to view Olof Palme’s natal chart.

The Sun is Lord 8 and Anareta and it is in its detriment in Aquarius which in itself, could indicate nasty circumstances surrounding his death. Mercury, Lord 7 of partners conjuncting the Sun immediately catches the eye, his wife Liesbeth was walking beside him, when he was shot. Through antiscion, the planet position mirrored in the 0° Cancer-0°Capricorn axis, Mars in detriment is in narrow opposition with the Sun/Mercury conjunction, Olof and Liesbeth Palme. That is like an exact picture of the murder, Mars is in its detriment so manifesting its nastiest side and an antscion often shows something hidden. This secrecy is repeated by the sextile the Anareta/Mercury conjunction makes with Saturn, General Significator of Death, on cusp 12 of hidden things near royal Death Star Antares.

This all really looks very dramatical, Lord 8 / Anareta is in its detriment in antiscial opposition with the Small Malefic Mars in its detriment and in sextile with peregrine Saturn, the Great Malefic on cusp 12 on royal Death Star Antares. Such a concentration of nastiness does not point at a serene death. The killer seems to be shown in the chart most clearly by Mars and this would point to someone solidly-built, somewhat muscular (Mars) and small (Mars and its dispositor Venus point to small) but also a bit fleshly and bloated (dispositor Venus is soft and moist). Judging by the pictures of Engström this seems to give a good description of the supposed killer..

Court Astrology

Last week we took a look at the current progressions in the US chart (the Great Conjunction chart of 18 March 1762, 11:33:32 LMT, Asc 8.59 Cancer). It was impressive to see how only one progression of the Sun over a very powerful fixed star, over Antares could describe the situation  so clearly. Anatres, the Scorpion’s Heart was known to the ancient Chinese as the Big Fire Star Hsin Su Erh, which needs no explanation, the US were  literally burning. Such a progression is an example of effective astrology, of how it should be, clear and sober without any complicated technical detail or embellishments, it is there for everybody to see that there will be trouble.

In the past astrologers were always court astrologers, serving kings, dukes, bishops and popes, yes even the the church of the Middle Ages , after some doubts and discussion, finally accepted astrology. St Thomas of Aquine, the most venerated  teacher of the Western church and an alchemist, talks about the celestial art in a positive way and it is clear that he has at least some basic hands-on astrological knowledge. Astrology is the Queen of the Sciences and it could still be very useful for governments in these days. With a knowledge of the rhythm of the Great Conjunctions, this crisis would not have come as a total surprise.

You can even do more than only predict, you can also indicate what to do on the basis of the fixed stars. With the Sun  going over Anatres for example, the end of the cycle has come and it would be better to let go of the old situation, the Scorpion has to change into an Eagle. He has to sore up far above that which he is still too much attached to. This process is easier to manage if it happens out of free will, otherwise it will be more painful as can be seen now in the US. It is mainly the fixed stars that show where the freedom lies to act, what the optimal action would be and this still could be of immense value for a king. With some business clients you can work in this way, which is very satisfying.

Take a look at the lunar return above made on the basis of the US natal GC chart under which George Floyd was killed by the police. Now a court astrologer would have been among the people getting all the information, he would always have worked with the full kowledge of the context, an optimal condition for astrology. If you would have seen the above lunar return in this context you would have known, there is big trouble right ahead.  Right on the Ascendant is Saturn, natal Lord 8 of death in the US radix on aspiring Altair, main star in the Eagle of a Mars / Jupiter nature an indication that the dark Scorpion ruled by its desires should now become the generous Eagle soring high above its darker instincts.      

Agena, first magnitude star in the Centaur is on the MC which can be associated with things getting out of hand very quickly because of an underestimation of danger. Mercury is in the Pleiads the Weeping Sisters in a strong angular house. It is also Lord 8 of Death in the return chart and through antiscion (planet position mirrored in the 0° Cancer- 0°Capricorn axis) Lord 8 is on the Descendant opposing  natal Lord on the Ascendant. So Lord 8 is repeated over the main axis, the crisis will climax this month.