Eric Zemmour

Next year presidential elections will be held in France and the country has become mesmerized  over the past two months by a new political star, who has not even announced his candidacy officially yet, the radical right-winger and columnist Eric Zemmour. His nationalistic anti-migration, anti-Islam and anti-EU rhetoric is appreciated by many French, especially by the young. He has overtaken Marine Le Pen with her more moderate approach on the right, she has lost the initiative to him. It is very understandable that people have their doubts about the prevailing rather extreme neo-liberalism that has made the lives of many so much worse, but it is worrying that this manifests as a sympathy for this kind of aggressive extreme-right sentiments.

In Eric Zemmour’s chart (click on the download button below to view it) his successful militancy can be seen clearly. On the MC is the royal star Aldebaran, the Bull’s left Eye giving a lot of success, Aldebaran is a star with a purely martial nature, so quite rough. The essential dignity in the chart of the planet describing the star will give more information on how it will work out exactly in the life. Mars is in its detriment in his radix so the fighter planet will show its most aggressive side, the wildness of the Bull will manifest quite directly. Aldebaran is also the Spring Star of a new start and that is of course very appropriate.

In many other ways too this nasty Mars is shown to play an important part. Mercury, the planet of thinking is squaring it and the Moon, the planet of the emotions is in a Water sign where Mars is triplicity ruler. So Mars has a lot of influence on the behavior, it is the “Signficator of Manners” as William Lilly called it. This aggressive Mars is placed in the ninth house of religion and ideas and within 3 ˚ from Algol, giving the ability to make people lose their minds, which can also provide you with a glamorous power of attraction. The Part of Fortune, our soul hunger, is disposed by Mars, he never gets enough of battles and provocations.   

Part of Victory

Venus, Lord 9 of ideas conjuncts cusp 12 of uncontrollable impulses and it squares again this nasty Mars, Lord 10 of the profession writers planet Mercury (Zemmour is a columnist) does the same thing. Narrowly conjunct Mars is the planet part of Jupiter (Asc + Jup – Pars Solis, the Part of Victory) and this connects the aggressive fighter planet with the essence of the energy of Jupiter associated with the dissemination of ideas. If a planet part is in conjunction or opposition with a planet within an orb of 2˚ it indicates a very special theme in the life.  You can associate this with the house rulership of the part’s planet, Jupiter is Lord 4 of the homeland and Lord 7 of opponents. From many sides his Mars is emphasized again and again, so it does not come as a surprise that we are dealing with a radical hothead here.  


Last week the chart of Haiti was discussed, which was based on the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter that took place before the independence of the country (see last week’s post for the mundane radix). Haiti is the only country in the world in which slaves successfully rebelled against their suppressors and were able to found their own country. That is a wonderful story, sadly it has been going downhill steeply since. It has become almost impossible to live in Haiti, it is a murderous chaos of dehumanizing poverty, deforestation, anarchy, bloodshed and natural disaster. So it is not surprising that the eighth house of death dominates its natal chart.

Haiti – Once the Pearl of the Antills

At the moment the chaos seems to have reached a climax, in July the president was murdered and somewhat later there was a heavy earthquake. So probably the Haitian natal chart will show some tensions. In a mundane chart you can use all the prediction techniques you also apply in a natal chart for a person, although they have to be interpreted somewhat differently of course. The current progressions can be viewed by clicking on the download button below.

The progressions were calculated for early August, on 14 August there was this earthquake and a month before the president was murdered. The progressions are more than clear, also without taking the connections to the natal chart into account. For there is a progressed New Moon to be seen and this will always give a crisis. That is not the only thing, it is taking place on the Asc/Des -axis, which will increase its power to manifest in the world. That is bad but it is even worse as this happens near the nodal axis, so this is a progressed solar eclipse!

The Sun-light goes out during a solar eclipse (have you ever experienced one, quite scary actually) what this means needs no further explanation, that the president (the Sun) is murdered and total anarchy breaks out, fits this picture very much of course. It is striking how sharp we can time by the Moon’s progression, its speed is one degree a month, the president was murdered just after the fullness of the eclipse. It is not 100 %  exact but it is very sharp, you can easily spot the months the crisis will climax.

If you look a bit further, you will see the Moon passing over the progressed Mercury in its fall and detriment and over Pluto, both not very nice. On the longer term it will take some time for the situation to improve a bit. The MC is moving through the notorious Algol zone, from 25 Taurus to 9 Gemini where we find not only Algol itself but also the nasty Pleiads and the Hyads. It will take another six years for the MC to get out of this zone and then things might look up a bit. Once in  colonial times Haiti was known as the Pearl of the Antills but that time seems to be further away now than ever. 


While all attention was focused on Afghanistan and the victory of the Taliban, on the other side of the world an earth-quake took place in Haiti. This made the chaos there complete because the president of the extremely poor and instable country had been murdered just before that. Haiti is an heroic country, once it was a French colony but the slaves successfully rose against their colonial rulers and became independent. But here this great story stops immediately, as since the country has been dragged down into political chaos, blood-shed and extreme poverty, worsened by disastrous earth-quakes and floods.

Jean-Jacques Dessalines, first “Emperor” of Haiti

Haiti is a failed state, everybody understandably wants to get out of there. In the Haitian natal chart, made on the basis of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter preceding its independence, we can see very strong frictions. Click on the download button below to be able to view it.

GC Haiti

Venus Lord 10 of the government is placed on powerful Regulus and yes the country was founded by proud slaves who liberated themselves. However, one swallow does not make a summer.  Venus is in the eighth house of death and it has no essential dignity, a bit further away in the eighth house there is the Great Conjunction itself. The Sun is Lord 8 and it has a lot of influence in the angular seventh house, from where it harms the Ascendant, the country. The Sun is on Procyon the main star in the Small Dog, which is able to defy and outsmart the powers that be, again an indication of this successful slave rebellion.

So there is a lot of influence of the death house, Lord 10 is placed in it but also Saturn / Lord 1, the country and Lord 1 conjuncts Jupiter Lord 12 of chaos and self-destruction. So the most important house rulers are involved directly with the death house, a total of five of the seven planets. No help can be found in other parts of the chart, malefic Mars is very violent in its detriment and the Moon has no dignity. Even a very weak chart may be saved by one very strong planet, but here it is not be found, the death house reigns without opposition.

Baron Saturday

There is another thing that worsens the situation, it is Jupiter /Lord 12 of the occult in its detriment so manifesting its nastiest sides. The conjunction of Lord 1 with Lord 12 shows Lord 12 has a lot of influence in the country. This points to the wide-spread Voodoo, a dark cult with African roots close to black magic. A place where magical rituals are constantly performed will destabilize. If you act in the astral field and that is what magic does, this will have an effect on reality, energy gates are opened that could better have remained closed. Strange as this may sound, it is not a phantasy. The Voodoo god or Loa that is worshipped very intensely on Haiti is Baron Samedi (Baron Saturday, the day of Saturn, general significator of death), the malefic god of death, it clearly is a demon. Next week we will take a look at the progressions so see what the causes are of the disastrous situation this year.                    


Next week film director Paul Verhoeven’s most recent production Benedetta will be released. Verhoeven is one of few Dutch directors that have enjoyed international success with films like Robocop, Basic Instinct and Total Recall. Verhoeven always does it his way and he knows how to effectively catch the spirit of the times with his slick cocktails of sex, power, violence and religion. His trade-mark is an ice-cold hardness, exceeding all boundaries, always dressed up in rather glamorous esthetics.

His latest film Benedetta about two lesbian nuns is a good example, it is a typical Verhoeven  production. Russia even decided to block its release because of the film’s extreme and shocking blasphemous nature. Verhoeven’s natal chart clearly shows his iconoclastic attitude, click the download link below to be able to view it.      

The first thing striking the eye is this rather ferocious Sun-Mars conjunction on very powerful Procyon, the main star of the Small Dog that does it all his way, challenging the powers that be. By antiscion this conjunction is on the Ascendant so very strong and dominating in his life, the Sun is Lord  5 of creativity, Mars is the General Significator of sexuality and violence. The Sun is also Lord 4 of his youth and Verhoeven was very much impressed as a boy by the allied planes bombing the German V-2 rocket launching platforms near his parental home during the war. In his work you can still hear the threatening humming of these planes.


The Part of Fortune of the soul’s hunger is in the tenth house of public activity, so he really wants to be someone and the PoF conjuncts the planet part of Venus, this hunger of the soul is directly connected to beauty. A conjunction (or opposition) of planet parts always points to a very special, important theme in the life. This conjunction is disposed by Saturn, not only Lord 10 of the job but also Lord 9 of religion, here is the religious obsession. It will however manifest as a kind of radical desacralization, Saturn is in its fall in the twelfth house of transgressions.  Saturn is the planet of sacrifice making spiritual development possible, but in its fall Saturn it will not sacrifice. The only serious thing Verhoeven did, was write a rather banal book about the “historical” Jezus.

It can be seen here how strong the effect is of the Part of Fortune as the soul’s hunger, also in his latest production with these lesbian nuns. This theme is repeated by another conjunction of planet parts, of the part of the Sun with the Part of Mercury on the cusp of the sixth house. The solar Part is the Part of Spirit and Abundance, the gateway to the divine, but the Mercury Part is the Part of Despair as Mercury is the planet of earthly detail. The gate to the divine is closed, that is why Verhoeven keeps trying to push it open. Cusp 6 does not make things any better, this is the house of the inevitable misfortunes we will experience in earthly life.

In fact, we see a very desperate and disappointed man here. At a very young age he experienced the grim real reality of life and you had better be very honest about this as the idea that there something higher is an illusion. This is strengthened by the main star of the Hyads on the Ascendant, the Hyad’s story is that of the young promising god Dyonysos who grew up to be an impossible drunkard cut off from all higher things.                 


In last week’s post the new solar return of The Netherlands was discussed (based on the mundane natal chart we always use, which is not shown here, see last week’s post for the chart data). It did not look too nice, but as a solar chart will always manifest within the developments that can be seen in the progressions, it is a good idea to take a look at them too. The tensions given by a solar return will show themselves at a certain time in the year, this may be at the start but also at the very end, which will be indicated by the progressions. So the progressions will give the framework for the effects of the return chart, in that sense progressions are hierarchically “higher”.

Trouble for the PM

They can be viewed by clicking on the download button below, they were calculated for late July so about two months ago. The past sixth month the Dutch government has been under heavy fire in connection with an unusual series of failures and scandals. Looking back in the progressions we can indeed see the tensions increasing. The progressed speed for the fast important factors Part of Fortune, Part of the Sun and the Moon is one degree a month, the slow factor Asc, MC and the Sun move about one degree a year. So about sixth months ago, at the time of the elections, the Moon was moving over progressed Jupiter, radix Lord 10 of the government. Jupiter is in its fall, so this indicates trouble.

Two months ago the Moon had arrived at the opposition with Pluto indicating the destructive political power games and at the same time the Pars Fortunae and the Pars Solis had come to an opposition too. The Part of Fortune is the lunar planet part and the Pars Solis the solar planet part, so this is a kind of Full Moon by parts, a moment of high tension. The Moon is the people, the Sun is the government, so this explains that the confidence of the Dutch people has in their rulers has decreased far below zero. The progressed Sun, one of the slow important factors, conjuncts the natal Pars Solis, emphasizing the power theme and the Ascendant is moving over Wasat, a poisonous star in Castor’s right arm. The Twins can be associated with connection, which does not work, Castor dies in battle. 

The slow factors will remain active in these positions for about another six months, but the Moon’s opposition with Pluto and the opposition of the Parts are past their maximum friction point now. So the next few months the tension can be expected to very gradually relax, maybe this points to the beginning of a solution of the political crisis.   


Yesterday a survey showed that a very low percentage of the Dutch population still has confidence in the government. This does not come as a surprise, after a whole series of failures and scandals, a shamelessly lying prime minister and recently the disastrous evacuation of Kabul which led to the loss of human lives. The foreign secretary had the decency to step down after some hesitation, that was the only positive point, in this tragedy. There is, six months after the elections, not yet a new cabinet because of the power games played by the parties involved. Democracy seems to be faltering at the moment.

The leader of the liberal left dances on the table after a big election victory, six months later there is no new cabinet and she had to step down because of her failures in the Kabul evacuation.   

So it would be interesting to take a look at what is going on in the chart of The Netherlands. As usual we will take the chart of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter immediately preceding Dutch independence as our mundane radix (4 September 1563, 18:15:30, Amsterdam, Asc 28.55 Aquarius, chart not shown here). As the Dutch “birthday” falls on 4 September, the country just has a new solar return and it would be a good idea to take a look at it, click on the download link below to view it.    

Last year’s solar return did not look very nice but this one looks even sadder. Immediately striking the eye is the South Node on the Ascendant, the South Node always requires a painful sacrifice, otherwise things get stuck and there you can see the value of astrology. Near the ascendant death star Antares is found, the mighty martial Heart of the Scorpion ending cycles, not a nice combination and again a sign something has to be given up. The MC of the government is of course very important and it is emphasized by Mercury conjuncting it, Mercury is Lord 7 of cooperation and partnership.

There will be a lot of pressure on this point as fighter planet Mars is placed on the IC by antiscion in opposition with Lord 7. Mars is also conjunct the part of the Sun, the solar essence and the Sun is power. Venus rules the tenth house and it seems to be strong in its own sign and in the tenth house, but it is also an antiscion causing problems here. The Sun of power is in antiscial opposition with Lord 10 and also in mutual negative reception with it. So it does not look very relaxed this year. Next week we will take a look at the progressions as solar returns always work out in the framework of the progressions.         

Champion Max?

We have written on this blog before about the young Dutch Formula-1 driver Max Verstappen, who is the current leader in the battle for the world championship. There are now seven races to go, the last Grand Prix of the season is on 12 December and then it will be clear if Verstappen will win. It all has boiled down to a duel between Verstappen and sevenfold (!) world champion Lewis Hamilton, one of the two will win, it is the new kid on the block against the old hand. Last weekend it got out of hand, they bumped into each other and a third driver won the Grand Prix.

The Lion’s Glance

In a previous post we said this about Verstappen’s  progressions:” So it does not look bad at all for Verstappen in the next four months, that is a large part of the rest of the season, the last Grand Prix will be held on 12 December. Exactly in the period he has to achieve, the progressed Luminaries and the part of Fortune are found in a very favourable positions. The lunar mansion the Moon is moving through is Al Natrah, connected to ‘’conquest and victory”, its image is an eagle with a human head.  After Al Natrah comes Al Terf, the “Glance of the Lion’’ associated with confrontation and loss, indicating a more difficult phase at the very end of the season.”

Now this is correct because Verstappen is in the leading position, but Lewis Hamilton is right behind him. It has certainly not yet been decided, although Verstappen seems to hold the best cards. On 30 September however Verstappen will get a new solar return and this will of course be interesting to look at, if he is going to win, this solar return will have to show some very, very nice things. In his current solar return under which he moved up to the leader’s position Lord 1 was on very powerful Achernar (the solar wagon!)  near the MC and Lord 10 was on strong Wega in the seventh house. But how does this look in his return starting soon? Click on the download link below to view this new return.

At first sight this looks not bad at all!! The very powerful royal star Aldebaran is on the MC of “the job”. Mercury Lord 1 and 10 in the solar return, so very important is on another very powerful royal star Spica. So has it been decided, hmmm?? The difficult thing is to determine if these very strong royal stars mean that he will be champion or that he will end second which is a great achievement too. So is there something to be seen that indisputably points to the championship?

The Moon is on the MC by antiscion which is not bad but the Moon’s metal is silver and it is on  Castor the Twin dying in battle… Mars natal Lord 1 is combust and on Vindemiatrix the star of a premature harvest that goes wrong, very weak. Mercury mentioned above is on Spica but it is also retrograde and moving at a low speed. This is not what you want to see in Formula -1 you want to go fast forward not slow backward. So apart from these two very promising royal stars there are some points leading to doubts. Very, very clear indications for winning cannot be seen, so more investigations will be necessary.     


In December last year we had the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the first degree of Aquarius, and this means the most important mundane-astrological cycle has definitively moved over into the Air element. This has caused the Corona crisis, a change of elements only happens once in 200 years, so this brings a deep crisis with significant changes. There was in 1980 a first GC in an Air sign but in 2000 it went back to Earth again, so in 2020 the transition phase 1980-2000 from Earth to Air was completed.

If Air replaces Earth (the element of the previous cycle) it can be expected that in developments and in the spirit of the times leaving behind Earthy limitations will be strongly emphasized. The fixation, limitation and stabilization by the material and the factual that characterize the Earth element will disappear more and more to the background. Bounds will be exceeded, opinions and ideologies will be favored above facts. You can see examples now of what this will mean concretely. It has effects on many, many levels, I have just selected a few striking things that show clearly how this works.


ABBA, elderly but still very popular has brought out a new album and there will even be a series of concertsin London! Of course, we will not see two grannies in kimono and two stiff old guys moving around on stage, no it will be a hologram concert. By hologram technique it is possible to project 3-dimensional images in space that look real. Physical limitations seem to have conquered and yes it looks nice, but it is also a bit creepy, because you can see it is not real. No doubt these concerts will be an enormous success as because of the Airy ambience people are ready for this (this BTW is certainly not the first hologram concert).


One of the most discussed themes in the past few years is of course gender. This is not determined any more by the anatomical reality, the new Airy idea that it is “not fixed”, the total fluidity and changeability is typical of the Air element that tends to exceed bounds. The fierceness with which this idea is pushed shows something about a transition phase, it is always a battle. The new thing, the Airy spirit in the collective mind, is defended fanatically, every relativizing Earthy perspective is easily qualified as old-fashioned and immoral.

For example, you dot hear much about the fact that gender change leads to a much higher risc of early death and many health problems, physical and psychological (research project Amsterdam Medical Centre). Whatever you think of it, it is not healthy at all. Every other intervention this dangerous would have prohibited right away. This whole development to technically change human bodies fits in a broader pattern that has manifested itself, as an ideology, this is called transhumanism. The idea is that by means of technology you can change and improve the human body according to your wishes, turning the body into an efficient quasi-machine, a “cyborg”. If this is only Science Fiction remains to be seen, we are only at the beginning of the Air times. But it is creepy and inhuman as our vulnerable mortal body is our humanity, we are no super heroes.


At the first start of the Air GC’s,  from 1980 the neo-liberalism of Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher began to get the upper hand, the state with all its rules and regulations had to go, so that the market could do its wholesome work. We are now dealing with all the trouble caused by the neo-liberals even the totally-stuck formation of a new cabinet in The Netherlands is one of the effects of this Airy ambience. The liberal party, the champion of Airy liberty, has become so dominant that they are not prepared any more to make any concessions so you can see how this works out very concretely in politics too.

From all these tendencies you can distill a few practical rules for the transition to make it more balanced and to counter extreme harmful developments. You will simply balance an excess of Air, according to the well-known medical-astrological principle, with a good dosage of sobering Earth.

  1. Facts are more important than opinions, ideas or ideology
  2. Material and physical bounds work balancing and harmonizing
  3. Rules and regulations are very much necessary to prevent economic relations getting out off hand even more.  


Our post last week provoked some Twitter reactions from scientific sceptics, who adopted the usual condescending attitude. The problem of such comments is that these critics hardly know what they are talking about. They don’t know what astrology really is, what it does and what is achieves. It is a good scientific principle that if you are going to say something about some topic, you will thoroughly investigate it first. None of these critics ever does so, they react on the basis of prejudice and inanity. The philosophical naïvité and lack of any reflection in the scientific world is harrowing.

Unfortunately, astrology will always be rejected, whatever it says, even if you show clearly that our celestial art indicates what a whole army of ‘’experts” apparently missed, the timing of Kabul’s fall. It was not only shown by the progressions in Afghanistan’s chart in which month the fall was to be expected, the lunar returns are also crystal-clear. So hiring a competent astrologer could pay off, it is much cheaper than all those professional policy-makers who endangers people’s lives. Click on the download button below to view the lunar return during which Kabul was taken by the Taliban, the city fell on 15 August.    

Again it shows you cannot leave out the fixed stars. If you know the Taliban will not be stopped any more on the long run and you see a lunar return coming up in which Labrum is on the Ascendant, you know enough. Labrum is one of the three stars of fate, the main star of the Cup that will not pass you by! Moreover, Labrum was very strongly activated by the progressions in August so the Cup of extremist Islamic poison will have to be drunk this month.


This is confirmed by the most important house rulers in the lunar return, Mercury, both Lord 1 of the country and Lord 10 of the government, is combust. This means a new Sun will out-shine the country, a Taliban-Sun. Saturn is in opposition with this out-shone Mercury, Saturn is the ruler of the eighth house of death turned from the tenth house of government, so the death of the government. At the moment Kabul falls, the transit -Moon opposes the radix-Moon, so even the day of the fall is reflected by the planets.


Last week the news was dominated by the chaotic and dangerous evacuations of embassy staff and others from Kabul in connection with the seizure of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan. The evacuation is a disgrace for the governments involved, yes some people have been brought into safety, but that is all you can say. It is extremely annoying that you could have seen this coming for months, Dutch MP’s have been trying to move the responsible members of government to action, but they were like paralyzed rabbits staring into the Taliban headlights till it was too late and lives are in danger now.       

In last week’s post Afghanistan ‘s chart was discussed, and the question was if mundane astrology could be of any use to a government in cases like this one. You bet! A good example are the progressions you can calculate on the basis of this Afghan radix. By analyzing the progressions you could have predicted the month of the power seizure. The context was that the foreign soldiers were going to leave and the Taliban had not been beaten at all, so then it is not too difficult to make a good prediction. The current progressions can be viewed by clicking on the download link below. 

You cannot oversee the almost exact progressed New Moon! The standard interpretation is the start of a new cycle often after a crisis. It is good to realize the progressed Moon moves at a speed of a degree per month and its distance to the Sun is now half a degree, so two weeks ago it was New Moon exactly. So even without looking at lunar returns the month something will happen can be found by following the three fast progressed factors (the Moon, the Part of Fortune, the Part of the Sun). So you could have seen this coming for years! The progressed NM is also in opposition with the all-important natal Mars in Afghanistan’s radix (see last week’s post).

The Poisoned Cup

The star on which the NM falls is of course also important, this is Algenib, connected to over-confident Bellerophon who dramatically fell from the Flying Horse Pegasus… This picture is repeated on the Ascendant on which the Pars Fortunae  (Part of the Moon) and the Pars Solis (Part of the Sun) conjunct, something always happening when we have a New Moon. So this conjunction has no special meaning, but the fact that it is taking place on Labrum has. Labrum is the Cup that will not pass you by and one the three stars of fate. These progressed parts also move at a speed of one degree a month so two weeks ago they were exactly on it!